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Tech Skills

Discover all the resources you need to master a new tech skill, whether it’s software engineering, web development, data science, or UX/UI design. Our tech skills resources also include step-by-step guides and helpful tips that can ease your learning journey.

Software Engineering

Most Popular Programming Languages for Software Development

Do you want to become a software developer? Find out which are the best programming languages for a software development career.

How to Code an App From Start to Release

Learn how to code an app, even without experience. We’ll give you the tools to start coding in this guide.

Top Software Development Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your Software Development Portfolio

This article outlines some of the best software development projects for beginners and experts in the field. It also includes some helpful starter templates and professional portfolio tips.

What Is a Scripting Language?

What is the difference between a scripting language and a programming language? Which one is easier to learn? Find out more on Career Karma.

Introducing Object-Oriented Programming Languages: A Guide

What are object oriented programming languages? We’re going to answer this question and discuss these languages’ pros and cons.

Web Development

Learn Web Development: Best Courses, Books, and Resources

Find out what you need to learn web development fast and launch a successful career in tech with this guide.

Front End Development: Courses, Training, Other Resources

A front end web developer builds the part of a website that a user sees through programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Read on to learn more about front end development responsibilities, salaries, and career entry points.

What is Back End Development?

If you’re researching tech careers, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘back end.’ Find out what it is (and why you might care) in our latest article.

Best IDE for Web Development Beginners and Professionals

If you’re interested in #programming then check out our list of the best #IDE for #webdevelopers. Find out what #IDEs both #free and #paid can drastically imrpove your programming experience.

Best Language for Web Development: Popular Programming Languages to Learn

In web development, developers use programming languages to carry out their everyday tasks. Python is one of the easiest web development languages to build server-side web applications.

Data Science

What Is Data Analysis and Where Is It Used?

Learn all about data analysis with our guide, and get more details on relevant careers in the field.

Data Scientist Skills: Essential Programming Skills to Utilize Large Amounts of Data

Are you looking to become a data scientist? There are many skills that are necessary to succeed in the field of data science.

What Is Statistics (And Why Is It Important)?

Curious as to what statistics is and why it matters? Click here to learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Data Scientist Portfolio: Tips, Examples, and More

Wondering how to make a strong data scientist portfolio? Read our article to learn about the essential elements to include, project ideas, and see five data scientist portfolio examples.

Top Data Analysis Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your Data Analysis Portfolio

It’s never too early to start building a professional data analytics portfolio. Use our guide and explore analytics project ideas for all skill levels.


What is UX/UI Design?

UX and UI designers aren’t the same. Learn what UX and UI designers do, and why you might want to become one.

What Web Design Processes Does a Web Designer Need to Know?

Web design processes are important because they ensure that a website meets the client’s specifications. Here are five crucial web design processes you should know.

Graphic Design for Web Applications: What You Need to Know

Ready to make the jump from traditional design to web design? Our guide to graphic design for web applications will get you prepared for your new career.

Important Web Designer Skills for Career Greatness

Get the skinny on which web design skills you should learn with our guide and start your career off the right way.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Web Designer Portfolio: Tips, Examples, and More

Learn how to advance your web design career by creating a strong web designer portfolio through this guide. We’ll even show you our favorite examples.

Tech Guides

Learning Linux: A Guide for Beginners

Linux is the most-used open source operating system in the world. On Career Karma, discover how you can learn Linux and how to use the Linux command line.

How to Learn PHP: Best Courses, Books, and Resources

This guide on how to learn PHP will share how to learn to code in PHP from online courses, tutorials, and books available today.

How to Learn Software Development: Best Courses to Master Application Software

Creating a piece of software involves a set of instructions that are joined together in a manner that a computer can understand. See our guide for how you can learn to develop your own software.

Front End vs Backend Developer: What’s the Difference?

Knowing front end vs backend development is crucial to becoming a coder. Find out how front end and backend developers differ.

Data Science vs Software Engineering: 8 Important Differences

Curious about the differences between Data Science vs Software Engineering? We break down these two exciting tech fields at Career Karma.

Tech Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Your Coding Portfolio: Tips, Examples, and More

If you want to learn how to build a portfolio that will help you land a job, check out this article.

Glossary of Tech Terminology: A Beginner’s Guide

Terminology is vital in a career in the IT industry. Our tech terminology cheat sheet is a great first step on the path to a software engineering career.

Top Coding Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your Coding Portfolio

Completing coding projects is a great way to work on your skills and build your portfolio. This guide includes project ideas for every skill level to spur your creativity.

The Best Exercises and Quizzes to Help You Learn Coding

Here’s the best coding exercises for current and aspiring coders. It also includes resources that can help you develop your coding career.

The Top Podcasts for Tech Professionals to Follow

Learn more about the industry by checking out our list of the 10 best tech podcasts to listen to.

Tech Tools

How to calculate P-Value in Excel: A Step-By-Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to calculate p-value in Excel? This article contains a step-by-step guide on how to calculate p-value in Excel.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Sprint In Jira

Check out our guide to find out how to create a sprint in Jira to help kickstart your career in project management.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Archive Folder in Outlook

This article shows the steps to create an archive folder in Outlook. It also gives instructions on how to select folders to archive and how to delete items.

A Guide to Notion: Top Use Cases and Pro Tips

If you want to take productivity to the next level, here’s a quick introduction and guide on how to use Notion for work and personal use.

Best Slack Channels for Software Engineers Advice and Support

If you are a software engineer looking to get the most out of Slack, then check out our guide and find out more.

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