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The 10 Best and Most Prestigious Universities in Ohio

Daisy Waithereo Wambua - September 01, 2022

At a glance, it can be hard to know what the best universities in Ohio are, especially as it’s home to a large number of public universities, private universities, catholic universities, and professional schools. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top ten universities in Ohio with a detailed explanation of why.

The most prestigious universities in Ohio have plenty of student clubs to ameliorate school life, academic services, as well as hundreds of undergraduate and graduate programs that are perfect for critical thinkers looking to boost their technical skills.

How We Defined Ohio University Rankings

We defined Ohio University rankings by considering statistics provided by U.S. News & World Report . The factors that helped us determine the rank of each university include the number of majors and programs, graduates, and student retention rate. We also considered the cost of tuition, average class size, and enrollment rate.

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Ohio Universities Ranked: Top 10 Universities in Ohio

  1. Bowling Green State University
  2. Capital University
  3. Case Western Reserve University
  4. Cleveland State University
  5. Denison University
  6. Miami University
  7. Ohio University
  8. Otterbein University
  9. University Of Dayton
  10. Xavier University

The Best Colleges and Universities in Ohio, Explained

A group of graduates throwing their graduation hats in the air. Best Universities In Ohio
If you’re looking for a public institution in Ohio, be sure to consider whether or not it offers a supportive community, a smooth application process, and amazing professors.

Take a deeper look into the best universities in Ohio so you can steer your career in the right direction. Below, you’ll be able to find information on all of the top private and public universities we’ve listed. We sourced our statistical information such as campus locations, undergraduate enrollment, student population, and graduation rates from the U.S. News National Rankings.

1. Bowling Green State University

  • US News National Ranking: #249 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 14,988
  • Graduation Rate: 52.6%

Founded in 1910, Bowling Green State University attracts local and international students. The campus has over 19,102 undergraduate and graduate degree students. It has a teacher-to-student ratio of 18:1. To ensure smooth operation at the campus, management employs over 800 full-time faculty employees. About 80 percent of these employees possess the highest degree in their respective fields.

Bowling Green State University has eight colleges offering more than 200 undergraduate degrees and many graduate programs. You can pursue any academic study in business, health, technology, education, or arts majors. The average entry requirement of the campus is a GPA score of 3.42. Bowling Green State University is also known for providing a fantastic academic education and guiding students towards the right career choice for them.

2. Capital University

  • US News National Ranking: #37 in Regional Universities Midwest
  • Campus Location: Bexley, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 2,282
  • Graduation Rate: 58.5%

Capital University is a private institution offering degrees in undergraduate and graduate studies. This private university provides its intellectual students with a high standard of education. Founded in 1830, the campus has since helped thousands of citizens improve their craft, communities, and industries.

There are multiple options for students looking to further their academic study in a liberal arts institution. There are over 60 popular majors and 50 minors available at Capital University, providing an opportunity for students to pursue degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

3. Case Western Reserve University

  • US News National Ranking: #42 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Cleveland, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,792
  • Graduation Rate: 82.6%

Established in 1826, Case Western Reserve University has multiple academic programs for intellectual students ready to launch their careers. It has over 3,657 full-time faculty tending to 5,792 undergraduate and 6,277 professional and graduate students. The campus promotes diversity as it has students representing over 94 countries.

You can find undergraduate programs in political science, physics, biology, sociology, communication science, art, chemistry, and many more. For graduate school, you can look into engineering, law, medicine, management, nursing, and social work. US News has ranked this school highly in the categories of “Best Value,” “Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects,” “Most Innovative,” and “Undergraduate Teaching”.

4. Cleveland State University

  • US News National Ranking: #299 – #391 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Cleveland, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 16,000
  • Graduation Rate: 56.4%

Cleveland State University was established in 1964 by the Ohio General Assembly. It has over 1,000 staff members with 5111 faculty members. Given its high quality of education, the campus has more than 120,000 graduates, with 80 percent of them being from the local area. It attained high national recognition and partners with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the City of Cleveland, NASA Glenn Research Center, and the federal government.

This academic learning institution provides the opportunity for students to study in over 1,000 courses supporting 200 major fields. You can pursue a degree in business, education, human services, engineering, law, behavioral sciences, or liberal arts. In addition to undergraduate degrees, Cleveland State University also provides continuing education, professional certificate programs, and graduate degrees.

5. Denison University

  • US News National Ranking: #42 in National Liberal Arts College
  • Campus Location(s): Granvillle, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 2,258
  • Graduation Rate: 86.6%

Denison University provides its students with experience-based learning, mentorship, and research and fellowship opportunities. Founded in 1831, the campus aims to educate students for career success and personal fulfillment. It offers multiple undergraduate programs in anthropology, art, biology, biochemistry, classical studies, computer science, and data analytics.

6. Miami University-Oxford

  • US News National Ranking: #103 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Hamilton, Middletown, West Chester, Oxford
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: Ex. 16,500
  • Graduation Rate: 78.4%

Established in 1809, Miami University-Oxford is among the top academic colleges in the world. The university is the second oldest university in the state. Local and international students join the public research university to complete their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. There are over 120 undergraduate degree programs and 60 graduate degree programs available.

7. Ohio University

  • US News National Ranking: #49 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Athens, Chillicothe, Lancaster, Pickerington, Dublin, Proctorville, Zanesville, Cleveland, Beavercreek
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 20,000
  • Graduation Rate: 64%

Ohio University was the first established public university in the state. It attracts students from across the state and country, with an enrollment of over 28,000. Its students have access to over 250 in-person and online programs tackling different areas of specialization. You can get a degree in accounting, religion, education, business, law, and health. To maintain its high reputation, the campus only allows an average class size of 16 students.

8. Otterbein University

  • US News National Ranking: #12 in Regional Universities Midwest
  • Campus Location(s): Westville, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 2,332
  • Graduation Rate: 63.3%

Otterbein University provides competitive curricula for students interested in a liberal studies degree program. The beautiful campus has an enrollment rate of 3,000 students and maintains a teacher-student ratio of 1:12, indicating a relatively small average class size. It offers over 70 undergraduate majors and 44 minors. There are also graduate programs in nursing, business administration, and education.

9. University Of Dayton

  • US News National Ranking: #127 in National Universities
  • Campus Location(s): Dayton, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 8,644
  • Graduation Rate: 78.3%

University of Dayton is a Catholic university based in Ohio. Its beautiful campus was founded in 1850 and is distinguished by its academics, research facilities, and community involvement. With over 125,000 alumni, the university caters to students wanting to navigate the engineering, law, health, and business industries.

According to the university’s official website, more than 98 percent of undergraduate students receive financial support. Students have access to excellent tuition plans that will ease the payment burden once they apply. You can also receive scholarships for textbooks.

10. Xavier University

  • US News National Ranking: #5 in Regional Universities Midwest
  • Campus Location(s): Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,304
  • Graduation Rate: 69.2%

Xavier University offers more than 90 undergraduate and 40 graduate programs. The campus provides a personalized educational experience for each field of study. According to the university’s official website, the campus ranked third in the midwest for veterans and fifth on the list of best undergraduate teaching. It is also well-known for its medicine and finance programs.

At Xavier Univerity, you can pursue a wide range of degrees, depending on your interests. You can choose a degree in actuarial science, advertising, applied mathematics, art, biology, chemistry, classics, computer science, data science, digital media, and economics.

Is a University in Ohio Right for You?

Yes, attending a university in Ohio is an excellent educational decision if you live in Ohio or would be willing to relocate there. These universities offer seasoned, quality degree programs that can positively impact your career path. You can also take advantage of their various financial resources.

Best Universities in Ohio FAQ

What is the number one college in Ohio?

According to U.S. News & World Report, Case Western Reserve University is the number one college in Ohio. The campus ranks #42 in national universities and has over 5,433 undergraduate students.

Which is the best college to go to in Ohio?

The best college to go to in Ohio is Case Western Reserve University. If you can afford it, it is hands-down the best choice when it comes to college institutions in Ohio.

What is Ohio University known for?

Ohio University is known for its academic excellence and history, as well as its international community, diversity, and accomplished faculty.

Is a degree program from a university in Ohio worth it?

Yes, a degree program from a university in Ohio is worth it. You will find multiple affordable degree programs to help you streamline your career path. There are also financial aid programs that can ease the burden of tuition payment. These quality programs attract students locally and internationally.

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