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How to Become a Unity Developer

Unity development is the process of writing code and scripts using the Unity game engine. Developers can create real-time two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer games, interactive graphics simulations for end-users, and software applications using Unity.

Unity development is a new career for anyone who loves video games. If you love the idea of transforming ideas into animated characters and worlds, this could be the perfect career for you. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to become a Unity developer.

What Is Unity Development?

Unity development is using Unity, a game development engine, to develop video games and other programs. Unity is a beginner-friendly multi-platform engine that can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional interactive simulations on mobile, desktop, consoles, and web browsers. It was developed in 2005 by Unity Technologies.

A Unity developer is a software developer who writes code and scripts and develops product designs for game prototypes and interactive graphical interfaces. It’s not hard to learn how to make a 2D game with Unity, so anyone can start developing when they want to.

Unity Developer Job Description

A Unity developer specifies the game features and strategies of the program design. They implement the game functionality, maintain code quality, and control the product lifecycle using different types of coding languages, including high-level programming languages like C# and Java.

Unity developers will also work with other operations teams to define business objectives and project requirements. They update the features and functionality of available games, as well as interactive 3D graphics applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Unity Developer Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual average salary for software developers is $110,140. The BLS also reports that the job outlook for this field is expected to rise 22 percent between 2020 to 2030. This is much higher than the percentage for other fields, and it indicates many more video game developer job openings in the future.

Based on the latest review from ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for Unity developers is $98,214. This value is higher than many other tech salaries. ZipRecruiter also reports that the top 10 percent of Unity developers earn $132,000 per year.

Top Reasons to Become a Unity Developer in 2021

Unity game development is quickly becoming an essential aspect of development technology and is already being embraced by many industries. We have compiled a list of reasons why now is the perfect time to become a Unity developer.

  • It is beginner-friendly. Unlike other platforms, the Unity engine is straightforward to learn and use. It makes it easy for game developers to get used to the user interface.
  • It has an attractive salary. The starting salary for this field is encouraging, and it is very possible to build a stable career in this field.
  • It is a multifaceted role. Unity developers work mostly with coding, but they can also help with world-building and character development for games.
  • It has growth potential. Unity game development is a relatively new career pathway. The demand for these skills in the workforce still outweighs the supply, and there will be many job opportunities for this reason.

Unity Developer Job Requirements

To build a career in Unity development, you will need to be able to think outside the box. The most important aspect of a Unity developer's job is to manifest creative ideas and communicate them to others. Read below to learn about other job requirements for Unity developers.

  • Knowledge of Unity. Unity developers rely on the Unity engine to develop functional applications. They should have Unity skills to be able to use the 3D Unity software and engine to design complex prototypes.
  • Experience with game development. Developers should be familiar with creating tools and devices like Xbox and PlayStation that facilitate the development of graphical interfaces.
  • Knowledge of 3D development and integrated game physics. Unity developers should have experience in many different aspects of game development. Some developers specialize in one of these aspects.
  • Experience in coding, scripting, and animation. Unity Developers should be able to confidently write code and solve any scripting issues using the C# language.

Types of Unity Development Careers

A career in Unity development requires a firm grasp of programming, software development, and customer service. There are a few different careers that you can enter with Unity development skills. Take a look below to learn more about these Unity developer careers.

Software Programmer

These professionals are skilled in the use of basic and advanced programming languages, particularly C# and JavaScript. They are responsible for writing codes and scripting the APIs needed to create advanced projects.

Front End Developer

These professionals design interactive applications through web design and programming code that defines the structure and appearance of the product. Front end development is vital because it dictates what the user sees when they’re using software.

Software Engineer

These experts incorporate the principles of software engineering into the application development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of products. Software engineers ensure software meet a client’s requirements. To become a software engineer, you have to have extensive experience with coding.

Unity Development Meaning: What Does a Unity Developer Do?

Unity developers draft and manage the entire process involved in game and simulation development. We have compiled a list of tasks that these professionals complete regularly as part of their job requirements.

Creates Functional Designs

Unity developers write efficient and reusable code that can be used to translate design specifications into functional games and real-time 3D applications. They also optimize the product elements by creating sections for user feedback.

Manages Product Lifecycle

Unity developers will implement new features in outdated products to ensure their optimal functionality and ease of use. They are also in charge of identifying potential project threats and devising possible solutions. They might use Agile project management or other tactics to help the process run smoothly.

Collaborates with Other Teams

Unity developers communicate with other operations teams to integrate the media assets such as animations and meshes. They need to make sure the whole video game development team is in sync, including managers and stakeholders.

Essential Unity Developer Skills

The skillset of a Unity developer should be a blend of creative and technical skills. They should be skilled in implementing appropriate levels of aesthetics and functionality into their product development. Some other skills that are crucial to this job role include the following.


Unity developers should be able to efficiently identify and resolve possible threats that could hamper the functionality or reliability of the product design. They should be able to come up with effective solutions in real time to prevent future headaches for the development team.

C# Programming

Along with data-oriented and object-oriented programming languages, Unity developers should be skilled in the C# programming language. This is the main language used in Unity, which makes it a vital skill for developers. Learning C# is difficult compared to other programming languages, but it’s worth it.

Software Development

Level design and planning are essential skills for a game designer. They should have in-depth knowledge of mobile, PC, and console game development, and should be able to create the core interactivity and architectural patterns for a project.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Unity Developer?

If you're a complete novice with no background in coding and web design, it could take you up to six months to master the Unity platform. However, if you're proficient in object-oriented programming languages, data structures, and algorithms, you could learn it in a week. It all depends on your experience level and familiarity with graphics design and applications.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Become a Unity Developer?

Yes, it can. There are many game development bootcamps dedicated to helping students build profitable careers in this innovative games industry. Bootcamp programs teach using complex game projects that transform students into experts within a short time.

You might be able to learn Unity as a part of a course curriculum or use the skills you learn in a bootcamp to study Unity on your own. These bootcamps also offer flexible payment options and allow busy students juggling jobs and school to learn at their own pace.

Can I Become a Unity Developer From Home?

Yes, you can. Several online bootcamps give you real-time access to instructors and assignments to get you started and keep you on track. Many software development degrees are also offered online. Getting a job remotely won’t be a problem either, as most companies hire Unity developers as remote employees.

How to Become a Unity Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide

The road to becoming a Unity developer will be different for everybody, depending on their previous experience. However, most people will have the following steps in common if they are ready to commit to this career path.

Step 1: Learn Unity

You can do this by watching a wide variety of free courses online and opening a free or paid Unity account to begin building games. However, you'll need training in coding and web design to help power up your programming skills and creativity.

Step 2: Enroll in an Advanced Course

There are several advantages to getting a higher level of training in a bootcamp. Not only will you transform into an expert, but you’ll also receive a certificate to prove your talents to potential employers. You'll become part of a network of experts to collaborate with and improve on your craft.

Step 3: Gain Industry Experience

This can be done by getting a job or internship working as a Unity developer in a game company of your choice. You can also work on your own projects and publish a game as a freelancer. This is the best way to practice your skills before entering the field as a Unity developer.

Best Schools and Education for a Unity Developer Career

There are several ways to get a structured education in Unity game development. Any of the educational programs on this list will give you the foundation you need to begin your journey into this field.

Unity Development Bootcamps

These bootcamps offer affordable and focused online courses with high-level curricula in Unity and game development skills. A few of these bootcamps include GameDev HQ, Playcrafting, and XR Terra. You can also look at a list of the best Unity coding bootcamps to choose which one is best for you.

Vocational School

As an alternative to bootcamps, there are vocational training centers you can attend to get the required skills and experience with the Unity platform. Vocational schools will help you get hands-on experience. You might have trouble finding a game development program here, but if you can, it’s worth exploring.

Community College

If you wish to go the traditional route, community colleges such as Manchester Community College, Texas State Technical College, Johnson County Community College, and Austin Community College offer degrees in game development, animation, and motion graphics. You could also take an individual course on Unity or 3D game development.

Unity Development Degrees

Gaining a four-year degree can look great on your resume and help you stand out from the crowd on the job search. Southern New Hampshire University, Academy of Art, and NYU Tandon School of Engineering offer degrees in Unity game development. Some universities also offer courses in Unity 3D, Android app development, and data modeling.

The Most Important Unity Development Certifications

Like most fields, there are different levels of certification in the Unity game development. Once you gain fundamental knowledge in the use of the Unity engine, you can proceed to acquire these professional certifications to prove your knowledge to hiring committees.

Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer

To qualify for this Unity certification exam, you should be able to create a complex game using C# in Unity. You should also have a published game and an in-depth understanding of game production techniques. This is the lowest certification level and a great place to start.

Unity Certified Professional: Programmer

This is offered to candidates who display expertise in programming core interactions, working in the art pipeline, developing application systems, or optimizing for performance and platforms. They must also engage with software development teams and common C# programming constructs.

Unity Certified Expert: Programmer

The is for programmers with over five years of experience who have worked on complex projects and collaborated with other programmers. You’ll need proficiency in Unity 2019 LTS or later. You should have experience implementing technical aspects of design documents and have the ability to find solutions at various stages of development.

How to Prepare for Your Unity Developer Job Interview

You will need to have theoretical and hands-on experience with Unity Platform and to successfully ace a Unity developer job interview. You’ll want to make sure your resume shows any relevant experience, as well as any degrees or certifications you have earned. We have compiled a list of possible interview questions to help you practice.

Unity Developer Job Interview Practice Questions

  • Do you create 3D games? What were the issues you encountered when designing your first video game?
  • What is Unity 3D modeling, and what are the features and components of Unity 3D?
  • What are the best practices for Unity 3D?
  • What is the purpose of that Asset Bundle in Unity?
  • What is the purpose of threads in Unity?
  • What is the difference between a vertex and pixel shader?

Should I Become a Unity Developer in 2021?

Yes, you should become a Unity developer in 2021. As long as you're willing to keep updating your skillset, and you have the critical thinking skills and creative mindset necessary to make outstanding games, this could be a lucrative career for you. You can start developing and designing game after only a bootcamp.


Can You Become a Unity Developer Without a Degree?
Yes, you can. All you need is adequate training on 3D Unity software, web development, and software engineering to become a professional. You can gain these skills from a bootcamp within a couple of months.
Is It Hard to Become a Unity Developer?
No, it's not. It is easy to navigate your way around the Unity platform because it was designed to be beginner-friendly. Also, you can boost your knowledge through online tutorials. If you wish to become an expert in game design, then you might want to consider enrolling in a bootcamp.
What Does a Unity Developer Do?
A Unity developer uses the Unity engine to transform real-time content ideas into functional video and mobile games. This can include a wode range of responsibilities, including mobile game development and game design.
Is Being a Unity Developer a Good Career?
Yes, it is. Unity development requires innovation and constant upgrading of your skillset because it relies on modern technologies. There is a growing demand for this job, especially in the entertainment industry, so you can build a lucrative career in the gaming industry.
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