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Accredited Online Colleges in Maryland: What Are the Best Virtual Colleges in Maryland?

Daisy Waithereo Wambua - September 01, 2022

There are many accredited online colleges in Maryland that will offer you excellent learning opportunities. These colleges are top-of-the-line, four-year degree program universities that curate competitive curricula. They ensure the needs of their in-person and online students are met. In this guide, we will dive into the best online colleges in Maryland and why accreditation is important .

When searching for online schools in Maryland, you will find a wide variety of online colleges. All these colleges have the proper recognition on a regional and national level academically and will offer you an online program that suits your needs. Read on to find out the best accredited virtual schools in Maryland why you should consider pursuing online degrees.

Types of Accredited Online Colleges in Maryland

There are two main types of accredited online colleges in Maryland. The first is regionally accredited online colleges, and the second is nationally accredited online colleges. Both have their unique characteristics, which will be described in more detail below.

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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

Regionally accredited online colleges have the highest form of academic status. This accreditation typically represents the college as a whole and not individual programs. Often this award is given to state-owned or non-profit colleges and universities. Regional accreditation ensures you will receive a high level of education and your degree will set you up for your professional goals.

There are namely five accrediting bodies that are regionally recognized in the U.S. These accrediting bodies include the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Higher Learning Commission, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Nationally Accredited Online Colleges

Nationally accredited online colleges are colleges that have achieved a high standard in rigorous education. Often this accreditation is offered to schools that are career-focused. If you are attending a technical or vocational program, check whether it’s nationally accredited.

Choosing Between Virtual Schools in Maryland: 3 Factors to Consider

Choosing between virtual schools in Maryland can be quite a tedious process. Aside from national and regional accreditations, there are three factors to consider before signing up for a course to gain your master’s or bachelor’s degree . Below is a list of the main three factors you should take into consideration.

Accessibility to Staff

One of the biggest challenges online learners face is a lack of proper support. A community college must provide ample online support to its students. Having a readily available staff will help distance learners have an easier time learning. Check whether your preferred school has a 24-hour support system.

Teacher to Student Ratio

It’s important to register for smaller class sizes. Large class sizes can pose a challenge for the teacher when it comes to monitoring each student’s progress, especially when it comes to an online education format. Therefore, registering for smaller class sizes so that you can get the attention you need is the best course of action.


You can gauge the reputation of a virtual school by checking student reviews online during your school search. Often alumni share their sentiments regarding the outcome of the four-year school. You will easily find out whether it’s best suited for you.

You don’t want to pay high tuition rates for a school that won’t set you up to succeed in your chosen field. According to a report by Statista, 15 percent of online students worry about the quality of their instruction . You will want to make sure the program you choose will serve you well.

Best Online Colleges in Maryland: Overview

School City Standard Online Tuition (Per Credit) Top Online Programs Accreditation
Bethel University Arden Hills In state: $51,230 (12 to 18 Credits)
Out of state: $51,230 (12 to 18 Credits)
Business Administration, Business Marketing, CyberSecurity Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (Regional)
Bowie State University Rockville In state: $2,880 (per semester)
Out of state: $8,250 (per semester)
Accounting, Business Administration, Business Information Systems Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
Capitol Technology University South Laurel, Maryland In state: $450
Out of state: $450
Cyber Security, Data Science, Construction Management Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore In state: $56,313 to $58,720
Out of state: $56,313 to $58,720
Business Administration, Artificial Intelligence, Accounting Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
Morgan State University Baltimore In state: $2,739 (12 Credits)
Out of state: $7,975 (12 Credits)
Business Administration, Project Management, Social Work Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
Salisbury University Salisbury, Maryland In state: $26,778(12 credits)
Out of state: $37,048 (12 credits)
Public Administration, Business Analytics, Computer Science Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
Stevenson University Baltimore In state: $35,504
Out of state: $35,504
Business Technology Management, Cyber Security, Communication Studies Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
Strayer University Washington DC In state: $1,480 (per course)
Out of state: $1,480 (per course)
Accounting, IT, Business Administration, Marketing Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
University Of Baltimore Baltimore In state: $4,682 (12 Credits)
Out of state: $11,275 (12 Credits)
Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Politics and International Affairs Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)
University Of Maryland College Park In state: $9,000 (full-time students), $374 (part-time students)
Out of state: $36,683 (full-time students), $1,529 (part-time students)
Business and Management, Cyber Security, Data Analytics Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Regional)

Top Online Schools in Maryland: Deep Dive

An online college student sitting on his patio, typing on his laptop. Accredited Online Colleges In Maryland
Studying online or in a hybrid format can prepare you for vast career options just as well as an on-campus program, and it can also save you on tuition costs.

Looking for an online course with a valid accreditation status can be quite cumbersome. There are too many variables that one can overlook when settling for a particular campus. To avoid selecting the wrong platform to upskill, we took a deeper look into the best online colleges in Maryland below.

Bethel University | Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

The Christian-based campus aims to educate and energize its students to realize their true potential in religion. It offers 100 online degrees to meet the needs of its students. You can attend any of its campus programs at the seminary, graduate school, or its two colleges, and start a rewarding career.

Bowie State University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

If you are a working professional looking to upskill, you should consider Bowie University. The campus provides flexible learning opportunities that cater to people who have other commitments, so you don’t have to be a full-time student. Whether you are looking for an online undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree, Bowie State University will fulfill your learning needs.

Capitol Technology University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Capitol Technology University features multiple online degree programs for students who want to break into tech. They designed their programs to feature small class sizes and are delivered by qualified subject experts. You can pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree at the campus. They also provide doctoral degrees for adult learners.

Johns Hopkins University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Johns Hopkins University is popularly known as an American research institute. The campus prides itself on combining teaching and research for its academic programs. It’s an excellent platform whereby you will learn and share your discoveries with your peers, and consequently, the world. The emphasis of research in the school’s core courses can help you prepare to meet your career goals.

Morgan State University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

To meet the growing demand of different professions, Morgan State University features 140 campus degrees for a variety of fields. You can choose to attend bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree programs online. The campus has had over 55,000 degree candidates, cutting across different nationalities.

Salisbury University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Increase your chances of excelling in a global community by joining Salisbury University. Its academic offerings include a wide range of programs designed to meet your educational and career needs. The accredited institution has 46 undergraduate programs,15 master’s degree programs, and two doctoral programs.

Stevenson University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

You can flexibly handle a full-time job as you study by attending Stevenson University’s programs. The campus has multiple courses aimed at helping students develop their careers and reach their educational goals. Whether you want to break into tech or pursue fashion, you can find an online option to help you gain the hard and soft skills you need for your dream job.

Strayer University | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

With over 400 online classes, 31 degree programs, and 75 concentrations, Strayer University aims to reduce the demand for working professionals. If you choose to attend any of its online programs, you will have easy access to the professors, electronic textbooks, advisors, and tools.

University of Baltimore | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

The accredited university has over 70 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and certificate programs available. You can attend the educational programs virtually or in person. You can also choose to attend part-time, over the weekend, or evenings. The public school currently has over 3,000 enrolled students locally and internationally. To meet each student’s demands, the campus dictates a teacher-to-student ratio of three-to-one.

University of Maryland | Middle States Commission on Higher Education

University of Maryland Global Campus is one of the largest online public universities offering more than 90 programs. The public university provides online courses in more than 170 classrooms. The collaborative learning experience features no-cost digital course materials to ease your learning process. Once you graduate, you will continue to enjoy the school’s career support for almost 10 years.

Should I Consider Accredited Online Colleges in Maryland?

Yes, every prospective student should consider accredited online colleges in Maryland. These community colleges offer standard quality education to local and international students. If you want a guarantee that you will acquire excellent education online, go for an accredited school. You can also lookup school rankings online to ensure you find the best program.

Accredited online colleges in Maryland have world-class curricula and expert instructors. You can expect full learning support from any of the platforms we mentioned above. You will have access to hybrid graduate programs, online graduate programs, and in-person degree programs. If you want a recognized degree provider, do not hesitate to attend any of the online colleges above.

Accredited Online Colleges in Maryland FAQ

How can I find out if an online college is legitimate?

You can find out if an online college is legitimate by checking the official school website. The official website will indicate if the school is accredited and will provide a link to prove its status. You can also establish the accreditation by checking the US Department of Education website .

Is it important to attend an online school that is accredited?

Yes, attending an accredited online college is important. By being accredited, the online college will showcase that it meets the desired standards of education. Its status also makes it more recognizable to other schools and employers.

What is an accredited online college?

An accredited online college is a school that provides high-quality education to its students. The programs from accredited online colleges prove that they are competitive to programs of other institutions.

Is it possible to get a degree online?

Yes, it is possible to get a degree online. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 7,313,623 students enrolled in distance learning in 2019. You no longer have to get a degree by physically going to school anymore. Getting a degree online can also help you save on the cost of tuition.

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