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WeCloud Data provides a 12-week full-time data science bootcamp in Toronto, Canada with courses that will help students build their Data Science skill set with programs such as Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Deep Learning. The program ensures that real-world projects are built into each curriculum to help students develop the high-demand data science skills and experience. WeCloudData provides resume critiques and helps students...

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I have work experience in data analytics and actuarial studies for a pension fund in another country. coming to Toronto, I lacked the educational background in data science field which could improve my resume credibility and grant me access to broader job opportunities. From many other bootcamps and accelerated diplomas offered in Toronto, I decided to go for WCD because of their good reviews and network in Toronto specifically. So far, I have taken SQL and Python courses and enrolled in the...
Teachers and staff are friendly. They are good at explaining they are professionals working in this field, so, they add real life examples and share their experience with students in class. Moreover, and most importantly this is the only short term program where students get to work on real projects for companies. This adds a great value to this program and was the main factor when I selected it over other options.
due to the pandemic, classes were online and I personally prefer in class programs.

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AZZOUZ OMAR ZAYEN graduated WeCloudData
Created 5 months ago
I did some research on data science online before I made a decision. I chose WeCloudData due to their comprehensive curriculum and because their instructors are knowledgeable and professional (Shaohua and Vinny). WeCloudData did a great job of helping me acquire the necessary skills in Data Science before and during the bootcamp. The pre-bootcamp materials helped me get familiar with the essential SQL and Python coding skills and speeded up the learning curve during the bootcamp. I highly...
During the bootcamp, the course work is very intensive. Although I already have coding experience and mathematical background, I still need to spend at least 10 hours a day to study and finish homework and projects. However, the...
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Is WeCloudData worth it? Let’s look at the WeCloudData outcomes numbers. 82 WeCloudData graduates have found rewarding careers at high-profile companies like Beam Data, Canadian Tire Corporation, LoyaltyOne.

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