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Louisiana Universities Ranked: The Best Colleges and Universities in Louisiana

Esa Landicho - June 26, 2022

The best universities in Louisiana don’t just offer excellent education but also give a memorable student experience. Louisiana has a rich culture with space for diversity. French, African, American, and French-Canadian cultures influence Louisiana’s multiculturalism. This diverse mix of people joins in the exciting mardi gras held in New Orleans every year.

A college journey is about filling it with plenty of opportunities and campus experiences, from community outreach to fun activities. You’ll want to know the best colleges in Louisiana and their college rankings. As you begin your school search, look at our top 10 universities in Louisiana and how Louisiana universities ranked in the US News & World Report.

What Are the Best Universities in Louisiana?

The best universities in Louisiana include Tulane University of Louisiana, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, Louisiana Tech University, Loyola University New Orleans, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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The best universities in Louisiana have accredited colleges with high graduation rates. Other top universities in Louisiana include Xavier University of Louisiana, Nicholls State University, McNeese State University, University Of New Orleans, and Southeastern Louisiana University.

How Many Universities Are in Louisiana?

Louisiana has approximately 66 universities and colleges. This number comprises public institutions, nonprofit private colleges, and for-profit private institutions. The state has much to offer those looking to study for a four-year degree in Louisiana.

What Are the Biggest Universities in Louisiana?

The biggest universities in Louisiana are Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Southeastern Louisiana University, Tulane University of Louisiana, and Louisiana Tech University.

Largest Louisiana Universities by Enrollment

  1. Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College | 34,285
  2. University of Louisiana at Lafayette | 16,450
  3. Southeastern Louisiana University | 14,426
  4. Tulane University of Louisiana | 13,927
  5. Louisiana Tech University | 11,126

Louisiana University Rankings: What Are the Top 10 Universities in Louisiana?

Ranking School City Graduation Rate
1 Tulane University of Louisiana New Orleans 86%
2 Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Baton Rouge 69%
3 Loyola University New Orleans New Orleans 62%
4 Louisiana Tech University Ruston 59%
5 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Lafayette 50%
6 Xavier University of Louisiana New Orleans 50%
7 Nicholls State University Thibodaux 50%
8 McNeese State University Lake Charles 42%
9 University Of New Orleans New Orleans 39%
10 Southeastern Louisiana University Hammond 38%

How We Defined Louisiana University Rankings

Our ranking of the 10 best Louisiana universities is based on the graduation rates of top schools in the state, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). In coming up with our list of 10 Louisiana universities, we also consulted rankings conducted by US News & World Report and Times Higher Education, which you can reference in the expanded list below.

The Best Colleges and Universities in Louisiana, Explained

Each university in Louisiana offers an exceptional college experience and program for students. Besides a college education, students get to be part of student organizations and a supportive community. Below we list the top 10 school rankings, including acceptance rates, the college size, and graduation rates.


Tulane University of Louisiana

Graduation Rate: 86%

Tulane University of Louisiana began in 1834 as a medical college. It is now one of the most well-respected research universities in the country. The university is a member of the Association of American Universities, a group of top-ranked research institutions.

Tulane University of Louisiana Overview

  • Campus Location: Covington
  • Student Population: 13,927
  • Acceptance Rate: 10%
  • Graduation Rate: 86%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $56,999
  • US News National Ranking: 42
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: N/A

Best Tulane University of Louisiana Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in economics. The economics bachelor’s degree coursework includes microeconomics, macroeconomics, and math. Courses in calculus, probability, and linear algebra are encouraged.
  • Bachelor of Science, Finance Major. Students will have an extensive foundation in finance through understanding investments, fixed income analysis, and accounting in this program.
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. This 120-credit-hour program provides knowledge on product and program support, cyber security, and integrated application development.
  • Bachelor of Science in Real Estate. Students who undertake this program will learn about real estate finance and project management. The coursework includes real estate transactions and an introduction to real estate.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. Students learn about aspects of human language, including sounds, sentences, words, and meaning. Coursework includes the history of writing and language and culture.

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College | Graduation Rate: 69%

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College , formally known as Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy, began its classes in 1860. In 1877, the university merged with the Agricultural and Mechanical College and became the university it is today. The leading research-extensive public school encourages its student body to a high level of personal and intellectual development.

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Overview

  • Campus Locations: Alexandria, Eunice, and Shreveport
  • Student Population: 34,285
  • Acceptance Rate: 71%
  • Graduation Rate: 69%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $57,000
  • US News National Ranking: 172
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: 601-800th

Best Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This 120-credit-hour program teaches students to understand any company’s financial practice. Students will learn research and problem-solving skills to deal with all accounting issues.
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Decision Sciences. This is a 120-credit-hour program offered on campus and online. The course focuses on business processes in all organizations. It researches, designs, and develops ways to make the business run efficiently.
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance. The 120-hour program aims to help students gain a wide range of knowledge in the practice and theory of finance. It teaches finance modeling with skills to value a company, assets, and investments.
  • Bachelor of Science in Management. This 120-hour credit program concentrates on human resource management, strategic leadership, and international management. The program teaches students to assess a firm’s competitive environment, capabilities, and resources.
  • Bachelor of Science in General Business. Students gain knowledge in finance, economics, accounting, information systems, and management in this flexible 120-credit-hour program.


Loyola University New Orleans

Graduation Rate: 62%

Loyola University New Orleans has 110 undergraduate programs and 36 graduate programs covering many fields of study. The school gives personalized attention with its student-faculty ratio of 12-to-1. The university has a vibrant student life offering a wide range of student organizations, intramural sports, and clubs. The majority of its students receive some form of financial aid.

Loyola University New Orleans Overview

  • Campus Location: New Orleans
  • Student Population: 4,497
  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Graduation Rate: 62%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $48,747
  • US News National Ranking: 202
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: 301–400th

Best Loyola University New Orleans Programs

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics. Students develop analytical skills to make sense of business data and create mathematical models of business decisions. They also develop technical skills to organize and manage databases and data.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. The information systems bachelor’s degree program focuses on theory-practice, programming, relational databases, and computer organization.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication - Journalism. Students learn the latest trends in the digital media landscape. They learn to write news stories and produce television news. The coursework includes art, photography, videography, and journalism.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Students become more knowledgeable in American government structure, constitutional law, international relations, and the history of political thought. Students will also be required to take the capstone course.
  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Public Health. Students who complete this 120-credit-hour course can become clinical trials managers, community health workers, public health analysts, or health inspectors.


Louisiana Tech University

Graduation Rate: 59%

Louisiana Tech University’s Research and Innovation Enterprise is a center for discovery, entrepreneurship, creativity, and collaboration. The school is a four-year university providing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. According to the university, approximately 89 percent of students receive financial assistance.

Louisiana Tech University Overview

  • Campus Location: Ruston
  • Student Population: 11,126
  • Acceptance Rate: 66%
  • Graduation Rate: 61%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $48,840
  • US News National Ranking: 277
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: 801-1000

Best Louisiana Tech University Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This program requires students to complete 120 credit hours. The coursework includes operations management, organization management, and a business administration capstone.
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance. Students need to complete a total of 120 semester hours. Coursework includes technical writing, information systems principles, and business finance.
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing. The 120-semester-hour program teaches consumer behavior, marketing strategy, marketing research, and how to create a marketing plan. Students also learn public relations, retail, advertising, and product development.
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Engineering. This program has a total of 128 semester hours. The major courses include cyber future, statistical methods, software design, engineering, and a senior capstone.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This 120-semester-hour program includes coursework in the science of computing, calculus, data structures, and systems programming.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Graduation Rate: 50%

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It offers 30 graduate programs and more than 80 majors. The school maintains small classroom sizes at a ratio of 19-to-one student-to-faculty ratio.

The university contributes to innovation and economic development through its Research Park. The research center houses laboratories, offices, and facilities for testing and applied research, providing students with hands-on skills.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Overview

  • Campus Location: Lafayette
  • Student Population: 16,450
  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $42,350
  • US News National Ranking: 299-391
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: >600th

Best University of Louisiana at Lafayette Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This bachelor’s program concentrates on cloud computing, computer engineering, video game and design, and scientific computing.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The 120-credit-hour program teaches students about income tax compliance and planning and governmental account and financial planning.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance. Coursework in this 120-credit-hour program includes principles of microeconomics, fundamentals of business statistics, and marketing principles.
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The coursework for this 120-credit-hour program includes an introduction to criminal justice, the corrections process, and an introduction to research methods.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The 120-credit-hour degree program prepares students for fields in mental health care and business domains like finance, marketing, or management. Coursework includes principles of learning, social psychology, and theories of personality.


Xavier University of Louisiana

Graduation Rate: 50%

The Xavier University of Louisiana is accredited by several organizations, including the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. It is a Catholic school that prepares its students for leadership roles with an attitude of service.

Xavier University of Louisiana Overview

  • Campus Location: New Orleans
  • Student Population: 3,383
  • Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $53,554
  • US News National Ranking: 15
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: 383

Best Xavier University of Louisiana Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This program has a total of 120 credit hours. The coursework includes accounting principles , advanced tax accounting, and statistics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Finance. Students must take public finance, monetary and fiscal policy, and accounting and choose approved finance electives. The 120-credit-hour coursework in finance includes business Law, principles of management, and corporate finance.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology. Students must complete 120 credit hours for this program. The coursework includes general physics, organic chemistry, and general biology.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication - Multimedia Concentration. This degree program requires a total of 120 credit hours. The coursework includes human behavior, strategic communication principles, and media criticism.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science . This BS degree program requires 120 credit hours. Part of the coursework includes cultural psychology, psychology of gender, and group dynamics.


Nicholls State University

Graduation Rate: 50%

Nicholls State University opened its doors in 1948. It now has a diverse population and 6,500 students. The university offers distinguished academic programs like maritime management, geomatics, marine and environmental science, and culinary arts. It offers 107 programs, and the school upholds values that promote concern for self and community.

Nicholls State University Overview

  • Campus Location: Thibodaux
  • Student Population: 6,769
  • Acceptance Rate: 97%
  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $42,206
  • US News National Ranking: 88
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: >800th

Best Nicholls State University Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies. This four-year, 120-credit-hour program’s coursework includes accounting, finance, marketing, management, and quantitative analysis.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology. The 11 concentrations for this program include general biology, environmental biology, marine biology, microbiology, cell and molecular biology, pre-medicine or pre-dentistry, pre-occupational therapy, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant, and pre-veterinary medicine.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This program prepares students for individual self-directed practice or continued studies. The program has 120-credit-hours, and coursework includes sociology, biology, and nursing electives.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The psychology bachelor’s program equips students to understand the human psyche. Students can access facilities such as counseling or testing rooms, group counseling rooms, and experimental psychology laboratories.
  • Bachelor of Science in Geomatics. Students learn about surveying, measuring spatial data, and how to use new technologies in land information systems and geographic information.


McNeese State University

Graduation Rate: 42%

Previously known as Lake Charles Junior College, McNeese State University held its first class of 140 students in 1939 . Besides the main campus, the school features satellite facilities, including the Center for Advancement of Meat Processing and Production (CAMP), Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurial and Economic Development (SEED), and three working farms.

McNeese State University Overview

  • Campus Location: Lake Charles
  • Student Population: 7,284
  • Acceptance Rate: 69%
  • Graduation Rate: 42%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $42,965
  • US News National Ranking: 98
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: >800th

Best McNeese State University Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Students have a deeper understanding of analyzing numbers, reducing costs, and increasing profit in a company. The program is four years and requires students to complete 120 credit hours.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This program gives students a thorough knowledge of business-decision making and financial analysis. It is a four-year degree with a 120-credit-hour requirement.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. The coursework includes software development, video game and design, database management, web design, and competitive programming.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance. This 120-credit-hour bachelor’s program focuses on the performance and functions of the human body. It covers theory, practical application of medicine, physiology, and kinesiology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing. This program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Students learn various ways to sell and promote products. They also develop skills in market research, management, and accounting.


University of New Orleans

Graduation Rate: 39%

The University of New Orleans lies on a 195-acre campus 15 minutes from the french quarter of New Orleans. The school provides access to higher education for people from all income groups. Over 80 percent of faculty hold doctorates in their field of expertise. The research university has 80,000 alumni.

University of New Orleans Overview

  • Campus Location: New Orleans
  • Student Population: 8,375
  • Acceptance Rate: 81%
  • Graduation Rate: 39%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $64,565
  • US News National Ranking: 299-391
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: >600th

Best University of New Orleans Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Chemistry students learn about the foundational scientific principles that make up the universe. They’ll also gain a solid understanding of atomic structure, molecular structure, and biochemistry.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This program offers bioinformatics, cyber security, game development, and machine learning concentrations. Students learn how to use algorithms and computer theory in designing systems.
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration. Students gain skills in business management in this well-known and highly-rated hospitality program. They develop problem-solving and communication skills to get them ready for future employment.
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Students learn basic marketing concepts and the purpose of marketing in an organization. They understand ethical standards and policies of social responsibility in society. The course teaches students to adapt to an ever-changing market.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Through this program, students will better understand political processes and the role of politics in social affairs. They’ll also learn about politics outside of the United States.


Southeastern Louisiana University

Graduation Rate: 38%

Southeastern Louisiana University offers more than 150 programs and is considered the third-largest public school in Louisiana. The university takes pride in conserving resources and being as sustainable as possible. The campus achieved a first for campus safely in Louisiana, scoring a grade of 100 for anti-discrimination, 95 for women’s safety, and 96 for fire safety.

Southeastern Louisiana University Overview

  • Campus Locations: Hammond, Baton Rouge, Covington
  • Student Population: 14,426
  • Acceptance Rate: 99%
  • Graduation Rate: 38%
  • Post-Grad Median Salary: $41,516
  • US News National Ranking: 93
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: >600th

Best Southeastern Louisiana University Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics. This degree program trains students in electricity and magnetism, mechanics, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. The program requires 120 semester hours.
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. This practical program prepares students for employment in technical management-oriented roles in government, business and education industries. Students must complete 120 semester hours.
  • Bachelor of Business in Business Administration. Students learn information technology and business communication foundations. The program develops their critical thinking to assess business policies and make business decisions.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. This program incorporates engineering and scientific knowledge with technical expertise and methods to handle various industry needs.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The 120-credit-hour computer science bachelor’s offers data science, computer science, and computer technology concentrations. Graduates can work as computer consultants, network administrators, and software engineers.

Best College and University Entry-Test Prep Books

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Louisiana University Admission Requirements

The admission requirements to attend a university in Louisiana include transcripts, an application fee, and SAT or ACT scores. Some universities might require other documents, such as a recommendation letter from your teacher, administrator, advisor, or counselor.

The requirements listed below are common in the universities mentioned in this guide. Always check with the admissions office to ensure that you submit all the required documents and abide by the correct guidelines.

Admission Requirements for Universities in Louisiana

  • High school diploma
  • Official transcripts
  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • SAT or ACT scores

How to Apply to Louisiana Universities

The most common way to apply to Louisiana universities is to submit an application form. Application forms ask for personal information like your address and telephone number. Often you need to supply proof of residency.

This is followed by paying the application fee and submitting the documents to the school. The order of admission process might look different for individual universities, but the most common are listed below.

Louisiana Universities Admissions Process

  1. Look for the online application form on the school’s website.
  2. Pay the application fee.
  3. Submit the required documents.
  4. Submit proof of your immunizations.
  5. Wait for the results from the admissions office.

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees

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Why Study in Louisiana?

You should study in Louisiana because the state offers many educational opportunities. It has a rich and diverse culture with several job opportunities for students. Online, undergraduate, and graduate students will benefit from living within the state.

Educational Opportunities

The best universities in Louisiana offer various courses to help you succeed in your future career. You’ll find courses in technology, engineering, finance, management, marketing, health, and manufacturing. The most popular degrees in Louisiana include business, nursing, biology, and accounting, the most popular being petroleum engineering.

Art and Culture

A rich diversity of cultures reside in Louisiana, and we can learn so much from people with different backgrounds. There is more to learning than earning a degree. Louisiana is well-known for its music and culture. It boasts the first movie theater and is famously known as the birthplace of jazz.

Job Opportunities

Louisiana is a developing state, and there are plenty of job vacancies relevant to your degree. The state also has many startups that need competent and resourceful individuals. Demonstrate your skills and get your school’s career services to help you with your resume and prepare for interviews.

More Louisiana University Rankings: What Other Universities Are the Best in Louisiana?

Below is a list of Louisiana University Rankings based on different categories. These public and private universities provide tremendous graduate and undergraduate education. Working professionals will find many distance education online degrees.


Best Louisiana State Universities

  1. Nicholls State University. This state university offers 107 programs and offers degrees in nursing, business administration, biology, education, and psychology. Besides being a beautiful campus, the school also has a recreation center, pool, and fitness and wellness center.
  2. McNeese State University. McNeese State University’s common programs include nursing, business management, engineering, exercise science, accounting, computer science, and psychology. It offers various bachelor’s and master’s degrees , as well as online programs.
  3. Grambling State University. The university provides various facilities for students. These facilities include a five-mile nature trail, outdoor study pavilion, food court, performing arts center, university library, and gymnasium. The school also provides counseling, health, and student services.


Best Public Universities in Louisiana

  1. Louisiana Tech University. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs and certificates. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges or SACSCOC. The campus is pedestrian-friendly.
  2. University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Campus life at this university is quite exciting and includes a health fitness center, art, and museums. Festivals are often held near the campus, which students can enjoy.
  3. Louisiana State University - Alexandria. This public university has a 27 percent graduation rate. Students, once enrolled, can look forward to joining student organizations and honor societies. They also provide academic counseling and assistance for students with disabilities.


Best Private Universities in Louisiana

  1. Tulane University. The university offers over 25 dining locations, 200 student organizations, and a recreation center. Students can also watch theatrical performances and concerts and use the school's clinic, counseling center, and pharmacy.
  2. Loyola University New Orleans. Besides offering a wide range of programs for students, the university also provides student services like counseling centers, student affairs, and student health services. They also have a student success center that offers tutoring for students, academic development courses, and workshops.
  3. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. The university has a rich campus life as it has a wide range of student organizations, including an active student government. The university also provides various types of support to students, including advising, campus ministry, and financial aid.


Best Online Universities in Louisiana

  1. Louisiana Tech University. The university offers various online programs, including general studies, health informatics, and information management. Graduate study programs include business administration, engineering, health informatics, and engineering and technology management.
  2. Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Northwestern State University offers online associate degrees , bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorates. Bachelor’s degrees include liberal arts, accounting, and psychology. The school provides a Master’s in English, early childhood education, and radiologic science.
  3. McNeese State University. Students who enroll in online programs still get access to a supportive faculty, personalized advising, and service-learning opportunities. The school offers an online criminal justice master’s program and bachelor’s programs in psychology, management, and sociology.


Best Universities in Louisiana for International Students

  1. Tulane University of Louisiana. The university has been welcoming international students coming from 86 different countries. The school offers visa services, language/academic support, and programming.
  2. Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. The university has always been open to international students. It has an International Services (ISO) which sends immigration advisory and support to non-immigrant students, employees, and scholars.
  3. Northwestern State University of Louisiana. The Northwestern State University of Louisiana is another public institution that supports international students. They provide an International Student Resource Center dedicated to helping students transition to NSU.

Best Bachelor’s Degrees

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Top Louisiana Universities by Major

Most students would want to study at the top Louisiana Universities that offer great quality education taught by experts. Below are the top majors students are looking for and the top universities offering them.


Best Computer Science Universities in Louisiana

  1. Tulane University. Tulane University has cutting-edge research for several disciplines relevant to a computer science degree , like artificial intelligence algorithms and computational biology. Other disciplines include computational geometry, computer science education, topology, computer vision, data science, domain theory, game theory, and the semantics of programming languages.
  2. Louisiana Tech University. This notable university provides world-class instruction and has laboratories and centers that provide students with practical, hands-on experience. The Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET also accredits its computer science program.
  3. Loyola University New Orleans. The university offers different undergraduate programs in computer science, computer information systems, and computer science with game programming.


Best Nursing Universities in Louisiana

  1. Southeastern Louisiana University. The university offers a bachelor’s and a Master’s in Nursing. The school offers online programs including a Master of Science in Nursing. About 150 students graduate from the nursing program every year.
  2. University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This highly-rated program is one of 17 to be awarded by the National League for Nursing Center of Excellence. The program prepares nurses for future leadership roles who provide quality and cost-effective healthcare to different populations.
  3. McNeese State University. This school has state-of-the-art technology preparing students for real-world scenarios. Students learn hands-on activities from professional and dedicated faculty. The school provides a nursing bachelor’s degree, a master’s with three concentrations, and a nursing practice doctorate.


Best Engineering Universities in Louisiana

  1. Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge. The university offers 11 engineering programs. These programs include biological, chemical, civil, computer, construction, environmental, industrial, mechanical, and electrical engineering. The university has diversity initiatives for the underrepresented, including female students.
  2. Tulane University. The school offers a wide range of engineering departments, from biomedical engineering and chemical engineering to river-coastal science and engineering. Tulane University is an excellent research university that delivers high-quality education to its students.
  3. Louisiana Tech University. Students pursuing engineering at this university get to be part of the solution to real-world problems faced by the government and businesses. Students can make prototypes, research, and gain hands-on experience.


Best Business Universities in Louisiana

  1. Tulane University (Freeman). The Freeman School of Business at Tulane University dedicates itself to business degree programs. The business degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM), Master of Business Analytics (MANA), and Master of Finance (MFIN).
  2. Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge. Louisiana State University has a business school called Ourso College of Business that produces thousands of men and women leaders in the business sector. The university partners with higher education institutions to ensure they are at the forefront of business education.
  3. Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech University provides students with excellent resources to learn from America’s top business leaders. Their business graduates achieved a 97 percent placement rate for the school year 2020 to 2021, proving the program's effectiveness.


Best Education Universities in Louisiana

  1. Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge. This university offers graduate and undergraduate programs related to education. These programs are accredited by the Related Educational Programs and Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.
  2. Louisiana Tech University. The university offers programs related to human sciences, education, and leadership. It includes Early Childhood Education – Grades PK-3 (BS), Elementary Education – Grades 1-5 (BS), and Secondary Education, Agriculture (Grades 6-12).
  3. University of Louisiana Lafayette. The University of Louisiana Lafayette takes pride in its education college that develops students to become global leaders. The faculty are well-known in their fields and can train non-teaching and teaching professionals.

Tuition Costs for Louisiana Universities

The tuition costs for Louisiana universities are an average of $9,571 for public universities, according to NCES. This does not include room and board. Private universities cost an average of $39,482 for tuition only. In-state fees are more affordable than out-of-state fees, and online programs often cost less than in-person programs.

Most Affordable Universities in Louisiana

  1. Southeastern Louisiana University | Tuition: $722/3 Credits. Students must pay additional fees, including mandatory fees, ID validation, and textbook rental.
  2. Grambling State University | Tuition: $783/Credit. The fees are more expensive for non-resident students. Other fees include a chemistry lab fee, social work lab fee, and a fee for late registration.
  3. University of Holy Cross | Tuition: $540/Credit. Besides the tuition fee, students must also pay for administrative support, academic support, and technology support.
  4. University of New Orleans | Tuition: $247/Credit. Students must pay other fees like academic excellence, campus enhancement, administrative, and building use fees. Total fees add up to about $520 per credit.
  5. University of Louisiana at Lafayette | Tuition: $1,234/Credit. This price includes most fees, but students may need to pay other mandatory fees. Tuition fees vary for resident, non-resident, and international students.

How to Pay for Your Chosen School Path

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Financial Aid Options for the Best Universities in Louisiana

There are a few financial aid options for the best universities in Louisiana. These include federal grants, public loans, private loans, and scholarships. College tuition is often challenging for most students. The good news is that there are various ways to pay through financial aid options.

Financial Aid for Louisiana Universities: A Summary

  • Federal Grants. A federal grant is given to students through the state government, college, private, or non-profit organization for a four-year education. Students must submit a FAFSA application when applying to the school.
  • Federal Student Loans. A public student loan is granted to students with a proven financial need that aligns with the federal regulations. Most loans charge interest, so check the interest fee for a few options.
  • Private Student Loans. You can get a private student loan through a bank, credit union, or a state-based organization. This loan can be used for whatever expenses you have, including tuition, books, transportation, and other living expenses.
  • Scholarships. Scholarships are often geared toward a particular group of people, like women, military families, or specific background. You can find out about scholarships through the school’s financial aid office or online. Look online for free resources, but make sure they are legitimate.

Louisiana University Eligibility Requirements: Who Qualifies for Financial Aid at Louisiana Universities?

  • US citizen, national, or permanent resident
  • Currently enrolled or accepted at the school
  • Have proven a financial need
  • Shows academic progress
  • Have registered for classes on time

Private Louisiana Universities With Good Financial Aid

  1. Louisiana Christian University. Louisiana Christian University offers disability assistance, a federal work-study program, federal financial aid, and state of Louisiana financial aid.
  2. Xavier University of Louisiana. The school offers the Federal Pell Grant Program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program, and XU Emergency Grant.
  3. Dillard University. Dillard University gives State grants, Federal Pell Grants, work-study programs, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants.

Universities in Louisiana That Provide Financial Aid to Out-of-State Students

  1. Louisiana State University. The university provides merit-based scholarships, study abroad scholarships, legacy scholarships, major-specific scholarships, federal grants, and federal loans.
  2. University of New Orleans. If they qualify, first-year students can get the Homer Hitt Scholarship, Privateer First Year Scholarship, and Residence Hall Scholarship.
  3. Louisiana State University Eunice. The university offers scholarships to out-of-state students after they submit all requirements.

How to Apply For Financial Aid and Scholarships for Louisiana State Universities

  1. Fill out and complete the university’s application form.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.
  3. Submit all the necessary documents.
  4. Complete the verification through the FAFSA website.
  5. Wait for the results.

Demographics of Universities in Louisiana

The demographics of universities in Louisiana include white, Black, Hispanic, Asian, American-Indian, Pacific Islander, and individuals of two or more races, according to NCES. The state has a diverse population due to the founding influence of French, American, African, and French-Canadian cultures.

Diversity Statistics for Universities in Louisiana

  • White: 55%
  • Black: 32%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • Asian: 3%
  • Pacific Islander: 0.6%
  • American Indian: 0.7%
  • Two or More Races: 3%

Louisiana Employment Outlook for University Students

The unemployment rate in Louisiana was 4.1 percent in April 2022, according to BLS. It is the lowest rate since October of 2021. This is a good sign that more people have been employed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of trade, transportation, and utility jobs increased by 6,000 between November 2021 and April 2022. Education and health services jobs increased by 0.4% between November 2021 and April 2022.

5 In-Demand Louisiana Jobs

The five in-demand Louisiana jobs are web developers, software developers, home health aides, physical therapists, and business analysts. As Louisiana’s economy grows, we see an increase in the demand for these jobs listed below.


Web Developer

Average Salary: $81,320

A web developer implements and develops interactive web interfaces, web applications, and websites. They make sure to optimize website performance and processes.

  • Average Salary in Louisiana: $81,320
  • Employment in Louisiana: 84,820
  • Overall Job Growth: 13%
  • Best Louisiana University Program: Computer Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Software Developer

Average Salary: $120,990

A software developer analyzes user needs and develops and designs software to meet those needs. They work with programmers and demonstrate different models and diagrams for the software code of applications.

  • Average Salary in Louisiana: $120,990
  • Employment in Louisiana: 1,364,180
  • Overall Job Growth: 22%
  • Best Louisiana University Program: Computer Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Home Health Aide

Average Salary: $29,260

Home health aides take care of elderly people or people who have chronic illnesses or a disability. Home health aids also perform household tasks like laundry, washing dishes, and vacuuming.

  • Average Salary in Louisiana: $29,260
  • Employment in Louisiana: 3,366,480
  • Overall Job Growth: 33%
  • Best Louisiana University Program: Nursing at Southeastern Louisiana University


Physical Therapist

Average Salary: $92,920

A physical therapist plans and creates rehabilitative programs to help patients improve their mobility and relieve pain. They record patients' progress and modify their plans as their condition improves.

  • Average Salary in Louisiana: $92,920
  • Employment in Louisiana: 225,350
  • Overall Job Growth: 21%
  • Best Louisiana University Program: Physical Therapy at The University of Louisiana Monroe


Business Analyst

Average Salary: $79,240

A business analyst helps the company make sound business decisions. They work closely with IT and financial reporting teams to analyze data, identify potential issues and report to the decision-makers.

  • Average Salary in Louisiana: $79,240
  • Employment in Louisiana: 1,030,330
  • Overall Job Growth: 14%
  • Best Louisiana University Program: Business Analytics in Loyola University New Orleans

Is a University in Louisiana Right for You?

Yes, a university in Louisiana is right for you as there are many educational opportunities in a rich, diverse environment. Louisiana schools offer a variety of degree programs that could fit your career goals. Louisiana universities are well-known for programs in nursing, business administration, and computer science.

If you’re unsure which career path to take, you could try short online courses to get a feel of what you can learn in your career. If you are interested in entering the tech sector, you could also consider enrolling in a coding bootcamp and mastering in-demand technical skills in just a few months.

How to Get Into the Best Colleges and Universities

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Best Universities in Louisiana FAQ

Which university in Louisiana is hard to get into?

The university in Louisiana that’s hard to get into is the Tulane University of Louisiana, which only has an 11 percent acceptance rate. This means that they carefully assess the students coming to the university and have specific standards and requirements students must comply with before being admitted.

What do I need to know about the best universities in Louisiana?

The best universities in Louisiana are accredited and run excellent bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. An accredited institution has met the required academic standards. The curriculum is approved and continuously updated.

Are there public colleges in Louisiana?

Yes, there are public colleges in Louisiana. Some of these public colleges are Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana Delta Community College, and Nunez Community College. Public colleges allow many growth opportunities, academically, socially, and personally. The tuition rate might be lower in these public colleges, but you can expect them to deliver a high level of education.

Do universities in Louisiana offer doctoral degrees?

Yes, universities in Louisiana do offer doctoral programs. One of these universities is Louisiana State University. It has over 50 doctoral programs for students. They include accounting, chemistry, communication studies, and finance. A doctoral degree requires a student to complete specific hours of work.

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