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Divine Ugaji

Content Writer

Divine is a content writer whose previous work has appeared on Medium. She is passionate about helping people to leverage their skills and interests, find a career path, and actualize their goals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literary Studies and a Bachelor of Laws, both from the University of Calabar.

The 10 Best Books to Learn React
Learning React is an essential part of your career journey if you are interested in becoming a professional web developer. If you are a beginner, it might be challenging to pick out the best books for React developers, which are…
The 10 Best Books to Learn TypeScript
Picking the best TypeScript books, or books on any programming language, can be difficult for an absolute beginner. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best books to learn TypeScript. These books are not only…
The Best and Highest-Paying Jobs in South Carolina
South Carolina not only has some of the best cities to spend your retirement or start a new life but also stunning geographical landmarks with incredible history and rich cultural heritage. If you are looking to earn more money, you…
How to Choose a Major for Sales: Degree Research Guide
Choosing a college major can be challenging for prospective first-year students, as it is an important decision that will influence their career path. If you want to become a professional salesperson, knowing the best major for sales will help define…
How to Choose a Major for Physical Therapy: Degree Research Guide
Choosing a major is a significant decision that will impact every student’s academic journey and future career. As an aspiring physical therapist, knowing the best major for physical therapy will give you a solid foundation and help you prepare for…
How to Write a Problem Statement: Tips, Guidelines, and Problem Statement Examples
Learning how to write a problem statement is an essential step in the problem-solving process. Professionals who can identify, analyze, and solve problems get to practice their critical thinking skills, which is a valuable asset to any company. This is…
How to Write a Statement of Purpose: Tips, Guidelines, and Statement of Purpose Examples
Success in college and grad school applications begins with knowing how to write a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose should succinctly express your goals, stand out among others, and convince the selection committee that you are well-suited for…
The Best and Highest-Paying Jobs in Maine
Maine is a great place to settle down if you’re looking for stunning scenery. If you’re also curious about what jobs make the most money in this state, we’ve provided a hand-picked list of the highest-paying jobs in Maine to…
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating New Layer in Photoshop
Understanding how to create a new layer enhances your Photoshop experience and gives you control over the entire editing process. It helps you create stunning images in an organized form with less hassle. Photoshop is one of the most used…
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a New Folder on a Mac
Imagine having to rummage through gigabytes of data, searching for a document on your computer. Well, this would be the case if your files weren't organized in folders. Knowing how to create a new folder on a Mac optimizes your…
The Best Job Boards for Graphic Design: Where to Find Graphic Design Jobs
Online creative job boards have made finding a graphic design job much easier. According to Statista research from 2018, about 50 percent of job applications come from job boards. That said, it can be hard for creative people to know…
The Only List of Top Mobile Newsletters You’ll Ever Need
Mobile newsletters are a common way to get news about mobile app development. They are online collections of news and resources for mobile developers, including information about the best mobile developer tools. The biggest mobile newsletters are not only popular…
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