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Web Developer Salary: How Much Can You Make as a Web Dev?

Chad M. Crabtree - April 30, 2020

Web development is one of the most in demand careers today and one of the best tech jobs for the future , with expected job growth of 13% over the next decade. This growth is considered ”much faster” than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But another great benefit of pursuing a career as a web developer is the impressive income that web devs command today.

In this post, we’ll consider the average web developer salary at both the national and statewide levels.

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Web Developer Salary in the United States

According to salary estimates from the  BLS, the median web developer salary in the U.S. was $69,430 in 2018 .

But we wanted a more recent estimate. To achieve this, we calculated the average salary for web developer jobs based on 4 sources: Glassdoor , Indeed , ZipRecruiter , and .

So, what is the national average web developer salary for 2019? According to the Career Karma average of the 4 sources above, web developers in 2019 earned an average salary of $78,662.

Of course, determining salary information is far more complicated than that. As you might expect, finding the average pay for any career is problematic. These estimates don’t consider things like skill level, years of experience, or location.

But we want to give you a better sense of the pay range for developers. So, let’s consider some of these factors and how they affect pay range.

Years of Experience in Web Development

Experience level goes a long way toward determining your expected salary in the world of computer science and technology. To better understand how this can impact salaries, we’ll look at the average salaries for different experience levels.

Entry Level Web Developer Salary

According to the Career Karma average of salary estimates from ZipRecruiter , Glassdoor , and Indeed , entry level web developers in the U.S. earn $55,911 per year .

Mid Level Web Developer Salary

According to the Career Karma average of salary estimates from PayScale and Glassdoor , mid level web developers in the U.S. earn $71,565 per year .

Senior Web Developer Salary

According to the Career Karma average of salary estimates from ZipRecruiter , Glassdoor , PayScale , and Indeed , entry level web developers in the U.S. earn $92,922 per year .

Web Developer Salary by State

Now, we move on to the effects of location on salaries. The following table displays, for each state, the statewide average pay for all developers.

More importantly, though, the table includes the average salary adjusted for each state’s cost of living, using the cost of living index .

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

All of the salary estimates provided are Career Karma averages, based on estimates pulled from a variety of the above sources.

Please remember: these are only estimates and averages . Actual salaries are subject to a whole variety of factors outside the scope of this article.

Alabama $62,079 $69,518
Alaska $56,860 $43,772
Arizona $66,124 $68,169
Arkansas $56,626 $65,162
California $77,747 $51,250
Colorado $71,813 $68,005
Connecticut $69,286 $54,257
Delaware $79,780 $73,802
Florida $62,014 $63,344
Georgia $72,026 $80,747
Hawaii $65,563 $33,988
Idaho $52,830 $57,237
Illinois $70,255 $74,344
Indiana $54,475 $60,528
Iowa $65,323 $72,501
Kansas $66,325 $74,523
Kentucky $60,756 $66,838
Louisiana $67,624 $72,017
Maine $63,258 $53,837
Maryland $79,598 $61,371
Massachusetts $83,820 $63,693
Michigan $62,088 $69,840
Minnesota $75,560 $74,370
Mississippi $61,008 $70,857
Missouri $60,835 $69,845
Montana $41,529 $38,849
Nebraska $58,027 $63,906
Nevada $61,224 $56,428
New Hampshire $70,351 $64,130
New Jersey $85,220 $68,122
New Mexico $58,824 $67,227
New York $72,093 $51,828
North Carolina $74,771 $78,789
North Dakota $58,526 $59,237
Ohio $64,793 $71,358
Oklahoma $59,600 $68,506
Oregon $69,900 $52,086
Pennsylvania $72,686 $71,471
Rhode Island $64,639 $54,137
South Carolina $72,357 $75,450
South Dakota $50,756 $50,858
Tennessee $62,937 $70,955
Texas $74,388 $81,298
Utah $63,318 $64,348
Vermont $51,288 $44,793
Virginia $86,623 $86,021
Washington $79,160 $71,509
West Virginia $55,016 $60,391
Wisconsin $57,861 $59,467
Wyoming $47,329 $53,000

Now that you have an idea of just how much money you can make as a web developer, are you ready to make a career switch?

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