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Accredited Online Colleges in Indiana: What Are the Best Virtual Colleges in Indiana?

Beth Waweru - February 18, 2022

Distance education programs are gaining popularity daily. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2019 the total number of students learning remotely in postsecondary institutions was 7,313,623 .

If you’re thinking of studying at one of the online schools in Indiana, it’s important to ensure it has accreditation. Accredited colleges meet the standard requirements to ensure they provide top-quality learning and adequate preparation for the workforce. This guide will share with you the best accredited online colleges in Indiana today.

Types of Accredited Online Colleges in Indiana

Numerous accrediting bodies use different standards to assess colleges and universities. Although any accreditation means a school meets certain requirements, regional and national accreditations are different.

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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Regionally accredited online colleges are older and more widely acknowledged. As a result, online learners who attend these colleges face fewer barriers in finding viable job opportunities or building a successful career. These colleges also make it easy to transfer to other institutions when necessary and also allow for corporate tuition reimbursement. They tend to be more expensive and have more strict standards during the admission process.

Nationally Accredited Online Colleges

Nationally accredited online colleges are assessed more on career focus and curriculum. Their credits are typically only accepted in other national colleges, making it difficult for online students to transfer to a regionally accredited college. Nationally accredited colleges are also less expensive and have more relaxed admission requirements than regionally accredited colleges.

Choosing Between Virtual Schools in Indiana: 3 Factors to Consider

Searching for online programs can be difficult, especially for undergraduate students who are enrolling for the first time. Here are three factors to consider when choosing an online college in Indiana.


To enjoy the benefits of viable career options, it’s important to consider attending an accredited online college. These schools provide top-quality student resources, including supportive communities and instructors to help the online learning process. Because companies and business owners widely acknowledge online programs from accredited colleges, applicants have an edge over the competition in the job market.


Indiana online colleges vary in the tuition rates they charge, so it’s important to evaluate which academic program fits your budget before enrolling. Other factors that influence the tuition cost include the type of course, application fees, and whether the prospective online student is an in-state or out-of-state student.

Retention and Job Placement

Students typically pursue education with the objective of landing their dream job. To accomplish this, they need a supportive institution. Be sure to consider the retention rate of each online school and the amount of time it takes to complete graduation requirements. In addition, Accredited online public schools offer job placement insights and online resource guides that help online students meet their career goals after graduating.

Best Online Colleges in Indiana: Overview

School City Standard Online Tuition (Per Credit) Top Online Programs Accreditation
Ball State University Muncie In-state: $320
Out-of-state: $748
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Master of Arts in Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Technology
Doctorate of Nursing Practice
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Huntington University Huntington In-state: $402
Out-of-state: $402
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Education in Adolescent and Young Adult Education
Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Indiana State University Terre Haute In-state: $337
Out-of-state: $438
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Indiana University Bloomington Bloomington In-state: $484
Out-of-state: $1,328
Master of Science in Education, Special Education
Master of Science in Education, Nursing Education
Doctor of Education in Literacy, Culture, and Language
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Indiana University East Richmond In-state: $239
Out-of-state: $347
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in History
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Indiana Wesleyan University Marion In-state: $602
Out-of-state: $602
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
Associate in Computer Information Technology
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Oakland City University Oakland City In-state: $300
Out-of-state: $300
Associate of Science in Accounting
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Purdue University Northwest Hammond In-state: $242
Out-of-state: $363
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Education
Master of Science in Technology
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Trine University Angola In-state: $399
Out-of-state: $399
Associate of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)
Vincennes University Vincennes In-state (incl. IN, IL, KY, OH, and MI): $215
Out-of-state: $508
Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Public Safety
Associate of Applied Science in Funeral Service Education
Associate of Arts Behavioral Sciences
Higher Learning Commission (Regional)

Top Online Schools in Indiana: Deep Dive

An online student sitting at a desk with an agenda using a MacBook Pro to earn their online associate degree. Accredited Online Colleges In Indiana
Whether you are looking to earn an online bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or a doctoral degree, accredited online colleges offer distance learners a range of college degree options.

Studying as an online student at the best online colleges will grant many benefits, whether acquiring skills or job placement in fields such as health services, social sciences, or a BSN program in nursing. Here are the top online colleges in Indiana and the programs they offer to current and prospective students.

Ball State University | Higher Learning Commission

Ball State University is a public research university classified as a doctoral high-research activity institution. It offers more than 50 degrees at all levels, although not all are available online. For first-time learners in online education, Ball State University’s online program on how distance learning works is a great primer. Some of its specializations include nursing (BSN program) and early childhood education degree courses.

Huntington University | Higher Learning Commission

For working professionals who’d like to pursue a degree, Huntington offers online degrees to allow prospective students flexibility in achieving their education goals. It offers 10 undergraduate programs and one certification program entirely online. For those who prefer a program with a hybrid format, Huntington University offers multiple graduate and postgraduate degrees to choose from.

Indiana State University | Higher Learning Commission

Indiana State University is an independent public institution ranked by multiple organizations as one of the top online schools in the country. It has more than 60 endorsements, certifications, and online degree options at all levels, including doctoral programs. Some of the benefits online students enjoy at Indiana State University include online textbooks, downloadable lectures, 24/7 tech support, and career services.

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Indiana University Bloomington | Higher Learning Commission

Indiana University Bloomington is a public research university and the largest within the Indiana University system. Prospective students enrolled at Indiana University Bloomington can choose from more than 90 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Online students enrolled at this college can take online courses at any of the other Indiana University institutions so long as they meet the hours of study required.

Indiana University East (IU East) | Higher Learning Commission

Indiana University East is acknowledged as a top online college for people who want to pursue degree-completion programs. It confers 11 online degrees and multiple certifications at both undergraduate and graduate degree levels. The Indiana University East online campus programs focus on criminal justice, education, public health, and business.

Indiana Wesleyan University | Higher Learning Commission

This Christian institution boasts a graduation rate of 63% and has one of the largest online portals in the country. Indiana Wesleyan University offers distance learners more than 90 online undergraduate and graduate programs. This private university has programs in several fields of study, including education, business, and engineering.

Oakland City University | Higher Learning Commission

Oakland City University provides more than 25 degrees for online bachelor, master, and postgraduate students. OCU is a good fit for campus students or working professionals with tight schedules, providing separate student services for each. This ensures each student receives individualized attention and support on topics such as technical support, career planning, online classes, and access to instructors during online office hours.

Purdue University Northwest | Higher Learning Commission

Purdue University Northwest offers 18 graduate degrees for online students, but some specializations might require a student to fulfill residency requirements. The college also provides online courses in an asynchronous format for all online learners. The world-class institution supports online programs with academic advising, online tutoring, career resource guides, and 24/7 technical support services.

Trine University | Higher Learning Commission

Trine University offers nine undergraduate degrees, six graduate degrees, and one doctoral degree online. Prospective students can choose from its STEM and business-related courses. This private college is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each of its online learners through its student support services.

Vincennes University | Higher Learning Commission

Vincennes University provides more than 400 courses through its Distance Education Program and 27 degrees can be earned completely online. So, whether online students wish to pursue a certificate program, an Associate of Applied Science Career/Tech, or a bachelor’s degree with a focus on science, Vincennes University offers all these programs online.

Should I Consider Accredited Online Colleges in Indiana?

Yes, especially if you have a busy work schedule and require the flexibility of pursuing your college education through online classes. Accredited online colleges in Indiana offer numerous courses at various graduate levels to choose from depending on your preferences. Prospective students who want to pursue an online degree program or complete certificate programs can do this through online education at virtual schools in Indiana.

Accredited Online Colleges in Indiana FAQ

What salary do social work graduates earn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, social workers earn an average annual salary of $51,760 . Moreover, the social work field is projected to grow by 12 percent, faster than the national average of all occupations, which guarantees incoming students and prospective graduate students numerous career opportunities.

How long can it take to complete an online degree?

An online degree program can take anywhere between two to six years, depending on various factors. Some of these factors include hours of study required and prior education level. A stable internet connection is required for all online and distance education programs for an optimal learning experience.

How can I learn if an online college is accredited?

To find out whether an online college is accredited, check the link to their accreditation status, the accreditation agency website, or search the U.S. Department of Education database of accredited post-secondary education institutions .

Is a coding bootcamp better than online college?

A coding bootcamp is the better option if you prefer taking a short program to gain skills and practical experience for a specific job opportunity. However, if your career goals will require a graduate degree, studying at an online college is the better choice.

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