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Best 2D Game Engines in 2020

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  1. Dawn says:

    Any feedback on Felgo (V-Play) development environment? Looks interesting but there appears to be no one in their slack channel for previous year, and forum posts go unanswered. Is pricing ($1500/yr) out of line for what you get?

    1. ethan says:

      Hello Dawn, I haven’t actually heard of Felgo before, but I’m less familiar with the tools marketed at mobile products specifically.

      $1500 a year seems a little high, but it looks like you can use their framework for free if you’re making under a certain amount, so it wouldn’t hurt to try out the free version and see if it works.

      Beyond that, if it seems like the support channels (forums and slack channel) are dead, I would avoid this tool. If you encounter a bug, limitation, or any other wall presented by the software you’ll be alone in trying to solve it—if the problem can even be solved without an update or patch. A problem like this can turn a great project into a dead-end or money sink. It’s really worth using an engine that has an active community built around it, which there are plenty of in the mobile market.

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