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Don’t Forget Your Phone System! Why Small Businesses Still Rely on Telephony
In recent times, video calls have become ubiquitous—for obvious reasons. We couldn’t go a week without at least one Zoom quiz or a Google Meet between friends. This shift has affected consumers around the world, and, of course, it also…
7 Weapons Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur Should Have in Their Arsenal
Today’s online retail landscape encompasses millions of sellers across dozens of platforms, collectively turning ecommerce into a $3.5+ billion industry. The space is cutthroat, meaning e-tail entrepreneurs should always keep an eye out for strategies that can help them stay…
CareerFoundry – UX Design Review
User Experience (UX) design is essential to any user-end software or design product. No matter how useful or brilliant your product is, nobody will want to use it if the experience is unpleasant. UX designers work to make products both…
Top Skills Employers Look for in Remote Workers
There are many advantages to working from home. For example, you have more flexibility in choosing when and from where to do your work and you can cut down on commutes, which are often time-consuming and costly. In fact, 80%…

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