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Web Development Course

Luke Schmidt

Luke Schmidt was an office assistant and electronics technician when COVID-19 hit. When his hours were reduced due to the pandemic, he spent his free time learning web development. Eventually, he felt that a formal curriculum would be more beneficial to his professional development. He found this at Practicum. Now, Luke has a successful career in tech. Here’s his story. 

Tell us about your background. What were you doing before attending the program?

Before enrolling in Practicum, I was using resources like documentation, guides, and tutorials to learn more about web development, but I felt like a more structured curriculum and active community would benefit me greatly.

What motivated you to explore a new career or upskill in your existing field, and why did you decide to pick this program?

I’ve always been interested in computers and how they work. One of my best friends with a CS degree told me that she thought I’d make a good software engineer. After making basic Python scripts, it became clear to me that programming was actually quite interesting.

In 2020, I decided I wanted to get serious about programming and pursue it as a career. Practicum by Yandex was one of the most affordable options among other coding bootcamps. It offered live coding sessions, tutors I could interact with, a modern curriculum, and lots of projects. Practicum was the clear winner among bootcamps for many more reasons.

What did you like about the program? Are there any highlights that stood out to you?

Practicum was an amazing experience! Here are some of the parts that really stood out to me:

  • Access to tutors and code reviewers, which are excellent resources
  • The detailed code review process for project submissions provided valuable tips from experienced individuals
  • Tons of flexibility for when “life happens,” including access to multiple academic breaks, extensions on project deadlines, and one-on-one meetings

How did you fit the program into your schedule?

My course was a part-time, 10-month flexible course that allowed a lot of flexibility for students. It was tailored toward those of us who are working, have children, or other obligations that require a lot of time.

While I was doing the Practicum course, I was working part-time and could dedicate 20 to 40 hours per week specifically to the course.

Can you give us any examples of projects that you worked on during the program?

I worked on a single-page animated site that utilized HTML/CSS to “show off” what you can do with just those two languages as well as an interactive frontend basic social media site that used a gallery view of cards. 

Do you have any advice for someone considering this program?

Spend time trying out programming for yourself before committing to any sort of coding bootcamp. If you join a coding bootcamp, then really commit to it! Make it as high of a priority as you possibly can. 

Assess your actual needs and take maximum advantage of all of the resources available to you. The tutors and the rest of the Practicum staff want you to succeed, so take advantage of that. Talk to your peers and your tutor, and make this fun for yourself. 

How did the program support you in finding a job?

By doing reviews on my resume, project portfolio, and LinkedIn profile. There’s a tool built into the career acceleration program, which is accessible to students when they’ve completed most of the web development course. That was super valuable for feedback on my resume.

Was the job search process different from what you expected?

Yes! I was pretty fortunate and was referred to the position I’m currently in. While still actively studying in Practicum, I was hired to this position, so my circumstance is somewhat unique and not the typical experience.  

How many companies did you interview at? How did you choose which one to work with?

I did two interviews with my current company, which resulted in a job offer. The company that offered me a position had lots of “green flags” and not really any “red flags,” as well as an acceptable starting pay with good benefits. And it’s full-time and remote. 

How are the skills you gained from the course useful in your current career?

I have applied the skills I’ve gained far too many times to list. Practicum taught us various interpersonal skills, which I use every day with my colleagues. I also use technical skills, such as utilizing Git, GitHub, and popular libraries like React daily in my work projects.

What do you think is different about your life now versus before the program? 

I actually know how the web works! My problem-solving skills are much better, and I have a solid programming foundation to continue building on top of. I have network connections from the program, which have been wonderful to keep in touch with. My cohort is full of great people, and my tutors are awesome.

What do you find fulfilling about your current line of work (software engineering, UX design, etc.)?

  • A super supportive and positive team, which has far exceeded my expectations
  • Lots of cross-training and knowledge-sharing among our team
  • Guidance, positive reinforcement, and lots of opportunities from the company’s management

What do you enjoy about working at your current company, are there any specific perks you enjoy (work hours, pay, time off, etc)?

Access to paid time off has been a huge boon in my life and has opened up a lot of personal opportunities to me. I am also receiving the highest pay I have ever been given since I entered the workforce. That makes a huge difference and motivates me to work harder and step up.

Do you have any job search advice for someone considering a career in your field?

Make connections. Go to events and talk to people. Put yourself out there before you think you’re ready, and don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Start applying for jobs when you’re 70 percent ready.

Reach out to your connections. Build and publish tools you’re interested in. If you have a quirky project idea, make it happen! That might just be the project that catches someone’s eye and gets you your dream job.

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