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Adetayo Sogbesan

Content Writer

Adetayo has been writing for three years in a variety of niches. She has worked with marketing firms such as CopyPress. Adetayo's goal at Career Karma is to use her tech knowledge to help readers pursue new careers.

Deep Dive: How to Become Job-Ready in Tech with Boca Code
The future of work will be way more tech-driven, at least according to CompTIA's IT Industry Outlook for 2022. To be precise, it predicts job opportunities in tech to grow double the national growth rate and salaries to amount to…
Best UI Design Examples to Craft Impressive Design Elements
UI design examples are a great way to learn how to analyze the design process of businesses and understand how they optimize users' experiences. This, in turn, can help a design team avoid slow-loading websites with large text blocks and…
Junior vs Senior Software Engineering: Salaries, Responsibilities, and Career Paths
Software engineering is in high demand and offers a lucrative career path. This is demonstrated by the fact that, in 2021, the global business software market revenue was about $507 billion. As an aspiring software engineer, you must know the…
Celebrating Women in Tech: Le Wagon’s Commitment to Bridging the Gender Gap
Diversity goes a long way in the tech industry. It’s more than just “the right thing to do.” It’s also good business. A 2018 McKinsey study found that there’s a positive correlation between workplace diversity and financial success. More specifically,…
Will I Get a Job After GenSpark? A Review of the Tech Company’s Job Outcomes
We've heard the story all too often. One goes to college, pays thousands of dollars for their education (possibly even taking on debt), and graduates with a degree and high hopes for a better future. While some successfully land their…
What Can You Do with Your Coding Skills? A Codecademy Guide
Coding has become the language of the digital age, with proficient users gaining a competitive advantage in the job market. Due to the high demand for professionals with strong coding skills, there has been a sharp rise in the number…
Top 5 Programming Languages in 2022 and Where to Learn Them
It’s been said again and again: in an increasingly digital world, coding has become a basic literacy. It powers almost everything we use—from smartphones to apps and websites—and it influences a range of roles, from IT jobs to non-tech positions.…
Deep Dive: How GenSpark Leverages Tools and Connections to Help People Launch a Tech Job
Conventionally, people consider a computer science degree as a golden ticket to a tech career. But, this comes with limiting factors particularly to people from underrepresented communities.  College students spend about $100,000 in the pursuit of a degree. This high…
Deep Dive: How Victory Lap Can Help You Start a Career in Tech Sales
If you’re looking for a way into tech but have little interest in learning how to code, then tech sales might be a good career path for you. There’s no shortage of perks to starting a career in tech sales.…

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