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Data analytics skills are in increasingly high demand in today’s tech job market. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data science field has a job outlook of 36 percent. Attending one of the best data analytics bootcamp programs can help you master job-ready technical skills, including Python, SQL, Excel, and Tableau, in just a few months.


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What Is a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Data analyst bootcamps are training programs that provide intensive and fast-paced education designed to be more affordable and flexible than traditional degrees. Enrolling in a data analytics bootcamp online or in person is the fastest way to learn specialized skills in deep learning and programming languages and work toward a data analytics career or a data science career.

This article will cover the best data analytics bootcamps, the application process, length, and much more. If you are considering a career as a business analyst and are looking for the top data analytics bootcamp programs to kickstart your education, check out the rest of this data analytics bootcamp review.

Top Reasons to Attend a Data Analytics Bootcamp

A data analytics bootcamp is a short, intensive, and fast-paced program that offers training on subjects relevant to data analytics jobs. They are cheaper than universities and provide career services. In-person and online data analytics bootcamps frequently update their curricula to ensure students are learning the exact skills they will need to get hired. Common features of top data analytics bootcamps include:

  • Career services. Data analytics bootcamps are committed to helping students successfully launch careers. Part of this includes providing extensive career services, such as resume workshops, one-on-one career coaching, mock interviews, and access to a hiring network.
  • Flexible scheduling options. You can choose to complete your data analyst training full-time, part-time, in-person, or online at a bootcamp. Many schools also offer self-paced programs that provide complete flexibility, allowing you to set your own study schedule.
  • Payment options. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, data analyst bootcamps tend to offer a wide range of payment options to ensure their programs are accessible. These might include scholarships, installment plans, income share agreements, private loans, and deferred tuition plans.
  • Up-to-date curriculum. Bootcamps are able to offer some of the best data analytics courses because they frequently review their curricula to ensure students have access to the most in-demand skills and emerging technologies.

Can I Attend a Data Analyst Bootcamp Online?

Yes, you can attend a data analyst bootcamp online. One of the biggest benefits of attending a bootcamp is that you can find one that fits your exact learning preferences. For example, some online data analyst bootcamps feature live, instructor-led classes that allow you to interact regularly with your peers. Others prioritize flexibility, offering a curriculum package you can move through on your own schedule with one-on-one mentoring.

Is a Data Analytics Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a data analytics bootcamp is worth it for anyone with an interest in acquiring or enhancing their tech skills. They are cheaper than universities and focus on in-demand skills to help students get hired as fast as possible. In addition, data analytics online bootcamps can be completed remotely in a matter of months, which means you can enter the workforce quickly.

If you are a busy working professional or have other commitments, a data analytics bootcamp is worth it because you can find a course that fits your schedule. Most importantly, data analytics bootcamps offer career services like job search help, resume writing workshops, interview prep, and salary negotiation lessons.

Most data analytics bootcamps have high job placement rates and many of their graduates have started rewarding careers with high-profile companies in the industry. Some bootcamps also offer a job guarantee that allows graduates to get a full tuition refund if they do not land a job within a certain period, usually from three months to a year.

How Long Are the Best Data Analytics Bootcamps?

Completing a data analytics bootcamp usually takes at least three months, but some programs can last up to a year. In many cases, you can choose to study part-time or full-time, each option having a different length. Self-paced courses can last as little or as long as the student needs.

If you do not choose a self-paced data analytics bootcamp program, you may be expected to attend live online classes. You will also spend a few hours a week outside of classes completing homework and peer projects.

Will a Data Analytics Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job?

Yes, a data analytics bootcamp will help you get a job. Most data analytics bootcamps provide career or job placement services to support you during the job hunt and equip you with the soft skills needed to navigate the job market and the industry. In some cases, if you don’t land a data analytics job within a specific time, your tuition is fully refunded.

Additionally, because bootcamps prioritize hands-on training you will likely complete a range of capstone projects before graduation. Your portfolio of projects can be used as proof of your capabilities when you enter the job market.

What Jobs Can I Land After Attending a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

After graduating from a data analytics bootcamp, you will have the hands-on training required to land entry-level data science jobs. Professionals with data analytics skills are in high demand and often earn above-average wages, especially as they gain real-world experience. According to PayScale, the average junior data analyst salary is $53,755. Some jobs available to data analytics bootcamp graduates include:

  • Junior data analyst
  • Entry-level business analyst
  • Junior marketing analyst
  • Product analyst
  • Data science apprenticeships and internships

Are There Data Analytics Bootcamps With a Job Guarantee?

Yes, there are data analyst bootcamps with a job guarantee. Springboard, Thinkful, and CareerFoundry are three examples. In most cases, a data analytics bootcamp job guarantee means that if you complete your program and don’t land a relevant job within a certain period of time, you will be eligible for a tuition refund.

How Much Does a Data Analytics Bootcamp Cost?

The average data analytics bootcamp costs around $11,727, based on the average cost of a coding bootcamp in our 2021 State of the Bootcamp Market Report. That being said, data analytics bootcamp costs can vary widely depending on many factors, including the provider, location, format, and financing option.

In many cases, in-person and full-time programs charge a higher tuition while self-paced programs tend to be cheaper. There are ways you can lower your data analyst bootcamp cost, including applying for scholarships and discounts. You can also look into free coding bootcamps.

Can I Work and Go to a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Yes, you can work and go to a data analytics bootcamp. Not all data analytics bootcamp programs need to be completed on a full-time schedule. Some bootcamps offer part-time programs and there are some specific data analytics bootcamps for working professionals. These programs are usually designed to suit professionals who are pursuing a new career or who want to enhance their skills.

How Can I Pay for a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

You can pay for a data analytics bootcamp with common bootcamp financing options like bootcamp scholarships, loan financing, monthly installments, deferred tuition plans, and income share agreements (ISA). Keep in mind that some bootcamps are more affordable than others. For example, one of the cheapest data analytics bootcamp programs is $6,210, offered by CareerFoundry.

Data analyst bootcamps typically offer several financing options to make the courses accessible for as many people as possible. Scholarships and similar discounts are often available to veterans and students from underrepresented communities in tech to lower the cost of data analytics bootcamp programs.

Are There Free Data Analytics Bootcamps?

While free data analytics bootcamp programs are rare, you can find free data analytics courses from schools like CareerFoundry, Clarusway, and Flatiron School. Online learning platforms like freeCodeCamp, OpenLearn, and Coursera also provide free data analytics training.

Are There Any Part-Time Data Analytics Bootcamps?

Yes, data analytics bootcamps are available in-person and online in full-time and part-time schedules. While part-time data analytics bootcamps will take longer than full-time options, they can still be completed in under one year.

Can Anyone Learn Data Analytics?

Yes, anyone can learn data analytics. To become a data analyst, you will need some programming skills in languages like Python, R, and SQL. Data analytics bootcamps are designed to teach data analytics to complete beginners.

This is also why many coding bootcamps offer free or low-cost bootcamp data analytics prep courses. These courses provide an introduction to the foundations of data analytics so complete beginners can get a head start on the full data analytics bootcamp curriculum.

Are There Any Data Analytics Bootcamps for Beginners?

Yes, most data analytics bootcamps are designed for beginners and those with minimal experience in the field. Some schools provide prep courses to help students familiarize themselves with basic key skills and to ensure everyone is starting off on the same page.

What Skills Will I Learn in a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Because a data analytics bootcamp is designed to provide everything you need to get hired, you will learn a range of skills including coding languages and technologies, data-driven storytelling, visualization tools, statistics, and how to use data to drive business decisions. Specific tools and topics covered by the best data analytics bootcamp programs include:

  • Excel
  • Python
  • SQL and databases
  • Tableau
  • Analytical methods
  • Data ethics

What Programming Languages Will I Learn in a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

In a data analytics bootcamp, you will learn programming languages like Python and SQL. In some cases, you may also receive basic training in R and other coding languages used in data science like Scala and Java.

How Do Data Analytics Bootcamps Compare to Data Analytics MOOCs?

Data analytics bootcamps offer well-rounded and well-supported data analytics training, whereas data analytics massive open online courses (MOOCs) teach specific subjects or cover the basics of data analytics.

If you want to learn a single data analytics concept, a data analytics MOOC can be a good option. If you need flexibility or aren’t sure if you want to commit to a full program, take a few data analytics MOOCs before enrolling in one of the best data analytics bootcamps.

If you want access to peer communication, mentorship, hiring partners, and career services, a data analytics bootcamp will provide all of that plus a data analytics education. If you want to learn data analytics with more structure, opt for a full-time or part-time data analytics bootcamp rather than a self-paced program.

Learn Data Analytics: Is a Data Analytics Bootcamp Right for You?

Yes, attending one of the best data analytics bootcamp programs is right for you if you would like to start a career in tech or improve your professional skills. They are short, fast-paced courses that also offer career services to help students successfully enter the tech industry. The best bootcamps for data analytics teach students in-demand skills and help them build a long-lasting professional network.

The data analytics field is rapidly growing and it offers a lot of opportunities for growth and job security. These opportunities are not only in the tech world but across most major industries. In addition, the field of data analytics is very lucrative, with the demand for data analytics professionals expected to continue to rise.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

Can a data analytics bootcamp help me get job in tech?

Yes, data analytics bootcamps equip students with the skills they need to land a job in tech.

What programming languages will I learn in a data analytics bootcamp?

It depends, but most data analytics bootcamps teach Python and SQL.

Are there any part-time data analytics bootcamps?

Yes, data analytics bootcamps are available in-person and online in full-time and part-time schedules.

Are there any data analytics bootcamps for beginners?

Yes, data analytics bootcamps help train beginners with little to no coding experience.