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Accredited Online Colleges in Arkansas: What Are the Best Virtual Colleges in Arkansas?

Princess Ogono-Dimaro - February 18, 2022

Today, online degrees are becoming more common. However, the process is still in its infancy, and not all colleges are accredited to provide virtual training to students. Accredited online colleges in Arkansas can provide a high-quality education. Online degrees are not only more convenient, but they are also a more affordable way of studying and offer a broad range of educational opportunities.

This guide will cover some of the best online colleges in Arkansas to assist you with your school search. It will also list their costs to help you to make an informed decision regarding where you should apply to acquire your higher education degree.

Types of Accredited Online Colleges in Arkansas

There are two main types of online college accreditation. These include regionally accredited colleges and nationally accredited colleges. It is important to understand the difference between both types of accreditation to ensure that you are not wasting your time and money on an educational experience that will not prove fruitful in your future career.

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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Regionally accredited online colleges often include nonprofit private universities and public universities. They have a higher standard and offer a better educational quality compared to nationally accredited schools. Students in such colleges have better chances of transferring to another accredited school if they so wish.

Nationally Accredited Online Colleges

National accreditation is often seen in vocational schools, trade schools, and for-profit educational institutions. Since such schools aren’t standardized, the accreditation agencies review them every few years.

Choosing Between Virtual Schools in Arkansas: 3 Factors to Consider

Many learners are interested in virtual schooling. Online students make up 37 percent of the student population in the US, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. There are three main things you must consider before choosing a virtual school and online degree. These include the credibility of the school and its program, flexibility, and interactivity.


Before choosing an online degree , consider the credibility of the university as well as the discipline. A top-rated college will offer a high-quality degree as well as an opportunity to network with industry professionals. You can compare the school rankings of universities to determine their credibility.


Most people attend online schools for their flexible schedules. Before choosing a school, it would help to consider how flexible its learning environment is. Does it make it easier for you to handle other important tasks? Do you know how online classes work ? Be sure to check the amount of time you must dedicate to studying per week and the availability of module electives.


Another factor to consider is whether the course is suitable for the online learning style you prefer. Find out if the school uses online learning tools and resource guides to produce interactive content.

If online courses include more self-taught learning methods instead of interactive classes, the program may not be as engaging as you would expect. A good college should offer an interactive, intuitive and engaging experience.

Best Online Colleges in Arkansas: Overview

School City Standard Online Tuition (Per Credit) Top Online Programs Accreditation
Arkansas State University Jonesboro In state: $218
Out of state: $240
Bachelor of General Studies
Bachelor of Science in Creative Media Production
Master of Science in Education
Higher Learning Commission
Arkansas Tech University Russellville In state: $239
Out of state:$478
Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of History
Higher Learning Commission
Ecclesia College Springdale In state: $299.67
Out of state: $299.67
Associate of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counselling
Master of Christian Leadership
The Association for Biblical Higher Education
Harding University Searcy In state: $723
Out of state: $723
Master Of Science In Information Systems
Master Of Business Administration
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Higher Learning Commission
John Brown University Siloam Springs In state: $300
Out of state: $300
Associate of Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science
Higher Learning Commission
Ouachita Baptist University Arkadelphia In state: $340
Out of state: $340
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Higher Learning Commission
University of Arkansas Fayetteville In state: $239
Out of state: $478
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Bachelor of Arts in English
Master of Education in Educational Technology
Higher Learning Commission
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock In state: $280
Out of state: $280
Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Master of Science in Information Science
Higher Learning Commission
University of Central Arkansas Conway In state: $285
Out of state: $285
Bachelor of Business Administration in General
Bachelor of Business Administration in Insurance and Risk Management
Master of Science in Instructional Technology
Higher Learning Commission
Williams Baptist College Walnut Ridge In state: $695
Out of state: $695
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Science in Education
Higher Learning Commission

Top Online Schools in Arkansas: Deep Dive

Student at a table with a stack of books covering their head. Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas
The accreditation status of distance education programs is an important factor for online learners to look into.

The best online schools in Arkansas offer a broad selection of disciplines from social science to humanities and arts. Some offer single tuition payment plans, so it won’t matter whether you reside in the state or not. Some of the best universities offering distance learning courses to nontraditional students are listed below.

Arkansas State University | Higher Learning Commission

This public institution offers more than 30 degree and certificate programs to choose from. It includes undergraduate and graduate programs. Some common fields of study include sociology, nursing, and criminology. There are other degrees such as digital innovation or strategic and graphic communication studies that an online student can opt for, along with many certificate options.

Arkansas Tech University | Higher Learning Commission

This university offers an online option for bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. Some popular bachelor’s degree programs include applied science, creative writing, history, business management, criminal justice and criminology, and English. Online students enjoy field experience and mentorship that help them prepare for their future careers.

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Ecclesia College | The Association for Biblical Higher Education

This Christian college offers online bachelor’s degrees in Christian leadership and biblical studies. However, there are also post-graduate degree programs for online students. The school has affordable tuition rates, and applicants are eligible for financial aid opportunities from the government to help them earn their college degree.

Harding University | Higher Learning Commission

Harding University offers online flexible classes with its Canvas platform. It provides online bachelor’s degree programs in disciplines like leadership marketing and leadership management. It also offers an online bachelor’s degree in other courses like Bible and Ministry studies. Students often enjoy hands-on training experiences while attending these programs.

John Brown University | Higher Learning Commission

This university offers different academic resources and online degree options. Some of the most common ones include organizational leadership and psychology degrees. There are also liberal arts degrees that focus on ethics, politics, or communication. This is a strong option if you are interested in online education.

One thing the student body loves about this school is that the annual tuition fee is affordable regardless of the residency status of the student. Also, the university provides some tuition discounts to make the fees even more affordable.

Ouachita Baptist University  | Higher Learning Commission

This is another church-owned private university. It is also a liberal arts institution that uses the Moodle electronic learning platform to provide distance education. The university has an 8-week accelerated format so that prospective students can pursue their careers and complete the program in less time than the traditional program.

Some common majors in the university include Christian ethics, biblical preaching, and advanced Christian ministry studies. These areas of study can help prospective learners start a wide range of careers.

University of Arkansas | Higher Learning Commission

This online school offers online degree programs along with other notable benefits. Some common online courses include human resources, supply chain management, accounting, and workforce development education.

There are online nursing degrees as well, and students can personalize their course to their specific career goal with an Interdisciplinary Studies track. Also, they have lots of funding opportunities to reduce the burden of paying tuition.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock | Higher Learning Commission

This university offers two online learning options for students. The first option involves students taking asynchronous online classes and attending the traditional in-person courses in a hybrid arrangement. In the second option, students can enroll in the online programs that take place remotely. Some of the common programs in this school include technical writing, applied communication, and criminal justice.

There are also nursing tracks and business administration degrees such as management information systems, accounting, and human resources management. Distance learners also benefit from the single annual tuition fee for all students regardless of their location.

University of Central Arkansas  | Higher Learning Commission

This university offers a fully online degree program for students. It uses an asynchronous learning method, and the online learning system is powered by Blackboard. Some common programs in this school include nursing tracks, addiction studies, general business, and risk management. Students can also get a bachelor’s degree in other interdisciplinary programs and are required to complete 120 credits to graduate.

Williams Baptist College | Higher Learning Commission

This Christian college offers both in-person and online programs. Students can learn asynchronously through its Moodle system. They are required to complete 120 credits to graduate and can enroll in the criminal justice program. The program has a flexible schedule and allows students to complete assignments and study on their own time.

Should I Consider Accredited Online Colleges in Arkansas?

If you want to get a college education without moving to a different state and spending money on renting an apartment, then you should consider enrolling in an online college in Arkansas. There are many benefits of online colleges , such as the comfort and convenience they offer while saving you a lot of money for tuition and living stipends.

Accredited Online Colleges in Arkansas FAQ

What are the types of accreditation for online colleges?

There are two types of accreditation for online colleges, including national and regional accreditation . It is important to know the differences and similarities between both types and the online school’s accreditation status to help you make an informed decision when choosing a school.

What should you consider before choosing an online college?

Before selecting an online college, you need to check the flexibility of its programs. Will it allow you to continue to work full-time, or are you required to spend several hours studying per day? Also, are the classes interactive or mostly PDFs and other reading material. You may not get a good experience with such shortfalls.

What is the difference between a nationally accredited and regionally accredited college?

Nationally accredited institutions are often private schools or technical colleges, while regionally accredited colleges are publicly owned. Also, the former prepares students for a career in the trades while the latter is more common and accepted by employers, because they are stricter with the quality of education.

Is an accredited online college in Arkansas worth it?

An accredited online college in Arkansas is worth it if you want to experience online learning and enjoy its perks. You get to join a digital classroom and connect with others while reducing the overall cost of learning. This way of learning is convenient and gives you a chance to cover the cost of tuition since you can maintain your job in the process.

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