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Programs availableOnline, Part-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing

About MIT xPRO

MIT xPRO is a leading coding bootcamp platform offering online learning programs to bridge the skills gap in growing sectors of technology. MIT xPRO online learning programs cover data engineering, software development, and cybersecurity. MIT...

MIT xPRO Reviews: Is MIT xPRO Worth It?

Yes, MIT xPRO is absolutely worth it. MIT xPRO reviews from graduates on Indeed, Career Karma, Switchup, and Course Report are generally positive. According to one MIT xPRO full stack development review, the program offers a solid foundation in full stack development for students with no prior experience. Another MIT xPRO bootcamp review expressed satisfaction in MIT xPRO’s projects and its ability to help students better understand concepts.

You can really learn to code with MIT xPRO, especially since coding languages like SQL, Python, JavaScript, and CSS are taught by leading industry experts. With industry experts and world-class curricula, there's no doubt that MIT xPRO is an excellent bootcamp, making MIT xPRO worth it.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

Great course

MIT xPRO Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
MITxPRO's Drug and Medical Device Development provided nice introduction to the scientists who are interested in translating their research to biotech products.
Short videos are effective in conveying key concepts. Weekly office hour is very helpful. Assignments can be tough, but an efficient way to integrate the knowledge learned into practice.
Some video need to be updated. More emphasis on the therapeutics will be nice

A great program for beginners and intermediates

MIT xPRO Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
The MIT xPRO program is certainly a commitment, both financially and in terms of time. With that said, it has proven very useful and informative, and is a program I would certainly recommend to others with introductory or intermediate experience with programming. The 15-20 hour time commitment is certainly generous; if you want to get EVERYTHING out of the program, you will need to commit more time than that. But, the beauty of the online module-based learning and the program itself is...
The coursework is great for learners of both the intro and intermediate levels. The course instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and well respected in their field (MIT faculty!). Compared to other online programming courses that I...
Given the nature of the subject matter, some weeks can be far more difficult than others and require significant time of self-study outside of the confines of the 15-20 hours budgeted weekly for the course materials.

MIT xPRO's Web Development with JavaScript program

User avatar
Leanne Hardesty graduated MIT xPRO
MIT xPRO Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
This 100% online program provides solid instruction for people wanting to increase their technical skills. It's completely online with no interaction with the instructors; however, there are teaching aids who you can communicate with via the course messaging system. The curriculum is solid; it covers more than JavaScript, it covers security, IDE tools, testing as well, which is critical content to teach a developer. Overall, it was a good experience and valuable for me, I'm an experienced...
- comprehensive content - good instructors - fairly good online course structure - makes you learn a lot
- instructor aids and tech support did not reply in a timely manner, if at all.

MIT xPRO Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

MIT xPRO, in partnership with Emeritus, offers career preparation services to help students navigate their chosen career paths with ease. MIT xPRO career services include job placement assistance, participation in career fairs, and access to the career service job portal of Emeritus.

Students can also take advantage of one-on-one mock interviews with industry experts and one-on-one mentorship sessions with a career coach from Emeritus. There are also various groups that can impart knowledge and insights including the interview preparation group, LinkedIn profile building group, and resume building group.

MIT xPRO job placement assistance and career coaching are designed to produce the best outcome for students. However, MIT xPRO does not guarantee or promise students that they will get a job upon the successful completion of their course. Nonetheless, several MIT xPRO graduates have been successful in landing jobs at companies like Boeing, Ford Motor Company, and Whirlpool Corporation through MIT xPRO’s placement program.

MIT xPRO Courses and Curriculum

There are over 40 MIT xPRO courses and programs that prospective students can choose from to develop their knowledge as tech professionals. MIT xPRO online programs are led by cutting-edge research and are designed to provide participants with maximum career impact.

Many MIT xPRO courses are good for beginners, while some may require technical expertise. Enrolled students get access to all necessary learning materials and can use in-demand tools, case studies, assessments, and simulations. The cost of attending an MIT xPRO bootcamp ranges from $949 to $9,500, and there are no free courses.

Certificate in Cybersecurity Defense


8 weeks




Part Time


20 Hours/week





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As cyberattacks become more commonplace, elaborate, targeted, and costly for today’s organizations, the need for cybersecurity experts to defend against them has never been greater. And if you’re interested in cybersecurity, there’s never been a better time to find a satisfying role in this rapidly expanding field. MIT xPRO's Certificate in Cybersecurity Defense program provides a comprehensive introduction to defensive cybersecurity by focusing on core concepts such as cryptography, security operations center (SOC), incident response (IR), secure system and network administration, and cloud security.

Cybersecurity: Identity and Access Management


8 weeks




Part Time


20 Hours/week





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Cyberattacks are on the rise, costing organizations trillions of dollars annually and putting the nation's critical infrastructure at risk. According to Cybersecurity Ventures (2020), the costs incurred by businesses due to global cybercrime are expected to reach USD 10.5 trillion per year by 2025, an increase from USD 3 trillion in 2015. That's why an increasing number of organizations and government agencies are seeking to hire IT professionals possessing specialized technical skills to manage risk and defend mission-critical computer systems, networks, urban infrastructure, cloud applications, and more against cyberattacks. MIT xPRO's Cybersecurity: Identity and Access Management focuses on the fundamental concepts of protecting systems and enterprise operations against cyberattacks. The program offers personalized feedback from learning facilitators, insights from guest speakers, and the opportunity to create assignments to gain hands-on experience with your newly acquired cybersecurity skills.


How Much Is MIT xPRO Tuition and Cost?

The MIT xPRO bootcamp cost of tuition starts from $949 for their critical-thinking and decision-making skills course and extends up to $9,500 for the full-time, Professional Certificate in Coding course. The MIT xPRO price for the most sought-after courses, such as the Professional Certificate in Data Engineering, Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity, and Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN, only cost $6,950.

Although the bootcamp is not free, MIT xPRO tuition for some courses is very affordable. For example, the Quantitative Methods in Systems Engineering course only costs $1,099. This course can be of significant value for systems engineering professionals, as well as professionals in the manufacturing, consumer appliances, defense, automotive, and aerospace industries.

What Is the MIT xPRO Acceptance Rate?

There is no available data about the MIT xPRO acceptance rate or whether MIT xPRO accepts everyone. However, entry into MIT xPRO programs is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. As such, it's always a good idea to enroll early in your desired course for the highest chance to get accepted to MIT xPRO.

How Can I Pay for MIT xPRO?

You can pay for MIT xPRO tuition using several payment options and financial assistance. MIT xPRO accepts globally recognized major debit or credit cards, like those with an American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa logo.

Unfortunately, MIT xPRO deferred tuition is currently not available, meaning you cannot start a course now and pay later. MIT xPRO payment options include:

  • Loan financing
  • Month-to-month installments
  • Full payment

How Do I Apply to MIT xPRO?

The MIT xPRO admissions process is student-friendly, with the MIT xPRO application process open to anyone who wishes to join. Getting into MIT xPRO is as simple as selecting a program, filling out an application form, and making a payment. Below are the main steps to apply for MIT xPRO programs and courses.

1. Choose Your Program

First, navigate to the MIT xPRO catalog page to check out the programs and courses available. Here, you will find a wide range of interesting programs in everything from data engineering and cybersecurity, to full stack development with MERN. Select the option for more information about the specific MIT xPRO program you’re interested in.

2. Complete the Application Form

The application form is meant to paint a clear picture of a student’s background and work experience. You are required to provide your name, address, nationality, gender, and phone number. You also need to provide your work experience, including your recent compensation, company, job title, job function, and industry you worked in.

3. Choose a Payment Option

Upon completing the application, you will be prompted to make a payment through one of the payment options available. Choose your preferred payment option then select “pay now and secure my seat” once you’re done.

How Do I Get Accepted into MIT xPRO?

There are no specific MIT xPRO admissions criteria for its programs and courses, and there is no general education background or degree requirement necessary to get into MIT xPRO. It is important to note that prospective students should be able to set aside four to six hours each week for the duration of the course. As well, students should also have access to the necessary technical resources required to complete the course.

Some MIT xPRO programs and courses may require certain skills and knowledge. For example, specific courses may require or recommend a certain level of programming efficiency or mathematical proficiency.

There are no MIT xPRO prep courses available, so if you feel ill-prepared for getting into MIT xPRO, there are a few ways to prepare for a coding bootcamp. For starters, do your own research and follow online video tutorials. MIT xPRO bootcamp prep starts with understanding the concepts of your subject.

What Is the MIT xPRO Admission Process?

The MIT xPRO admission process is designed to match students with courses that are the best fit for them and is open to anyone wanting to join. As part of MIT xPRO admissions, students get recommendations on what skills they would need to succeed in each program. The MIT xPRO admission process helps you determine the right program for you to ensure you are successful.

What MIT xPRO Interview Questions Should I Expect?

Unlike many other top coding bootcamps, there is no MIT xPRO interview for its programs or courses. Consequently, students don’t need to prepare for MIT xPRO admissions interview questions because MIT xPRO does not require them. All you need to do after enrollment is prepare to start and pay attention to your chosen programs’ start date.

Is MIT xPRO Hard to Get Into?

No, it is not hard to get into MIT xPRO. Most programs only require you to be aware of basic concepts covered in the course. However, some courses such as the Professional Certificate in Data Engineering may require candidates to possess more advanced technical skills and the competitive edge provided by degree programs.

Does MIT xPRO Offer Prep Courses?

No, MIT xPRO does not offer prep courses. Many MIT xPRO courses only recommend that you have the basic foundational skills required for the course. This means that prospective students don’t have to worry about joining an MIT xPRO prep course, MIT xPRO prep program, or do any pre-course work to join its programs.

Does MIT xPRO Offer Workshops?

No, MIT xPRO does not offer workshops. However, MIT xPRO does offer some paid courses, such as Critical Thinking and Decision Making and System Thinking, which may give you a technical edge and the foundational skills needed to achieve the learning goals of MIT xPRO’s more advanced programs and courses.

Does MIT xPRO Offer Scholarships?

No, you cannot apply for an MIT xPRO scholarship as there are no scholarships or financial aid available. However, you may consult your employer to find out whether they offer any employment benefits like financial aid for professional development. Other options to explore include finding grants through government bodies or foundations and reaching out to your university.

Does MIT xPRO Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, MIT xPRO does have a refund policy for tuition. The refund policy varies depending on the duration of the online courses. For example, students enrolled in MIT xPRO courses running over a short period of less than a month are eligible to apply for a refund within one week of the program start date.

The MIT xPRO refund policy also extends to courses running over a long period. For example, courses like the Professional Certificate in Data Engineering, Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity, Professional Certificate in Coding: Full-Time, and Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack with MERN have a 21-day, money-back guarantee.

Any student who is not satisfied with these long-term MIT xPRO programs is eligible to apply for a refund within 21 days of the program start date with no strings attached.

How Much Do MIT xPRO Graduates Earn?

There is no available information on MIT xPRO graduate salary earnings on the bootcamp’s website. However, the fact that MIT xPRO graduates work at leading tech companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and Oracle in engineering, information technology, and business development roles suggests that MIT xPRO graduate salary is quite lucrative.

Does MIT xPRO Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, MIT xPRO doesn’t offer a job guarantee. The MIT xPRO job placement offered in partnership with Emeritus is designed to help students manage their careers proactively with no promise of a job or progression of a current job.

While there is no MIT xPRO job guarantee offered, there are several beneficiaries of the MIT xPRO job placement program who have landed lucrative jobs in leading tech companies. Having certificates from a well-respected bootcamp like MIT xPRO is a great way to prove to future employers you have the real-world experience and skill it takes to succeed.

What Companies Hire MIT xPRO Graduates?

Hundreds of high-profile companies hire MIT xPRO graduates. Affiliate organizations of MIT xPRO hire their bootcamp graduates and often turn to MIT xPRO in search of top talent. Some of these companies include BAE Systems, Ford, Boeing, Halliburton, Shell, IBM, the US Army, Whirlpool, and the Naval Air Systems Command.

Is MIT xPRO Accredited?

No, MIT xPRO is not accredited, but its curator, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is an accredited, top institution with decades of experience developing cutting-edge technology. MIT xPRO’s accredited parent institution gives the bootcamp a respected reputation.

MIT xPRO’s online learning programs have been developed using the latest research in the neuroscience of learning and are vetted by world-renowned experts. The programs are practical and can help technical professionals develop their skills on the job.

Is MIT xPRO Worth It?

Yes, MIT xPRO is worth it for both professionals and beginners who want to advance their technical expertise. The bootcamp offers the perfect combination of academic rigor and affordability, creating great value for students enrolled in its programs.

The long answer to the question is MIT xPRO worth it is that MIT xPRO is an excellent bootcamp to join for students who want to break into software development, get into entry-level software engineer roles, or pursue other careers in the tech industry.

Through these courses, students enrolled in MIT xPRO online learning programs leverage the power of technology from experienced industry professionals and are able to develop in-demand skills for the job market.

MIT xPRO Reviews: Is MIT xPRO Legit?

Yes, MIT xPRO is legit. According to MIT xPRO reviews on Career Karma, the majority of students are satisfied with the courses, with an overall 90 percent satisfaction rate. One MIT xPRO bootcamp review marvels at how this bootcamp filled gaps in their existing seven years' worth of knowledge in the subject of life sciences and drug and medical device development.

If you’re still not convinced, the question of is MIT xPRO legit can be easily answered by the over 2,700 alumni and over 2,200 graduated students since 2020 alone. Especially since MIT xPRO students work at companies like Microsoft, AE Systems, Whirlpool, and General Motors.

An MIT xPRO Web Development with JavaScript program review also praises the technical skills they obtained, despite being a seasoned web development professional. No matter your level of experience or education on the subject, you can put MIT xPRO on your resume after finishing your online learning program and earning a certificate of completion.

However, you should keep in mind that completing an MIT xPRO program will make you an MIT xPRO alumnus and not an MIT alumnus. To become an MIT alumnus, you will have to successfully complete at least one of MIT’s undergraduate or graduate programs.

Is MIT xPRO a Scam?

No, MIT xPRO is absolutely not a scam. MIT xPRO offers world-class programs with a balance of leadership and technical excellence. It is safe to enroll in any of the MIT xPRO online programs. If you believe you’ve come across an MIT xPRO scam, though, please contact the bootcamp immediately.

During your bootcamp, you will be taught by the same instructors as advertised and for the same duration as advertised in the brochure. What’s more, MIT xPRO has been vetted by Career Karma as a reliable boot camp for aspiring tech professionals and is the affiliate bootcamp of the accredited Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

MIT xPRO has over 0 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at MIT xPRO?

MIT xPRO offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Certificate in Cybersecurity Defense, Cybersecurity: Identity and Access Management.

What types of programs are available at MIT xPRO?

MIT xPRO currently has Online and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by MIT xPRO?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend MIT xPRO.

Where is MIT xPRO available?

MIT xPRO has one campus in Boston and is also available Online. If you live near Boston, consider visiting to get an idea of the school’s style and staff. If you're relocated ...

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