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Charlotte Cornbrooks


Charlotte is a writer at Career Karma, covering bootcamps and other job training programs. A Philadelphia native, Charlotte previously worked both at Villanova University and Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. During that time, she supervised, coached, and mentored student leaders. She earned her master's in Higher Education from Boston College and her bachelor's in History from Washington and Lee University. After joining the Career Karma team in August 2020, Charlotte continues to use her considerable experience in education to assist people in finding the best place to learn digital skills.

The Rithm Team Reflects on the Anniversary of the Pandemic
“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”  -Alan Watts We’ve all had to learn how to join in the dance of change this year. Much about…
Finding a Career during COVID with Rithm
Few people look forward to a job interview but everyone has to do them. Sometimes the anxiety involved comes from the need for steady income or the opportunities that come with a position. For many job seekers, the problem can…
Thinkful – Working for Greater Accessibility
Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton are just a few elite colleges in the US. These schools are embedded in our culture as the best of the best; if you go to one of these schools, every door will be opened to…
Education with App Academy in the Covid Era
Brick buildings covered in ivy, professors in tweed jackets, and large lecture halls filled with young and peppy students-- these images are commonly associated with the college experience. 2020 has changed this experience for colleges and universities across the board.…
Real World Coding Experience with Rithm School
A friend recently remarked that she wished school, college in her case, had prepared her more for the tools that she used every day in her job. She was referring to skills like networking, negotiating salary, helping a team manage…
Why Thinkful?
In 2012, the founders of Thinkful saw an opportunity in the education field and the tech industry. They decided to create a tech school designed to appeal to people looking for a midlife career change or for those who didn’t…
360 Support at Thinkful
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” Michael Jordan. It’s safe to say Michael Jordan knows a thing or two about excellence in his profession. Even if you aren’t a sports fan; this quote illustrates an important concept…
Finding Your Career with Rithm School
One of the advantages of a four year college experience is the support and time to discern your career path. There are entire offices dedicated to supporting students in learning about themselves, their strengths, and their interests. And once students…
Finding a Six Figure Salary With App Academy
They say we spend an average of 90,000 hours, roughly a third of our lives, working. It’s hard to really imagine what this actually looks like or means. If you already have a job, you’re used to working a 12-hour…
Deep Dive: SV Academy
The tech boom. You’d have to be living under a rock for the last 25 years or so to avoid some knowledge of the phrase. Software and technology development jobs continue to be one of the growth sectors for jobs…
Start Today: Test Drive a Course With Thinkful
Since March of this year, perspectives have shifted in so many ways. COVID-19 caused many people to examine their lives in almost all areas: work, education, childcare, and social lives to name a few. Maybe you finally have a reason…
Deep Dive: Rithm School
Maybe you majored in English. Or fine arts. Even history. And now you’re cursing the fact that your parents were right because you’ve had a series of jobs that are...lackluster. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re doing anything meaningful. Or…
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