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The Best Coding Websites for Beginners

Paul Larkin - January 04, 2021

You’ve heard it a million times by now—getting coding chops is a must if you want to have a rewarding and successful career. If you know a little bit about software development, you can write your own ticket. Having programming skills is vital for folks who don’t work directly on websites or applications, too. The notion of picking up those skills can be intimidating to people without a technical background, though, which is why it’s crucial to find the best coding websites for beginners.

This article will help you find the coding website that works best for you. We show you the top sites to help you take your first steps into the programming world. These sites help you develop your fundamental coding abilities in a controlled and comfortable environment, and they won’t overload you. They’re just what a newbie coder like you needs to help them get off the ground and start flying.

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Imagine them as the websites beneath your wings.

Get Started at

If you’re coming from a technical knowledge level of zero and want to learn to program, your choices can seem limited. Most sites and programs aim their products at learners with at least some tech background. It can be difficult to find a site that can help raw novices get started. Fortunately, you can find plenty of coding training for beginners if you don’t mind using material aimed at younger learners. Sites like that were built with kid coders in mind are perfect for the technical newbie and are often lots of fun to use.

You can use to start picking up code and writing basic applications. Even better, you can use the site to find projects and begin a collaboration. Programming isn’t just about knowing coding languages; though, you’ll be learning bucketloads of those throughout your career. You also have to understand how coders think and interact. Learning to collaborate is a big part of learning to be a programmer, so the early experience gives you in this area is a massive help to your later career.

Sharpen Your Programming Skills with CodeCombat

Games make everything better, I always say. That’s why I force my kids to endure a scavenger hunt before every meal. Only winners get dessert! Games can help you learn how to write code, too. You can find all sorts of excellent coding games across the Internet that can teach you every conceivable programming language. And you’ll find great games like CodeCombat that can help rookie programmers like you get started.

CodeCombat requires you to enter basic programming instructions to control your avatar. As you proceed, the game demands greater and greater skill. Playing CodeCombat is a fantastic and enjoyable way to prepare for coding bootcamp and will teach you the correct mindset for writing code. It’s a blast to play and will fill your brain with precious knowledge without you knowing that it’s happening. Check it out!

So, that’s the deal. If you want to learn to code but have absolutely no background, you don’t need to lose hope. There are lots of sites out there that are perfect for you and will get you the programming experience without taking you out of your depth too soon–especially those in this guide to the best coding websites for beginners.

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Paul Larkin

About the author: Paul Larkin has years of experience in the tech industry and writes about cybersecurity and future of work.

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