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Learn Coding

If you want to learn how to code, Career Karma has you covered. We have compiled a comprehensive set of articles and resources that cover popular programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Java. Furthermore, we have outlined some of the best coding tools to help you get started.

Learn Python

Learn Python: Best Courses, Books, and Resources for Learning Python

Want to know how to learn Python? This article tackles whether Python is hard to learn and shows you the best resources to start learning.

Is Python Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn Python

Want to become an expert Python developer but don’t know where to start? This article guides you on how to learn Python for free.

Learn Python for Hacking: Learning Resources, Libraries, and Basic Steps

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can help you learn hacking. Learn Python for hacking in this guide.

Fun Python Projects for Beginners to Try in 2021

If you’re just starting out with learning Python, these creative projects for beginners can help you develop your skills while having fun!

Python IDE: What Are the Best IDE for Python Beginners?

Read this article to discover the best Python IDEs for beginners to make your coding journey easy.

Learn Git

Git: Courses, Training, and Other Resources

Git is a version control system used by developers to manage their projects. On Career Karma, learn about the basics of Git.

Important GIT Interview Questions You’re Sure to Hear

Discover which GIT interview questions you’ll encounter in your next interview. Our guide gets you ready to shine.

Git Best Practices, Guidelines, and Resources for Your Software Development Career

Git is an efficient distributed version control system that is ideal for a development team of any size. To get more out of this software, learn Git best practices.

GitHub: Courses, Training, and Other Resources

Programmers love it, but what is GitHub used for? If you’ve ever wondered how GitHub works and why it’s so popular check out our handy guide!

Git Checkout: A Step-By-Step Guide

The git checkout command allows developers to navigate between branches in a Git repository. Learn how to use git checkout on Career Karma.

Learn Javascript

Learn JavaScript: Best Courses, Books, and Resources for Learning JavaScript

Learn JavaScript by reading this Career Karma guide. We examine free JavaScript courses, books, and resources to help get you started.

Is JavaScript Front End or Back End?

JavaScript is such a versatile language that it’s used all over the place. But is JavaScript for front end or backend development?

Is JavaScript Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

This article will examine why we think JavaScript is a powerful programming language worth learning in 2022 and how you can learn it for free.

JavaScript Coding Challenges for JS Junkies

Sharpen your JS skills with JavaScript coding challenges. Learn where to find the best JavaScript challenges with our handy guide!

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks to Learn

Choosing a JavaScript code framework to learn can be difficult. On Career Karma, learn more about the top five JavaScript frameworks you should consider learning.

Learn CSS

Learn CSS: Best Courses, Books, and Resources for Learning CSS

CSS is an in-demand technology used to style elements on a web page. On Career Karma, discover how to learn to code in CSS.

How to Learn Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a CSS framework. Its pre-built functionality means that it’s easy to set up the front-end of your website, and you can customize the CSS style sheets to fit your needs.

The Best Exercises and Quizzes to Help You Learn CSS

Read and learn this guide to find out more about what CSS exercises and quizzes can build develop your expertise in CSS.

Top CSS Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your CSS Portfolio

Creating CSS projects is one of the best way to master your skills as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced developer. Read our guide to the best CSS project ideas.

CSS Best Practices, Guidelines, and Resources for Your Web Development Career

This article describes CSS best practices that can help boost your career in web development.

Learn Java

Learn Java: Best Courses, Books, and Resources for Learning Java

Java is a widely-used and powerful programming language. In this article, find out how to learn Java programming.

Java IDE: What Are the Best IDE for Java Beginners?

This article will guide you on the best Java IDEs to use as a beginner or experienced Java developer, and more.

Is Java Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn Java

Java is one of the oldest programming languages around. But, is Java worth learning in 2022? Read this guide and find out more.

The Best Exercises and Quizzes to Help You Learn Java

This article details how Java exercises improve your Java programming skills and help you learn to code easier and faster.

Top Java Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your Java Portfolio

If a career in backend development or Java development is your goal, then read our list of Java project ideas to develop your skills and kickstart your professional journey.

Learn HTML

Learn HTML: Best Courses, Books, and Resources for Learning HTML

HTML is used to define the structure of all web pages and place components on a page. We’ll share tips and resources on how to learn HTML.

The Best Exercises and Quizzes to Help You Learn HTML

This guide can boost your skills with HTML exercises. This article walks through HTML practice problems and their solutions.

Top HTML Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your HTML Portfolio

The best way to practice your web development skills is to work on HTML projects. Eventually, these projects will increase your industry value and boost your portfolio.

HTML Best Practices, Guidelines, and Resources for Your Development Career

Follow our HTML best practices guide for web developers who want to meet the global gold standard for basic web development.

How to Create the Copyright Symbol in HTML

Learn the different ways to create the copyright symbol in HTML in this article from Career Karma.

Learn C++ Programming

Learn C++: Best Courses, Books, and Resources for Learning C++

C++ is a popular and powerful programming language used by developers around the globe. On Career Karma, find out how to learn to code in C++.

Top C++ Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your C++Portfolio

This article introduces the best beginner, intermediate, and advanced C++ projects to help you practice your skills and create portfolio pieces.

The Best Exercises and Quizzes to Help You Learn C++

C++ is a high-level general-purpose programming language. Take advantage of the C++ exercises and quizzes in this article, and more.

Is C++ Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn C++

Is C++ worth learning? Read and this guide to explore the reasons why you should learn C++ in 2022, and more.

C++ IDE: What Are the Best IDE for C++ Beginners?

Use this guide to find out the best online and offline C++ IDEs to use for seamlessly developing your next application, even as a coding beginner. This list includes free, open source, and premium IDE options.

Learn SQL

Learn SQL: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Management

SQL is a popular programming language used to communicate with databases. Career Karma teaches you to store and analyze data using SQL.

Top SQL Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your SQL Projects Portfolio

SQL is an important programming language used for data analysis. To master this skill, you can take on the project ideas listed in this article to gain hands-on technical experience and boost your resume.

Is SQL Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn SQL

If you’re thinking of learning a programming language, read this article. We sum up why SQL is worth learning and more.

The Best Exercises and Quizzes to Help You Learn SQL

Our SQL exercises article can help you prepare for an SQL database management or data science interview. Get help with SQL by reading this guide.

SQL Online Compiler Guide: How to Choose the Best Compiler to Run SQL Online

If you’re thinking of using an online SQL compiler, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about choosing the best one.

Learn Ruby

How to Learn Ruby Programming

Ruby is a popular programming language that is great for beginners to coding. On Career Karma, learn how you can learn to code in Ruby fast.

How to Learn Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a popular Ruby framework. Many popular websites are built with this framework, like GitHub and Fiverr. It allows you to quickly build web applications.

What Is Ruby Programming Used For?

The Ruby programming language is a powerful web development framework. This guide answers the popular question: “What is Ruby used for?

Is Ruby On Rails Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn Ruby On Rails

Is Ruby on Rails worth learning in 2022? We examine the top 5 reasons it acts as a valuable framework and why you should consider learning it.

Ruby on Rails vs. Ruby: What’s the Difference?

Discover the difference between Ruby on Rails vs. Ruby with our helpful guide, and get your coding career started off the right way and in style.

Coding Tools

Best Coding Apps for Beginners in 2022

Are you learning to code or ready to start learning coding? Check out Career Karma’s best coding apps for beginners.

The Ultimate List of Software Engineer Tools

Interested in learning more about the best software engineer tools? This article discusses some of the best software engineer tools and their various roles.

Sublime vs Notepad++: Compared and Contrasted

In our comparison of Sublime vs Notepad, we help you determine the best text editor for your PC programming needs.

NetBeans vs Eclipse: A Comparison of IDEs

NetBeans and Eclipse are both excellent integrated development environments (IDEs) for Java, but which is best?

How to Learn Adobe After Effects: Edit Your Video Footage Like a Pro

What is Adobe After Effects and how do I learn it? Anyone who is familiar with photography and videography knows of Adobe After Effects, so why not learn it?

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