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Jardin Hope

Content Writer

Hope is a content writer whose diverse experience includes working with various personalities in the tech field and learning about functional tech tools. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Nairobi.

T Mobile Hiring Process: How to Land a Job at T Mobile in 2023
T Mobile jobs are favored by employees because of their attractive salaries and benefits packages. Thanks to its reputation, employee satisfaction rate, and quality customer service, working at T Mobile is an indirect platform to learn professional development. Understanding the T Mobile hiring process can give you an advantage if your goal is to land…
The Best-Paying Entry-Level Jobs Without a Degree
Finding any job can be quite daunting, especially if you are just entering the workforce or if you are shifting careers. An entry-level job would be the best place to begin and, thankfully, there are entry-level jobs that pay well without a degree that you can take advantage of. The best high-paying entry-level jobs without…
Startup EV Companies: The Top 10 EV Startups
The alternative fuel vehicle market has come a long way since General Motors introduced the first electric car in 1996. In the last few years, the best EV startups are actively creating electric vehicles whose alternative source of fuel will reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Legacy automakers are no longer the only game…
The Best Coding Bootcamps to Learn to Code in 1 Year
Learning to code is one of the best ways to start your tech career. Luckily, four-year degrees aren’t the only path to do so. Rather than getting a computer science degree or any other college degree to learn in-demand skills in tech, you can enroll in a coding bootcamp to get your tech education. One-year…
Startup Digital Marketing Companies: The Top 10 Digital Marketing Startups
According to the 2022 Digital Report by DataReportal, there are currently 4.95 billion global Internet users and this number will keep rising as more people get connected. Businesses and companies have realized this and are looking for ways to engage each user, and the best digital marketing startups have figured out how to meet this…
Guide to Going Back to College at 35
Going back to college at 35 may be intimidating, considering all the adult responsibilities you have in your daily life. Between balancing your work and household, it may feel as though college is no longer an option. The good news is that it’s never too late to go back to college, especially now that the…
The Top 10 Most Interesting History Research Topics
Choosing history research topics is one of the hardest and most time-consuming things to do, especially if there is no guidance. You have to employ the right research skills to find authentic sources and ensure that your history research questions are precise and clear. So to make your work easier, we have curated history research…
The Top 10 Most Interesting AP Research Topics
College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program can improve your academic performance and earn you college credits while in high school. If you participate in the AP Capstone program, you’ll have to conduct research in the second course, AP Research. To succeed, you’ll need to use your academic research skills to select your AP research topics.…
The Best Discord Servers to Join for Crypto
A Crypto Discord Server is an organized crypto community hub on the social media platform Discord that is geared toward all things cryptocurrency, including crypto market trends, trading, coin projects, crypto events, and retail funds, among others. Each server has channels where you can interact with fellow users through text, voice chat using voice channels,…
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