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What Is the Best Programming Language?

Gaib Bunch - September 30, 2020

There are hundreds if not thousands of programming languages across the technology spectrum. These programming languages all do specific things that help create the programs and applications that we all know and love today. Want to create the next Buzzfeed blog? Ready to work for Google? Want to change the world through tech? The power of programming is insurmountable. Coding is a vital skill that anyone who lives in the 21 st century should learn. So, which programming language is the best? That answer really depends on a lot of factors. Career Karma is here to break down the best programming languages and help pick the best one for you.

Best Programming Languages to Learn First

Time management is key for novice coders!

Coding may seem like an extensive process to those who are just beginning. Where do you start? With so many different programming languages out there, which are the best for beginners? These are a few of the best programming languages that are both useful and easy to learn for beginners.


JavaScript is one of the easiest coding languages for beginners to learn for several reasons. One of which is that all modern browsers already have a built-in JavaScript engine. JavaScript is also client-side which means that the language is extremely fast and reduces the workload on the server’s side. The code is extremely versatile and is considered one of the most popular languages, as it can be found everywhere on the internet! JavaScript also goes hand in hand with other beginner languages HTML/CSS. Overall, JavaScript is very simple and user friendly and is a great program for any novice coder.

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Ruby is a highly dynamic scripting language that is used to develop both apps and websites. The language is very similar to Python as it also prioritizes readability. One of the main perks of Ruby, is the framework which allows users to build apps very quickly. Ruby is not only a great starting point for beginning coders but is also one of the most in demand coding languages in the tech world. Ruby is great for beginners looking to dive into full stack development as it’s a well-rounded and highly popular language!


Python is currently one of the most popular coding languages in 2019. This isn’t even a new trend, as Python has always been considerably widespread. Python is an easy language to learn because of its simplified syntax and its emphasis for readability. Python is a great language to learn as it’s highly popular amongst big tech companies and start ups alike.

Best Programming Languages to Reach Your Goals

Motivation is key to success!

Creating Your Own App

When creating your own app , it’s important to think about who will be using it. What platforms will your program run on?

Best for Apple iOS

If you’re focusing on Apple products, C and Objective- C may be the best languages for you as those are the primarily programming languages used on Apple products throughout the globe. Swift is also a popular and viable option to use for Apple products.

Best for Android

If you’re interested in making apps for Android products, C++ and Java are some of the most prominent languages used.

Best for Websites and Desktop Development

If you’re interested in making a blog or personal website, the best programming languages might be JavaScript partnered with HTML5 and CSS. These three are usually a package deal and all run very well together. HTML5 is the base of the website (text), CSS is the styling (color, imagery, videos) and JavaScript is the functionality (making the page responsive to users).

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