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UX Design Institute

Programs availableOnline, Full-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing

About UX Design Institute

UX Design Institute delivers in-depth six-month or 12-month online courses in UX design to bridge the global skills gap and provide a career pathway for UX designers,covering all the aspects of best practice UX design: Introduction to UX Design, User Research, User Goals, Structure and Navigation, Interactions, Design Principles, Design Patterns,...

49 UX Design Institute reviews

Is UX Design Institute legit? According to the 49 UX Design Institute reviews on Career Karma, the school holds a rating of 4.4 out of five.



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Overall Experience

Phenomenal and Supportive UX Course

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Maria Jezreel Escobar student at UX Design Institute
UX Design Institute Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
The UX Design Institute has somehow perfected the art and science of teaching and keeping students engaged in learning about UX Design - not an easy feat in this world of virtual tech boot camps/online courses around every corner. I felt compelled to write a review close to the end of my UX Design course because UXDI has simply been the best I’ve encountered, and I don’t say that lightly. It should speak volumes that I’m already looking into other courses they offer - the course offerings and...
All pros! See my review. Curriculum, student support, mentorship, community - all pros!
None whatsoever in my book!

Highly recommend !

User avatar
V M graduated UX Design Institute
UX Design Institute Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with UXDI and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the world UX
Great tutor support with any queries or concerns and feedback on coursework
Felt a bit in the deep end when it came to the end and I was encouraged to put my portfolio together. I would have benefited from ongoing support from the start to put each module into my portfolio as I went along.

Great value for money!

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Tomislav Kolar student at UX Design Institute
UX Design Institute Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
Being in the midst of changing a career path, and not knowing much - at the time - about the User Experience discipline, I decided to give it a shot and apply within the UX Design Institute program and - luckily - never looked back ever since! From the instructors to the way the course is structured, one tends to forget about having second doubts about a study program that is completely online, which was for me the greatest benefit of being a part of this course. Engaging, motivating, with...
Design process explained in detail form start to finish. Engaging videos and great instructor. Hands-on experience where you develop your own portfolio.
Being 100 % online, it can sometime appear tedious not to be engaged into a live discussion with your fellow colleagues.

UX Design Institute Outcomes

Is UX Design Institute worth it? Let’s look at the UX Design Institute outcomes numbers. UX Design Institute graduates have found rewarding careers at high-profile companies.

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UX Design Institute Courses

UX Design Institute offers a wide range of excellent courses to choose from. If you want to study full-time, you can choose from Professional Diploma in UX Design. Finally, for those wishing to study remotely, UX Design Institute online courses include Professional Diploma in UX Design.

No matter which course you choose, the UX Design Institute curriculum has been crafted and tested to ensure you leave the program with the skills you need to launch a rewarding new career.

How much does UX Design Institute cost? As for UX Design Institute tuition, all UX Design Institute courses cost $2,250.. But the cost of UX Design Institute courses shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. There are a variety of financing options available to help you pay for UX Design Institute's cost.

Professional Diploma in UX Design


26 weeks




Full Time


30 Hours/week





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The 6-month Professional Diploma in UX Design from the Glasgow Caledonian University covers UX principles, user research, analysis frameworks, interaction design, prototyping, and wireframing. The courses are delivered entirely online with video modules and regular mentor-led webinars.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

UX Design Institute has over 4473 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at UX Design Institute?

UX Design Institute offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Professional Diploma in UX Design.

What types of programs are available at UX Design Institute?

UX Design Institute currently has Online and Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by UX Design Institute?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend UX Design Institute.

Where is UX Design Institute available?

UX Design Institute is an online program. Check out its student reviews to figure out if its the right program for you.

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