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Medinah Aina

Senior Writer

Medinah, a certified Career Coach by the International Association of Professions Career College, is an expert copywriter and web designer, helping people learn more about education and careers in technology. She values in-depth research and providing accurate, helpful information. Medinah holds a BSc in Social Work from the University of Lagos and an Eduonix Certification in copywriting.

Common Actuary Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
If you’d like to be hired as an actuary, you’ll need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge of what the job requires, including how to manage risks for businesses. Acing the interview is one of the first steps you’ll…
Common Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
Being called for an interview means you are one step closer to getting hired. Taking time to prepare can help you make the most of this opportunity. This article will walk you through the most common administrative assistant interview questions…
How to Get a Job in IT: Required Education and Skills
Not long ago, getting a job in IT strictly required a bachelor’s degree in computer science. However, that has since changed as there are now many alternatives to four-year universities that employers accept, and sometimes even prefer. If you do…
How to Become a Data Engineer: What Is the Best Data Engineer Career Path?
The tech world expands as data science keeps changing and data scientists keep innovating. Data is no longer stored in a single database as it used to be, so there is a need for several professionals to manage this data,…
How to Become a Statistician: What Is the Best Statistician Career Path?
Statistics play a vital role in research and academics. Data has become essential to many industries in decision-making. Here is where statisticians are important as they are involved in collecting, interpreting, and analyzing data. This has pushed up the demand…
How to Become a Big Data Engineer: What Is the Best Big Data Engineer Career Path?
Big data engineering is one of the most important and most talked about careers in the tech industry. The job involves storing data safely and correctly by building and managing reservoirs for the data. This makes them important to most…
How to Become a Blockchain Developer: What Is the Best Blockchain Developer Career Path?
The tech industry has many career opportunities in new and exciting fields, including blockchain development. It’s a relatively new career in the tech industry, with roots in the field of software development. Even though it’s new, there are multiple educational…
How to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst: What Is the Best Business Intelligence Analyst Career Path?
Data is becoming increasingly more relevant and necessary for different industries. One of the important new data science fields is business intelligence analytics. Business intelligence analysts extract value from data and use this information to help improve business operations. Business…
How to Become a Data Warehouse Architect: What Is the Best Data Warehouse Architect Career Path?
In our technology-focused world, data warehouse architects are particularly in demand as they are responsible for aligning all IT assets and objectives of a business. Their work requires knowledge of data, software, cloud services, and networks, and they can find…
How to Become a Forensic Computer Analyst: What Is the Best Forensic Computer Analyst Career Path?
Forensic computer analysts use their analytical skills to investigate data breaches, security incidents, and criminal activity. Forensic computer analysts are highly important in society, as they assist with examining and analyzing digital data that can be presented in a court…
Where to Find the Best Online UX Design Courses, Classes, and Training
User experience (UX) design goes beyond the aesthetics of a website. It involves everything that a user experiences from a product, including perception, accessibility, and efficiency. Online UX design courses exist to equip you with the skills necessary to deliver…
Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees: Best Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
The various fields of engineering contain many career opportunities. If you have a passion for building, fixing things, or are just really good at math, you are probably considering a career in engineering. The first step to becoming an engineer…
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