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How to Learn Ansys: The Best Courses and Resources

Joyce Manrique - December 22, 2020

Looking at films from the mid-1900s, flying cars and smart cities were an expectation of the 21st century. A city equipped with advanced technology was directly associated with a progressive way of living.

Mechanical engineering has made some of these expectations a reality. Although we don’t have flying cars, many smart machines have been invented that make our lives easier.

These machines are engineered using applications such as Ansys. It is a software suite that engineers can use to design revolutionary projects.

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What Is Ansys?

Ansys was established in the 1970s and has been aiding engineering simulation ever since. The Ansys software is known for its ability to test whether a product can have real-world applications. It provides a practical solution by allowing mechanical engineers to test their designs for devices and machines.

The engineering simulation software has regularly updated simulation capabilities in line with the changing demands of the industry. Ansys is not just for professionals, but also for students pursuing mechanical engineering degrees .

What Is Ansys Used For?

Ansys simulation technology encompasses all aspects of machine design. It is used to test product designs and gives accurate results that can help you weigh whether a design can be further improved before it is sent into production.

There are many possible applications for Ansys, mostly within engineering . It offers a lot of simulation subspecialties that cater to specific mechanical engineering problems.

  • 3D models . Ansys lets you create 3D models of your machine designs so you can properly visualize them in real life.
  • Electronics . Using Ansys, you can visualize the flow of electromagnetics in your device design, and see how it will affect the mechanical performance.
  • Embedded software . Ansys can generate programming codes that can be used to improve your product.
  • Understanding fluids . This is specifically made for projects related to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It is used to test the efficiency and operational smoothness of a design.
  • Strengthening systems and structures . These features guide you through different scenarios so you can make sense of your design. They can help you find a solution for any mechanical problem you might encounter.

Best Ansys Products to Use

For every mechanical engineering problem, Ansys has a solution. There are many Ansys products you can choose from depending on your needs. Below are some of the most notable programs, each intended for a specific circumstance.

Ansys Discovery

This product is used for 3D modeling. It can help generate designs quickly for any project. Since the simulation is interactive, it will continuously search for new concepts to add.

Ansys Maxwell

Maxwell was created to test the electromagnetic flow of a product. The simulation allows the user to analyze the inner workings of a machine. It can be used to check the movements of the different elements that make a machine or product functional.

Ansys Scade Suite

The Scade Suite helps generate codes in the development stage of an Ansys project. It is useful for designing critical software used in autopilot modes, or for a train’s emergency braking system.

Ansys Fluent

Fluent is specifically made for fluid simulation of a project or machine. This can detect the transfer of heat and mass, as well as chemical reactions happening within a machine.

Ansys Mechanical

Ansys Mechanical is a key program to ensure correct physics are being applied to a project. It can provide a wide range of solutions for problems, including acoustic simulations.

Learning Ansys

Ansys is an essential program for mechanical engineering majors. Industry experts use the program because of its many perks. For one, simulated testing reduces expenses on both materials and manpower.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Ansys?

It takes great commitment to learn Ansys because you must have a clear understanding of the calculations behind mechanical engineering, particularly physics. If you have this foundation, it might take you just a few weeks to learn the basics.

Regardless of your understanding of engineering, there are many resources available to you to help you study, such as textbooks, YouTube tutorials, and online courses. The succeeding section will list some of these to help you become more adept at Ansys.

How to Learn Ansys: Step-by-Step

Whether you are a student of mechanical engineering or a professional looking to expand your knowledge, there are many paths you can take to learn. Don’t focus only on the software, but also on disciplines related to engineering.

  1. Learn mechanical engineering . While learning mechanical engineering, you should think of it as a way to make lives better. After all, your inventions will have the possibility to impact people worldwide.
  2. Learn physics . Physics has a lot of influence on mechanical engineering and Ansys. It is one of the theoretical foundations of understanding machines.
  3. Take short courses . There are a lot of free and paid courses available online that you can check out to learn about mechanical engineering, physics, and Ansys.
  4. Attend training sessions for Ansys . If you are currently enrolled in an engineering program at a university, make sure you attend all available training sessions with your peers and professors. Learning the practical applications of the sciences is a must.
  5. Familiarize yourself with important terms . Make sure you understand terms like “finite element analysis” or “FEM theory,” as these will come up a lot in articles and textbooks.
  6. Download the Ansys software . There is a free Ansys software for students that you can try. Then, you can start to practice and get familiar with the platform.

The Best Ansys Training Courses

One of the best ways to learn Ansys is to take a training course. Ansys has a list of resources that you can check out on its official site. Besides those resources, we have listed some top Ansys training courses below.

Udemy – Ansys Training: Easy Introduction with Applications

Price : $129.99
Certificate : Available

This course is focused on providing training in Ansys Workbench. It has a special focus on meshing geometries, which are essential to simulation processes. Additionally, the training course discusses theoretical frameworks, including 1D to 3D modeling.

SimuTech – FEA 101: Ansys Workbench Mechanical Introductory

Price : $1,980
Certificate : Unspecified

SimuTech has a long-standing partnership with Ansys. There are two options for this course: a three-day in-class session, or a three- to five-day online version.

It will teach you how Ansys Mechanical can be used to test and verify the efficiency and integrity of a product. Course lessons will cover the theoretical foundations, all the way through mesh control and sub-modeling.

EdX – A Hands-On Introduction to Engineering Simulations

Price : Free
Certificate : Available for $199

Taught by Cornell University and co-sponsored by Ansys Corporation, this course is all about using engineering simulations to solve real-life world problems. It lays out several problems that you can ]solve through Ansys simulations.

Some of the problems deal with finite-element analysis (FEA) and CFD. These two concepts are a key part of a mechanical engineering major, so you must get to know them.

Coursera – Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology Specialization

Price : $49 per month
Certificate : Available

This specialization course offered by Coursera is composed of nine topics and takes nine months to complete. These courses are concerned with the theoretical foundations of machine learning , production, and industry.

It also tackles topics such as digital manufacturing and intelligent machining. These are important subjects to study if you want to have a better grasp of the challenges engineers will face in the coming decades.

You can also choose to take just one or two topics from the list of courses if you are not interested in making a nine-month commitment.

Udemy – Ansys from Drawing to Results Visualization – CFD and FEA

Price : $19.99
Certificate : Available

This course is for those who already have a background in heat transfer and fluid mechanics. It aims to show the different ways that Ansys programs can be used to build models.

There are also five real-world problems explored in the course. It will teach you how to use Ansys simulations to solve them effectively. The course also comes with videos and resources, including books and articles that you can use as references while working on your own project.

Best Ansys Books and Resources

Here are a few books on mechanical engineering that you can check out to gain an appreciation of its significance within structural design. These texts will also make it easier for you to understand Ansys once you start a practical project.

To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design , Henry Petroski

This bestseller details some of the most memorable infrastructure collapses due to disasters. It deals with the achievements and failures of engineering that all engineers can learn from.

The Design of Everyday Things , Don Norman

This book rallies behind human-centered design. It makes a case for why some products and machines will satisfy some customers, while others will not. Norman believes that as long as you understand limitations, you can create great things.

Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design , Richard Budynas & Keith Nisbeth

This textbook is an essential textbook for mechanical engineers. It discusses the basics of designing and industrial structures. The 10th and most recent edition covers new developments and modernizations in the field of mechanical engineering.

Should You Study Ansys?

As a mechanical engineer looking to specialize in structural design, you need to learn as much relevant software as you can. Every company has its own strategies to reduce testing costs, and Ansys is fast becoming a popular choice.

Aside from the cost advantages, Ansys is also known for its simulation programs. Each has a specific function to produce accurate test results. The software effectively combines mechanical engineering and physics.

Taking an Ansys training course will put you at an advantage when it comes to future employment. It takes serious commitment to understand how to make use of the software. As long as you have a good theoretical background in engineering, then you are good to go.

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