Kevin Wu

Before founding Pathrise, Kevin had already spent several years building products for students and universities, including creating a study app used by tens of thousands of students across multiple universities and directing an award-winning nonprofit that helps students gain experience through real-world projects. Before discovering his passion for student career development, Kevin worked at industry-leading tech companies, most notably in Product at Yelp and Engineering at Salesforce.

How to Make Your Software Engineer Resume Stand Out

As you’re nearing the end of a coding bootcamp and beginning your job search, you should make sure your software engineer resume is as strong as possible. It’s an extremely competitive landscape, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people applying…

Top 3 Tips to Prepare for an Interview

Getting invited to interview with a company can bring equal parts excitement and anxiety. But if you prepare for your conversations the same way you would a test at school, you will be able to go into the interview with…

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