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Learn CSS

CSS is a programming language used in a wide variety of industries and jobs. Here at Career Karma, we have compiled excellent resources and articles to help you learn CSS. You will learn about the best courses, books, and resources, as well as fundamental terminology, event lists, and exercises and quizzes. There are also in-depth guides to specific CSS protocols and practices.

CSS Font Family
Styling the text on a web page is an important part of web design. For instance, you may want headers to appear in a specific font, or all text on a page to use the serif font. That’s where the…
CSS Dropdown Menu
Today, dropdown menus are a common feature among most modern websites. These menus allow you to create more customized navigation features so users can easily find the content they are looking for on a website. CSS can be used, in…
CSS Navigation Bar
Navigation bars are an important part of any web site. They make it easy for users to find pages on a web site, which increases the chance that a user is able to find the content that they are looking…
CSS List Style
Lists are an important way to display data in HTML. When you have a number of items with a common theme, such as shoe sizes or navigation tools, the most effective way to present the data may be to use…
CSS Transitions
When you’re designing a web page, you may want to add transitions to an element. Transitions are triggered when a certain condition is met. For instance, you may want the background color of a button to change when the user…
CSS Opacity
When you’re designing a website, you may decide that you want an element on a web page to appear more transparent than other elements. For instance, you may be designing a web page with a number of images that you…
CSS Float
When you’re designing a web page, you may decide that a particular element should appear in a certain position on the page. For instance, you may want a box containing an image to appear at the right of a page.…
CSS Rounded Corners
When you’re designing a web page, you may want an element to have rounded corners. For instance, if you’re adding a headshot of a business owner to a web page, you may want the image to have rounded corners to…
CSS Gradient
Gradients are commonly used to make a web page more aesthetically pleasing. Instead of using a plain color to style a box, a gradient allows you to show a transition between two or more colors, which can be more visually…
CSS Margin
Adding spaces between elements on a web page is a crucial part of designing aesthetically pleasing and functional user experiences. Margins are used to create an empty area around an HTML element to separate the element from other objects on…
What is CSS? An Intro to Cascading Style Sheets
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It controls the visual aspects of web pages, allowing designers to choose fonts, colors, layout, and more. Along with HTML and JavaScript, CSS is a part of the fundamental blocks of web development. You…
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