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Brandi Taylor

Technical Writer

Brandi Taylor is a technical writer at Career Karma, where she covers topics such as iOS development, computer science, and web development. A Lambda School alum, Brandi has been immersed in the tech world since the late 90s as a freelance web designer, building sites for startups and other organizations. Since joining the Career Karma team in November 2020, Brandi has used her extensive software development knowledge to connect people with future careers in tech.

How to Learn Data Structures

Data structures are collections used in computer science and programming to efficiently organize, store, and access data used by a program. As a programmer, it’s important to learn data structures to maintain efficiency within the program you’re writing. What are…

How to Learn the Command Line

The command line allows the user to perform tasks, run scripts, and perform other operations on a computer system via text input, without a GUI (graphical user interface). Learning how to use the command line is helpful — and sometimes…

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