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CoursesTech Sales
Programs availableOnline, Full-time, Part-time
Financing optionsISA, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing
+1 (843) 790-2838

About Prehired

As Career Karma's 2020 Top Tech Sales Bootcamp, Prehired's career launch program is NOT a class, a school or your normal “higher ed.” You do NOT have “teachers,” “classmates” or “graduates.” As a lifetime membership association with a job guarantee, we help you get hired to tech sales careers at companies YOU want to work for, hit six figures asap and keep getting promoted. How? It all starts with our 12-week Science-Based Sales® career...

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Prehired FAQs

How Do I Apply to Prehired?

First, you’ll fill out the application form online, then you’ll have an assessment interview. If you pass the assessment interview, you’ll be accepted into the program.

What Is Prehired’s Acceptance Rate?

According to Prehired, it admits less than five percent of the thousands of monthly applications received. This shouldn’t hold you back from trying to get in if you’re genuinely passionate about perfecting your tech sales skills.

Prehired mentors say that they accept anyone with a positive outlook, are coachable, and are ambitious. There is no requirement for prior sales education or experience to get admitted. As long as you’re determined to get hired by any big tech company of your choice, Prehired will assist you in your job search.

How Do I Get Accepted into Prehired?

To become a member of the program, all you have to do is to apply online, attend the interview, and enroll if you pass the interview. As soon as your application is successful, the program begins. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to start.

What Is the Prehired Cost and Tuition?

The tuition fee for the Science-Based Sales course is $30,000. Students using the ISA to finance their Prehired course pay 12.5 percent of their gross income for 48 months after landing a job. However, the ISA only applies to people who are US citizens or permanent residents of the US.

What Projects do Prehired Members Work On?

Prehired members do not work on projects to put in a professional portfolio. Instead, they practice soft skills to use in interviews and on job hunts.

How Can I Pay for Prehired?

You can pay with an upfront payment or an income share agreement. The payment process is pretty straightforward. You can find out more about its payment options on the website.

What Is the Prehired Admission Process?

Following your application, the next step is an interview.The admission process is concise and usually completed within a few days of applying online. You would find out if your application is successful within days. The program starts the day after the enrollment offer.

What Prehired Interview Questions Should I Expect?

Interview questions are designed to assess your confidence and attitude and will be similar to, “Why are you interested in the tech sales industry?” or “How do you take feedback?” or “What are your career goals?”

These are just samples of past questions and are not guaranteed to be asked during every interview. Overall, just be confident in your goals and answer the questions based on your knowledge and interest.

What Companies Hire Prehired Members?

Prehired members are currently working at big tech companies like Zoom, Google,, Wistia, Salesforce, Drift, Houzz, Gong, Chorus, Zoominfo, and many other companies.

How Much Do Prehired Members Earn?

Typically, members earn a median income of $69,000 a year and up to $110,000 in the subsequent years. Along with the handsome income, members also enjoy benefits and learn skills that enable them to rise swiftly in their careers.

Is Prehired Hard to Get Into?

No, Prehired is not hard to get into as long as you are coachable and determined to learn.

Are There Any Prehired Scholarships?

There have been no announcements of scholarships.

Is Prehired Accredited?

Yes, Prehired is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Prehired isn’t like other tech sales bootcamps or schools, so it isn’t accredited by typical school accrediting bodies.

Does Prehired Offer a Job Guarantee?

Yes, if you don’t get a job within 12 months after enrolling, you can choose to be released from the ISA agreement. Upon completion of the online course, one-on-one weekly sessions are arranged with Prehired mentors to help members with job applications, negotiations, and securing their desired job.

Does Prehired School Offer Prep Courses?

No, Prehired does not have any prep courses. It only offers extensive programs in mastering tech sales to all interested applicants.

Is Prehired Worth It?

Yes, it is. Prehired has a sterling reputation for transforming people into professional software sales executives. Members also enjoy lifetime access to mentoring, live group training, yearly summits, and an ongoing learning community.

Joining Prehired means you’ll have access to the tools, strategies, and techniques to stay up to date in the sales industry. It might seem too good to be true, but there is even an article about that on the Prehired website. So, if you’re keen on soaring in the tech sales world, learning the ropes at Prehired is the place to go.

Prehired Reviews: Is Prehired Legit?

Yes, Prehired is absolutely legit. With over 150 reviews from members of Prehired, it holds a solid rating of five out of five. Most enrolled applicants praise the program for its effectiveness and sustainability.

Ranked as the best tech sales program for the year 2020, it is a membership-based recruitment accelerator program that helps interested candidates get hired, improve existing skills, get promoted, and earn a higher income. Our Prehired review will help you decide if this program is right for you.

Students get to learn sales-related software in different categories like SaaS sales, lead generation, enrichment, productivity, and artificial intelligence to land some of the best tech jobs in the industry. Its sales training programs involve mentoring, training, and networking with professionals who are readily available to support you all the way.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Which companies hire Prehired graduates?

There are graduates from Prehired working at a number of tech companies. This list includes companies like

How many students does this school have?

Prehired has over 644 students and graduates as of 2021. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Prehired?

Prehired offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Prehired Science-Based Sales® .

What types of programs are available at Prehired?

Prehired currently has Online, Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Prehired?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: ISA, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Prehired.

Where is Prehired available?

Prehired is an online program. Check out its student reviews to figure out if its the right program for you.

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