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Joseph Taglavore

Content Writer

Joe is a content writer with extensive technology experience fixing electronics, building computers, and repairing video game consoles. Both in and out of his work, he is interested in video games, content creation, social media, marketing, and filmmaking. Joe also has his own YouTube channel and a computer repair business. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Specialization in Digital Marketing from Liberty University.

T Mobile Hiring Process: How to Land a Job at T Mobile in 2023
T Mobile jobs are favored by employees because of their attractive salaries and benefits packages. Thanks to its reputation, employee satisfaction rate, and quality customer service, working at T Mobile is an indirect platform to learn professional development. Understanding the T Mobile hiring process can give you an advantage if your goal is to land…
The Best Coding Bootcamps to Learn to Code in 1 Month
The best online coding bootcamps help students get into one of the fastest-growing tech fields as quickly as possible. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best one-month coding bootcamps to help prepare you for coding, design, or other software development tech jobs in one month or less. With more payment options…
Best Colleges for Veterans in Virginia
There are many military-friendly colleges in Virginia and a wide range of on-campus and online options for prospective students. Public, private, and for-profit educational institutions all count armed forces members among their full-time and part-time students. Military-affiliated students, active duty military members, military spouses, and military dependents are all eligible for the wide range of…
LIM College Review: LIM College Rankings, Admissions, Academics, Cost, and More
Many people dream of making it in the world of fashion. LIM College combines the fashion industry with the business of fashion. If your goal is to join the fashion industry, attend a fashion school in New York, or be surrounded by industry professionals, then LIM College might just be for you. With small class…
What Are the Best Cyber Security Schools in Virginia?
Deciding where to learn cyber security can be difficult, but if you find yourself in the Old Dominion, then this list of the best cyber security schools in Virginia for you. In this article, we will break down the degrees available, the Virginia cyber security school rankings, and the best jobs for cyber security graduates…
Best Online Doctorates in Cyber Security: Top PhD Programs, Career Paths, and Salary
To earn the best online PhD in Cyber Security, a student must first demonstrate their academic skills in a master’s program or an advanced bachelor’s degree in cyber security. If you already have that degree, and want to know what the best online PhD in Cyber Security is, then this article is for you. This…
Best Game Design Master’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
The best game design master's degrees focus on the process of making, testing, developing, and designing video games. If you have a computer science degree or IT degree and have dreamed of making video games, then a Master's Degree in Game Design will provide you with the technical skills in all aspects of game design…
Best Online Business Technology Management Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
The best online business technology management bachelor's degrees can be completed by students in under four years. Therefore, getting an online bachelor's degree in business technology management is not as frightening as it seems. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to pursue an online business technology management bachelor's degree. From jobs to schools,…
Best IT Management Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
The best IT management bachelor’s degrees will prepare you to work in the field of technology. As the demand for IT professionals has grown, so has the number of schools offering bachelor’s programs in the subject. Finding the perfect undergraduate degree program isn’t easy, which is why we’ve curated a list of the best IT…
Best Online Cyber Crime Master’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
Deciding to get a Master's Degree in Cyber Crime can be overwhelming due to the cost, time commitment, and commute. Some of the best online cyber crime master's degrees, however, allow online students to get the knowledge, skills, and expertise that come from a graduate program while gaining the hands-on experience that cyber security career…
The Best Discord Servers to Join for JavaScript
Learning how to code with JavaScript can sometimes be a long and lonely process, but thankfully, there are JavaScript Discord servers just waiting for you to join and get some support. Because Discord is so popular, we have compiled a list of the best JavaScript Discord servers to join. To join a JavaScript Discord server…
The Top 10 Most Interesting Criminal Justice Research Topics
Are you writing a research paper and having a hard time finding good criminal justice research topics? Thankfully, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best criminal justice research paper topic ideas. We’ve also included several criminal justice research questions and examples of criminal justice research topics to help you write your best…
High-Paying Finance Jobs Without a Degree 
It may seem hard to find any finance jobs without a degree, but thankfully it is easier than it sounds. With the finance sector being so broad-reaching and lucrative, there are plenty of options for anyone seeking high-paying finance jobs without a degree. You can get a finance job with a GED or no degree…
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