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Uplift Code Camp

Programs availableOnline, Part-time
Financing optionsDeferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments

About Uplift Code Camp

Uplift Code Camp is a world-class coding bootcamp based in the Philippines. We offer full-stack development bootcamps as well as short courses and seminars. Our instructors are fluent in English and Tagalog. Our students go through rigorous 6-month part-time courses. Then we connect graduates with companies who hire great programmers.

47 Uplift Code Camp reviews

Is Uplift Code Camp legit? According to the 47 Uplift Code Camp reviews on Career Karma, the school holds a rating of 4.5 out of five.



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Overall Experience

Uplift Code Camp Review

Uplift Code Camp Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
I really enjoyed my time in uplift. They have knowledgeable and helpful instructors who always make it a point to be available for their students. The curriculum is well-structured. You'll learn about the fundamentals of programming providing you with the knowledge and methods required to start your journey as a software engineer.
Provides a great community of individuals willing to help and learn from each other
It may be a struggle for those not willing to put the time and effort


User avatar
Alissa Mae Celeste graduated Uplift Code Camp
Uplift Code Camp Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 8 months ago
Uplift Code Camp has a great system in place, and the environment is exceptionally well-organized. I highly recommend Uplift Code Camp to anyone interested in the web industry. The teachers are intelligent, kind, and approachable. They explain things very effectively, and even a slow learner like me learns quickly. I highly admire how they explain codes and how they work. I learned a lot. They also have reflection sessions where I learned some things about myself too. All in all, Uplift Code...
They provide quality education and offer a program or series where you can receive their recommendation if you pass all the exams. Additionally, they provide one-on-one sessions for topics you find difficult to understand.
I spent hours thinking about the cons, but I couldn't find any. They conduct surveys and evaluations, and it's evident that this organization strives to improve every day.

The best coding bootcamp in the Philippines

User avatar
Miguel de Leon graduated Uplift Code Camp
Uplift Code Camp Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
This is the most affordable and best bootcamp in the Philippines hands down. Although there is a limited amount of knowledge that can be taught in 6 months, Uplift Code Camp offers you WAY MORE than the bare minimum for you to land a Job as a Software Engineer, the curriculum is hard but the instructors' are so good at teaching that they seem to have made the curriculum easier to digest.
- Affordable - They WILL find work for you as long as you pass all the exams - They teach you the best practices in web development - They offer more than web development, but also HR and Tech mock interviews
- Time of lectures might not be optimal when you're abroad

Uplift Code Camp Outcomes

Is Uplift Code Camp worth it? Let’s look at the Uplift Code Camp outcomes numbers. Uplift Code Camp graduates have found rewarding careers at high-profile companies.

Uplift Code Camp Courses

Uplift Code Camp offers a wide range of excellent courses to choose from. Part-time courses include Part Time Full-Stack Bootcamp. Finally, for those wishing to study remotely, Uplift Code Camp online courses include Part Time Full-Stack Bootcamp.

No matter which course you choose, the Uplift Code Camp curriculum has been crafted and tested to ensure you leave the program with the skills you need to launch a rewarding new career.

How much does Uplift Code Camp cost? As for Uplift Code Camp tuition, all Uplift Code Camp courses cost $1,100.. But the cost of Uplift Code Camp courses shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. There are a variety of financing options available to help you pay for Uplift Code Camp's cost.

Part Time Full-Stack Bootcamp


24 weeks




Part Time


20 Hours/week





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Our flagship program teaches full-stack web development so students can build a beautiful, functional portfolio and land a job in tech. We cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, Databases, computer science fundamentals and interview/professional skills.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Uplift Code Camp has over 0 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Uplift Code Camp?

Uplift Code Camp offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Part Time Full-Stack Bootcamp.

What types of programs are available at Uplift Code Camp?

Uplift Code Camp currently has Online and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Uplift Code Camp?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Uplift Code Camp.

Where is Uplift Code Camp available?

Uplift Code Camp has one campus in Manila and is also available Online. If you live near Manila, consider visiting to get an idea of the school’s style and staff. If you're relocated ...

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