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Breaking into tech can be challenging without the right know-how and adequate support. Our articles offer insights into popular tech careers, pointers for career changers, and more. Find the best online learning resources, tips for resumes, guides to landing a job in tech, and internship and apprenticeship opportunities with our curated list of career-focused content.

Career Advice

Considering a Software Engineering Career Path? This is What it Looks Like

Software Engineering is a challenging and engaging career path. We put together a short introduction to the field. Learn more about life as a software engineer.

Career Change at 30: Top Jobs for Career Changers

Changing careers at 30 is completely possible. Learn how to it with this guide.

Career Change at 50: Top Jobs for Career Changers

If you’re 50 and unfulfilled in your current career, this article will give you all the information you need to switch careers and find your dream job.

Ultimate Guide to Tech Career Transitions

Having a change of heart? On Career Karma, learn how to take the right steps toward a successful career transition into tech.

Top Work from Home Careers to Consider in 2023

Find out how to find work from home careers and what work from home careers are available without a degree.

Online Learning

Where to Find the Best Online Cyber Security Courses, Classes, and Training

The best online cyber security courses, training, and classes offer hands-on training to prepare you for the workforce.

The Best Online Python Courses, Classes, and Training

Whether you’re chasing a career as a software developer or data scientist, learning Python will give you an edge in the technology industry.

The Best Online Web Development Courses, Classes, and Training

This article will guide you through the best online web development courses available today to gain coding skills.

The Best Paid and Free MIT Online Courses in 2023

MIT offers prime education opportunities through free and paid online courses. Check out our article listing some of the online courses available to develop competitive skills and accelerate career growth.

The Best Paid and Free Yale Online Courses in 2023

This article introduces the best Yale online courses, both free and paid, that you can enroll in to advance your knowledge and skills.


Top 10 Resume Tips

Writing a resume is an essential part of the job search process. On Career Karma, discover ten tips on how to write a stellar resume.

Writing an Effective Cover Letter: The Ultimate Guide

Writing an effective cover letter is a crucial aspect when applying for a job. Our guide walks you through the writing process.

Technical Resume Guide: Tips, Tricks, & Templates

The ultimate guide to crafting the perfect technical resume to land you an interview–plus our picks for the top free resume templates.

Software Skills for Resume: Top Computer Skills to List on Your CV

The majority of modern jobs require software skills and computer skills on a resume. Learn how to list software skills on your resume.

How to List Problem-Solving Skills on Your Resume and Cover Letter

Problem-solving skills are in constant demand by employers. Here, we show you how to list problem-solving skills on your resume.


Technical Interviews: The Ultimate Guide

Technical interviews are a difficult part of the hiring process, especially if you’ve never done one before. Learn what to expect here.

How to Respond to an Interview Request

How do you respond to a request to come in for a job interview? On Career Karma, learn how to respond to an email or telephone interview request.

Top Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Interview questions use experiences to determine a candidate’s employability. This guide provides behavioral interview questions and answers.

Common IT Technician Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

IT technicians specialize in basic technical issues, diagnostics, and solutions. Read this to see IT technicians interview questions and answers.

Interview Question: How to Answer “What Are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?”

On Career Karma, learn how to answer the question “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” in a job interview.

Tech Jobs

Best Coding Careers of 2023: The Most In-Demand Programmer Jobs

Demand for coding careers is on the rise, which is why we’ve put together this guide on the best coding jobs of 2023.

How to Get a Job in Coding: Required Education and Skills

You can access great career paths and high salaries if you get a coding job. Learn how to get a job in coding with this comprehensive guide.

Best Entry Level Tech Jobs 2023: High Paying IT Jobs

Looking for high paying entry level tech job? Career Karma has found the best paying jobs in technology. Check out this guide to know more.

High-Paying Work From Home Jobs Without a Degree

This guide features a list of the best work-from-home jobs that don’t require a degree including relevant information you need to get a remote job.

The Best Online Jobs That Hire 17-Year-Olds

The world is evolving and some jobs are no longer limited to a certain age. Here’s a guide about online jobs for a 17-year-old.


High School Computer Science Internships in 2023: Summer Internships, Classes, and More

Discover the best computer science internships for high school students. We’ll share the best summer programs that can give you hands-on experience.

High School Paid Internships in 2023: Summer Internships, Classes, and More

Paid internships for high school students are a good way to boost your college application while getting paid for your work. Here are our top 10 programs.

How to Get a SpaceX Internship: Is It Hard to Get an Internship at SpaceX?

An internship at SpaceX is an excellent opportunity to gain professional aerospace industry experience from experts in the field.

How to Get a Netflix Internship: Is It Hard to Get an Internship at Netflix?

Netflix summer internships are highly coveted, but only a few interns get this opportunity. Learn how to get a Netflix Internship here.

Benefits of a Software Engineering Internship

Earn money while learning and potentially have a job as soon as you graduate. There are several benefits to finding a software engineering internship.


How to Apply for an IT Apprenticeship: Build Your Tech Skills on the Job

Read this article to find out the best tech apprenticeships, the benefits of an apprenticeship, and the difference between an intern and an apprentice.

Google Apprenticeships, Internships, and Job Training Programs

If you want to pursue a job in tech, a Google apprenticeship could help you kickstart your career. Find out all you need in this blog.

AWS Apprenticeships: Programs, Jobs, and Salary

Looking to increase your market value or want to pursue a career with AWS? Read and find out more about AWS apprenticeship programs.

The Best New York Apprenticeship Programs of 2023

Apprenticeships are a great way to gather the experience needed to enter the tech industry. This article covers some of the best apprenticeships in NYC.

Software Engineering Apprenticeships: Programs, Jobs, and Salary

Software engineering apprenticeships give budding developers the chance to learn while earning money. Here’s how to get a coding apprenticeship.

Tech Salaries

Computer Programmer Salary: How Much Do Computer Coders Make?

Do coders make good money? In this piece, Career Karma answers this question and many more as it discusses how to become a programmer.

Software Engineering Salaries at Google: A Guide

Ever wonder what the average Google software engineer salary is? Learn about salary levels, compensation packages, and benefits at Google.

Best Jobs That Pay $200k a Year

Positions in the medical, engineering, and technology fields offer large salaries. Learn more about jobs that pay 200k a year.

Best Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour

This article has the best online, in-person, and part-time jobs where you can earn $15 an hour. We discuss common roles and requirements.

Web Developer Salary: How Much Does a Freelance Developer Make?

Are you wondering how much do software developers make? Or how much do freelance software developers make? Click here to learn more.

Job Market

How to Get a Job at Amazon: Tips to Ace the Application Process

So, you want to know how to get a job at Amazon? Working for one of the biggest companies in the world has many benefits, but it will take hard work.

Top Companies Hiring Business Analysts in 2023

Find out how to pursue this profession and land a job with one of the best companies for business analysts, in this article.

Dream Employers for Data Analysts: What Industries Hire the Most?

As a data analyst, you should know the top industries to work in. Read this guide to which industries hire the most data analysts.

How to Get a Job at Twitter: Career Advice for Your Social Media Job Search

Find out all about Twitter’s work atmosphere and the best jobs available at the social media giant.

Are Software Engineers Happy? Software Engineer Career Satisfaction and Salaries

There are several factors to consider when trying to determine the job satisfaction rate of software engineers. This article will explain what those factors are and how they should be used.

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