Writing for Career Karma, Maureen covers a range of topics, including higher education, software, and technology. Maureen earned her bachelor's degree in creative writing from York University. She joined the Career Karma team in November 2020, lending her expertise to assist readers in finding career paths. A longtime contributor to various publications, Maureen's writing can be found The BOE Report and EnergyNow.ca.

How to Learn ArcGIS: The Best Courses, Resources, and Training

Learning ArcGIS involves working with geographic information system technology that is used to gather, manage, and analyze data related to its geographical location. Using ArcGIS software, you can turn spatial locations, data, and layers of information into maps and 3D…

How to Learn Electrical Engineering: The Best Online Courses and Training

Electrical engineers are the driving force behind many vital sectors like information, energy and power. To break into this career, you will need to have a strong foundation in sciences and math before you move on to expand your technical…

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