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Aariellynn Viera

Aariellynn Viera is a freelance writer and social media manager. She is interested in business writing and blogging.

The Best Civil Engineering Degree Online Programs

Civil engineers are most commonly associated with building bridges and designing buildings. But, so much more of our world is made possible because of civil engineering. The first step to becoming a civil engineer is to earn your degree. Learn how…

18 Best Cyber Security Master’s Programs

Cybersecurity professionals often pursue a master’s degree to prepare them for higher-paying jobs, leadership roles, or a job in an adjacent field. Learning about some of the best Cyber Security schools will help you to choose which one is the best…

Best Online Criminal Justice Master’s Programs

The criminal justice system is responsible for the identification of crimes, the apprehension of criminals, judgement, and punishment. The main three parts of it are law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students in criminal justice programs learn how all three segments…

Online Master’s Degree in Finance: A Guide

Everything regarding the management of money, from saving, borrowing, budgeting, lending, investing to forecasting, falls under the finance umbrella. A Master’s Degree in Finance, like many graduate degrees, can help you advance your career, make a career change, get paid…

Should You Get an Online Master’s Degree in Communications?

A communications degree can land you a position in almost any field with any organization. The degree focuses on effective communication through spoken word, social media, mass media, print and digital media. A Master’s Degree in Communications takes your education…

Should I Get An Information Security Degree?

As technology evolves, so does criminal activity. With more information stored virtually than ever before, how is it kept safe? Protecting sensitive information is imperative to keep personal details private for both massive corporations and individuals. This is why information…

Everything You Need To Know About Medical Assistant Programs

Why Should I Become A Medical Assistant? The medical field is growing fast because of advances in technology, increases in America’s elderly population, and more medical offices. The medical field is teeming with opportunities and a need to fill positions,…

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