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Apple Data Scientist Salary

Gaib Bunch - May 23, 2020

In the age of technology, the logo above is a constant in our lives. Apple is one of the major tech giants, employing over 132,000 people worldwide. In our society, data is all around us. There are millions of lines of data throughout the web that have yet to see the light of day. That is precisely where data scientists come in! With a user base as large as Apple’s, it’s easy to see why data scientists are in high demand for the company.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists have a variety of roles to fulfill.

A data scientist is someone who must interpret and extract meaning from complex data . This data could include usage statistics from websites, machine data, and more. As major tech companies collect terabytes of data daily, this is a highly important role! Job tasks usually include collecting large amounts of data, cleaning data to ensure accuracy, interpreting data, determining correct data variables, identifying problems and solutions, communicating with management and stockholders, and more!

Data Scientist Salary at Apple

Data scientists at Apple earn an average of $181,283, with the bottom 25% earning $154,175 and the top 75% earning $203,686. The highest recorded data scientist’s income at Apple is $231,546 per year. The median salary at Apple is over $64,000 more than the national data scientist average salary of $117,000 per year.

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Looking further at the breakdown of Apple’s data scientist median salary, we see a base salary of $134,965, with an additional $32,221 in equity, $14,096 in yearly bonuses, and a signing bonus of $17,307.

Perks of Working at Apple

Steve Jobs Campus Memorial

Employees enjoy an annual 25% discount on Apple products, with Apple software 50% off. Discounts are also offered for employee friends and family. New hires are allowed 12 days paid vacation with additional days being added later on. Employees are also treated to amenities such as food discounts, company beer bashes, and celebrity appearances.

How to Become a Data Scientist

Data scientists come from all kinds of backgrounds.

To become a data scientist specifically at Apple, some of the most sought after skills include Python, Java, machine learning, data mining, data analysis, and more. While over 75% of data scientists at Apple have a bachelor’s degree, this isn’t necessarily required for all data scientist jobs. However, good communication skills and a love of problem solving are definitely needed!

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