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Higher Ed

Higher education is key to launching many different careers, but it can be hard to find the right path. Get started on your higher education journey with Career Karma’s library of resources on different levels of degrees, the best schools for a wide variety of programs, and how to get into college.


Accelerated Bachelor’s Degrees: How to Get Your Bachelor’s Degree Fast

Read our list of the best accelerated bachelor’s degrees to build a lucrative career while saving time and money.

Accelerated Master’s Degrees: How to Get Your Master’s Degree Fast

Are you looking for the best accelerated master’s degrees? Read our guide to learn how to get an accelerated master’s degree fast.

Computer Science Minor: Is It Worth It?

The tech industry is constantly evolving. A computer science minor may help you find success in this rapidly growing career field.

How to Email a Professor: Keep Your Tone Professional

Emailing a professor can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know how. That’s why we created this guide to break down exactly what you need to do.

The Easiest MSW Programs to Get Into

These Master of Social Work (MSW) programs are quick, affordbale, and have lower GPA requirements. Explore your future as a social worker by getting a MSW degree.

Associate Degree

Online Associate Degrees: Best Higher Education Options to Attend Class Virtually

An associate degree is a two-year academic degree program taken at the undergraduate level. This degree serves as a starting point for students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in future.

Best Electrical Engineering Associate Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

An Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering sets you on the path for an entry-level career. Read this guide to electrical engineering associate degrees.

Quality Assurance Associate Degrees: Best Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

This in-depth guide will show you some of the best quality assurance associate degrees, including both online and in-person options.

Associate of Arts: Best Programs and Job Prospects

An associate degree is a two-year academic program taken at the undergraduate level. This degree ensures students acquire basic academic and technical knowledge to prepare them for employment or further studies.

Best Information Systems Associate Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

Not everyone can study information systems at a four-year college. This article contains detailed information on information systems associate degrees.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Arts: Best Programs and Job Prospects

Learn what a bachelor of arts is, what the best BA programs are, and what job and salary prospects you can look forward to.

Best Robotics Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

This article introduces the best online and on-campus robotics bachelor’s degrees. It also lists the best job opportunities for students who earn this type of degree.

Best Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

This guide outlines the best computer science bachelor’s degrees, the best schools to attend, prospective jobs in the computer science field, and more.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees: Flexible, Convenient, and Safe

Have you ever considered online bachelor’s degrees? They’re convenient, flexible, and often cheaper. Read on to learn more about getting an online bachelor’s degree.

Best Online Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

Find the best online engineering bachelor’s degrees to jumpstart your career across the machine-learning, database, software, and electronics engineering fields.

Master’s Degree

A Guide to the Best Ivy League Online Master’s Degree Programs

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about pursuing an online master’s degree from Ivy League schools.

Best Online Master’s Degrees

Earning your master’s degree online is convenient. Find out what the best master’s degree programs are and the highest-ranking schools that offer them.

Is a Master’s Degree Worth it?

A master’s degree is an investment in your future. So is a master’s degree in the tech industry worth it? Find out here.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Master’s Degree? Amount of Time Spent in Graduate Studies

If you are wondering how long it takes to get a master’s degree, read our guide to see your options to earn your degree.

Best Online Data Analytics Master’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries

This article lists the best schools, their programs, and admissions requirements for the top online data analytics master’s degrees.


Online PhD Programs: Where to Earn a Doctoral Degree

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding the best online PhD programs.

Best Online PhD in Higher Education Programs

If you are interested in earning a PhD in Higher Education online, you probably want to know which schools offer the best programs. Look no further: Here are the top nine.

Best Doctorates in Project Management: Top PhD Programs, Career Paths, and Salaries

In this detailed guide, you will find the best PhDs in Project Management to help you start a successful career.

Best Doctorates in Bioinformatics: Top PhD Programs, Career Paths, and Salaries

Choosing the best PhD in Bioinformatics program can be challenging but our comprehensive guide shares the top programs in the best schools today.

Best Doctorates in Software Engineering: Top PhD Programs, Career Paths, and Salaries

Our guide for the Best PhD Programs in Software Engineering will put you on track to getting a high-quality education in this lucrative field. We cover the best programs, program requirements, and expected salary upon graduation.

University Admissions

How to Get Into Ivy League Schools: Requirements, Acceptance Rate, and Tips

Many students wonder how to get into Ivy League schools. Our guide will show you all you need to know to get admitted to your dream school.

A Good College Requirements: How to Get Accepted Into a Good College

Learn everything you need about how to get into a good college. Find out useful tips and common admission requirements for students.

Graduate School Requirements: How to Get Accepted Into Graduate School

Read our article to find out how to get into graduate school as well as common graduate school requirements for admission.

Best GMAT Prep: How to Prepare for and Ace the Test

Going to business school? You might be registering for the GMAT and wondering how you’re going to prepare. Check out this essential guide to get started.

Engineering School Requirements: How to Get Accepted Into Engineering School

This article covers how to get accepted into engineering school and common engineering school requirements.

Best Schools

USA Schools Ranked: The Top 10 Universities and Colleges

In this article, a list of the best American universities is ranked by reputable sources, including the US News rankings, QS World University rankings, and Times Higher Education rankings.

Accredited Online Universities: Why Accreditation Is Important

Make the most of your degree by attending accredited online universities. These universities are recognized for their academic programs.

Best Online Colleges in 2020

On Career Karma, discover the top 10 online colleges in the United States.

Most Affordable Online Colleges

Online education is the best option for those who want to maintain a work-life balance. Discover some of the cheapest online colleges in this guide.

What Are Ivy League Schools and Which are the Cheapest?

Ivy League Universities are known for their elite programs and school facilities. If you’re looking for the cheapest Ivy League school, read this article.


IT Certifications: Highest-Paying Certification, Exam Preparation, and Job Outlook

If you’re an IT professional looking to stand out in your next job application, check out this complete guide to the best IT certifications.

Top 15 Online IT Certificate Programs

The demand for IT professionals has increased in the business sector. Read on for a list of the top 15 IT certificate programs.

Computer Engineer Certifications: Top Certifications to Get Ahead in Computer Engineering

Add value to your resume by including computer engineers certifications. Learn which certifications will help to advance your career in tech.

Web Developer Certifications: Top Certifications to Get Ahead in Web Development

Search no more for the best certifications for web developers. In this article, we discuss the best web developer certifications and list the top 10 paid certifications you need to succeed in this field.

Programming Certifications: Top Certifications to Get Ahead in Programming

Certifications can give you an edge in the job market, especially in competitive sectors like coding. Read this guide to learn more.

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