Charlotte Cornbrooks

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Based in Philadelphia, Charlotte has years of experience writing in academic and professional settings. After five years working in higher ed, Charlotte took the plunge to become a freelance writer, work in textiles, and enjoy family life.

Deep Dive: SV Academy

The tech boom. You’d have to be living under a rock for the last 25 years or so to avoid some knowledge of the phrase. Software and technology development jobs continue to be one of the growth sectors for jobs…

Start Today: Test Drive a Course With Thinkful

Since March of this year, perspectives have shifted in so many ways. COVID-19 caused many people to examine their lives in almost all areas: work, education, childcare, and social lives to name a few. Maybe you finally have a reason…

Deep Dive: Rithm School

Maybe you majored in English. Or fine arts. Even history. And now you’re cursing the fact that your parents were right because you’ve had a series of jobs that are…lackluster. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re doing anything meaningful. Or…

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