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Joshua Adegoke

Content Writer

Joshua is an expert in project management, copywriting, and ArchiCAD. His experience includes leadership roles and writing technical reports, and he is interested in pursuing UI design. Joshua is working on his Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

The 10 Best and Most Prestigious Universities in New York
Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in education always pays the highest returns.” Centuries later, this sentiment holds truer than ever. Seeking out higher education in the state with one of the best cities in the world is a worthwhile…
Best Ordinal Data Examples to Conduct Surveys
When conducting surveys, every researcher aims to get sincere responses that reveal answers to common questions. Researches utilize various scales of measurement comprising the nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scale. In light of this, we shall consider the best ordinal…
Graduate vs Undergraduate Degree: Which Is Best for You?
Deciding between a graduate vs undergraduate degree can be challenging. After completing your undergraduate degree program, should you enter the job market or apply to graduate schools? Understanding key differences between these types of degrees can help you make the…
How to Get Into NYU: Requirements, Acceptance Rate, and Tips
Receiving postsecondary education is a great step towards achieving your career goals, and New York University is among the best universities in the United States, ranking number 28 in the US News national universities list. Thousands of soon-to-be postsecondary students…
How to Get Into UCLA: Requirements, Acceptance Rate, and Tips
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is the most applied-to public university in the US according to the US News & World Report. This makes it one of the most challenging universities to get into today, so it’s no…
Sociology Associate Degrees: Best Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
Sociology associate degrees are strong access points into a career in sociology. These degrees provide comprehensive studies on social sciences and their relevance in society. If you are searching for the right sociology associate degrees, consider the guide below. In…
Are Your Apps Running Slow? How to Make Apps Load Faster
In a world where instant gratification is the norm, waiting for an app to load can be irritating. We expect a certain level of user experience with the speed of current technology, and a big part of that is app…
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Marketer
Successful people of every career path can often feel like their achievements are undeserved. This phenomenon is called imposter syndrome, and it can be challenging, if not impossible, to appreciate where you are. It can also make constructive criticism more…
Statistician Salaries: How Much Do Statisticians Make?
Statistics is not an easy career path, and the role of a statistician is not something that just anyone can undertake. A statistician has the difficult responsibility of compiling and analyzing data for the purpose of guiding real-world business decisions.…
Graphic Designer Salaries: How Much Do Graphic Designers Make?
Many people who would like to choose art as a career worry that they won’t make good money. If you aspire to become a graphic designer, you’ve probably asked yourself what you stand to earn financially. So, how much do…
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