Anith Adilah

Copy Editor

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Bukowski in a dress, Anith is a self-proclaimed poet moonlighting as a journalist. If she is not busy chasing deadlines, she enjoys analog photography. Anith is currently based in Cambodia, where she helps run two weekly print publications. Her dream dinner guests would be The Strokes.

Launch Your Career in Tech with Flatiron School

It goes without saying that the tech industry is where the future’s at. This is evident in the numerous predictions by top career sites like LinkedIn, for instance. In its 2020 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, 11 out of the 15…

General Assembly: Instructors’ Spotlight

American poet Mark Van Doren once said, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”, and such is the case at General Assembly, a 10-year-old bootcamp that has made its name as one of the industry’s leading education…

Deep Dive: Sabio Coding Bootcamp

As tech continues to find a place in homes and offices across the globe, the demand for software engineers is at an all-time high, with projected job growth of 21 percent over the next eight years. This is deemed “much…

Deep Dive: Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

There is an amazing 13 percent job growth predicted in the web development sector. Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is mixing up the bootcamp scene with its innovative model designed to fill the industry’s demand.  Nucamp may be new to the game,…

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