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Bootcamp Admissions

If you want to know how to get into a bootcamp, you should know about bootcamp admissions. It is important to know the common steps required to get accepted into bootcamps, as well as outcomes for bootcamp graduates. This section of the blog also explores some of the best free bootcamps available.

Are Coding Bootcamps for Beginners?
You’ve decided to make a change; you want to start a career that pays well and offers you challenges and peer respect. Getting programming skills is a fantastic way to move into an up-and-coming profession with high pay and lots…
Coding Bootcamp Glossary of Key Terms
So you’re looking at coding bootcamps, but what exactly is coding in the first place? Well, this is where you get to learn that. Here is a beginner’s cheat sheet where you will find all the background you need before…
She Was There First | Women in the History of Programming
Of the four bootcamps I applied to, three offered scholarships specifically for women. While one applicant isn’t a great sample size, I’m comfortable saying that 75% of software development programs have incentives for women looking to join the tech industry.…
Three Best Coding Programs for Beginners
It seems like everybody knows how to code these days.  If you want to learn to code but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.  Scores of online coding lessons and programs exist for free, but as a beginner,…
Coding Bootcamp Myths Vs. Facts
The internet is full of myths and misconceptions about coding bootcamps.  These days, anybody with a blog can share their opinion, call it a “fact,” and muddy the water.  With all of that misleading information out there, it's imperative to…
The Best Free Web Development Bootcamp Options
You’ve been thinking about changing jobs for a while and it’s finally time to take the plunge. It’s evident to anyone with a computer that web development is a fast-growing and vital IT branch, and it’s a job only destined…
How to Earn Money During Coding Bootcamp
Let’s face it—coding bootcamp ain’t cheap. Tuition can be high. On average, it runs between $10,000 and $20,000 to attend a coding bootcamp. To address this, many schools have begun to offer income sharing agreements (ISA). With an ISA, you…
The 6 Advantages of a Weekend Coding Bootcamp
While a full-time coding program has its advantages, some of us can’t step away from our lives for such an extended period. Thankfully, there are programs more focused towards busy individuals called weekend programming bootcamps, and they are a great…
Software Engineer New Grad: Excelling at Your First Job
You’ve finished your schooling for becoming a software engineer. Congratulations! This is a time that’s both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. After graduation, the next natural step is getting a job in your field. This might sound intimidating, but with…
My Thoughts On Coding Bootcamps (Now That I’ve Graduated)
Coding bootcamps are so hot right now. They come in all shapes and sizes though, but this article is based off my time at Flatiron School’s Access Labs. It’s a 15 week, deferred tuition program, with a focus on React and Rails.…
What I Wish I Knew Before Entering a Coding Bootcamp
Now that I’m 11 weeks into a coding bootcamp, and nearly done (15 weeks), I’ve begun to realize that there were a ton of things I wish I knew from the start. Of course, not all coding bootcamps are created…
The Reality of Breaking Into Startups
The First Product You Build Is Yourself From the Social Network to Silicon Valley, the media frenzy surrounding the nature of startups has taken on an idealized life of its own. What many people don’t realize is, proving that you have…
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