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C IDE: What Are the Best IDE for C Beginners?

Mercy Ugonna Njoku - January 23, 2022

The C language is popular for system programming because it comes with high-level functionality for coding portable system applications. It’s also easy to compile into machine code. This language has multiple features, ranging from its simplicity because of its basic syntax to its processing speed due to its statically-typed programming.

As a beginner, you’ll benefit from the functional in-built static libraries of the C language. However, even if you have the C libraries, you’ll still need additional functions, depending on the project you’re working on. That’s where a C IDE comes in to ensure efficient and rapid application development. So, what are the best IDE for C beginners? Before we answer that, let’s first find out what an IDE is.

What Is an IDE?

IDE stands for integrated development environment . It’s a coding project management software that contains packages, libraries, and plugins used for developing software applications. IDE were created to ensure high-functioning applications are created by providing the developer with code assistance, such as software frameworks and development tools.

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Modern IDE have extended their functionalities by providing additional features, such as static code analysis, intelligent code completion, code refactoring, class browser, advanced code editor, debugger integration, and error validation in real-time. These IDE can be open-source software or licensed. They can also be single platform or cross-platform IDE. In all, their contribution to seamless development cannot be understated.

What Is the Difference Between an IDE and a Code Editor?

These two differ in terms of scope. An IDE is an aggregate of programming tasks designed to simplify, automate, and hasten the development process. It provides a framework upon which the programmer can easily build, run, and deploy codes through an application programming interface (API). The prominent features of an IDE include a source code editor, build automation tool, compiler, and debugger.

On the other hand, code editors were developed to edit the source code of a program. They perform this function through notable features like syntax coloring, brace matching, and automatic code completion. Code editors can be integrated into an application IDE or web browser. They are offered as a development tool or added as an independent plug-in package.

How to Choose the Best IDE for C Development

If you’re just getting started with C programming and want to build your next project with an IDE, there are several factors listed below that you must consider to achieve rapid application development.

Project Scale

Your project size will determine the right IDE to use. To ensure the smooth running of large-scale development processes, you need an IDE that allows you and your development team to build and troubleshoot simultaneously, without ruining the project.

Go for an IDE with popular version control systems and automatic synchronization, so you can compare versions of your source code and sync them seamlessly. If your IDE doesn’t ease your project team’s work, then it’s not the right one.


One advantage of being a computer programmer or developer is unlimited access to open-source software. However, even with plenty of IDE software options, you have to consider how each IDE fits in with your project types and your budget.

If the project you’re working on requires advanced programming facilities or cross-platform support, a free, open-source IDE won’t cut it. In this case, ease of access becomes important, so you would need a paid application. However, as a beginner, you’ll hardly come across such instances since you’re still in your learning phase. As such, you’ll benefit from the array of open-source IDE in the market.


Why do you need an IDE? What features are you looking for in an IDE? Answer these questions and weigh them against other factors like affordability, compatibility, and scalability. More often than not, your IDE won’t contain all the features you need. What you should prioritize is the ease of external integration. If you can integrate additional functions in your IDE through numerous plugins, then it doesn’t matter what C IDE you’re opting for. As long as it comes with features that let you add more, it’s good enough.

System Compatibility

Getting a cross-platform IDE that runs on major platforms and operating systems saves you a lot of performance and cost-related stress in the future. This should be a major consideration even if you’re a beginner.

Some IDE were specially made for Windows, while others were made for macOS operating systems, and most are compatible with Linux operating systems. Also, your system’s CPU should have high processing power to avoid performance issues and system crashes. Some IDE have large file types, so you should use a system with large storage and memory space.

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The 5 Best C IDE

A programmer working on a laptop C IDE
Take advantage of C IDE in building highly functional system applications to boost your portfolio.

If you’re ready to start working on your next C development project, here are a couple of easy-to-use, downloadable IDE suited for C-based projects. Some of these IDE are open-source, while others come with a subscription or one-time fee.


With Kite, you’ll get an artificially intelligent IDE that anticipates and delivers on all your programming needs for free. Kite can run on Windows and Linux. It processes 16 programming languages, including C programming. You can integrate 16 code editors in Kite such as Atom, VS Code, Vim, and WebStorm.

What Makes Kite a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • You can add intelligence to your code editor for the completion of code.
  • You can easily find file types in your codebase that fit with your current resource file.
  • Kite reduces your keystrokes by up to 47 percent to speed up your work.


Code::Blocks is an open-source, cross-platform IDE that allows developers to run code in C-based programming languages. It uses widgets and runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Developers can extend Code::Blocks functionality through coding or installing plugins.

What Makes Code::Blocks a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • It has a comprehensive interface that displays remarkable features.
  • It comes with a multi-functional debugger.
  • It has multi-compiler support and amenable build automation.


CLion is a cross-platform C/C++ integrated development environment owned by JetBrains. What you’ll get with this IDE are real-time virtual and collaborative workspace, version control systems, and test frameworks for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

What Makes CLion a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • You can use advanced programming tools for debugging.
  • You can do code analysis, so you can detect issues and correct code errors.
  • You’ll have access to advanced C code editing features, including resafe factoring and code generation.


Although Eclipse is known for its Java integrated development environment, it also provIDE users free access to C/C++ IDE. The C/C++ IDE comes with Mylyn integration and runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS. The Eclipse C/C++ package consists of development tools, Eclipse Git team provider, a task list, and a system explorer.

What Makes Eclipse a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • As a beginner, you’ll benefit from Eclipse IDE advanced editor.
  • The C/C++ debugger comes with GDB APIs and default implementation.
  • The C/C++ IDE comes with Linux debugging tools, which is helpful if you want to be a Linux-based developer.

Visual Studio

If you’re using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 as a single developer, you get free access to all the exciting features for building and managing your C/C++ applications. Visual Studio provIDE you with the right C components to build your mobile, desktop, and game development. It also comes with different package types that support cross-platform app or game implementations.

What Makes Visual Studio a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • You’re allowed to open a codebase from any environment in Visual Studio.
  • You can choose tools, such as MSVC, Clang, CMake, and MSBuild, as appropriate for the project model you’re working on.
  • You’ll get advanced debuggers to help you develop bug-free codes.

The 5 Best C Online IDE

Online IDE are good alternatives to desktop IDE because of their accessibility and low cost. Since they’re hosted in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about memory and storage. Aside from these, web browser IDE are also efficient in building applications, even if they come with fewer development features. See our best picks below for C online IDE for beginners.


OnlineGDB is a web-based IDE that offers an efficient compiler and debugger for beginner C/C++ developers. You can compile, run, and debug your code on the platform, and share or save it on your device. This accessible IDE is ideal if you’re working with a limited memory storage in your computer.

What Makes OnlineGDB a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • It has an overly simplified user interface.
  • You can improve your coding skills with OnlineGDB’s tutorials on C/C++ programming.
  • You can easily store and track your projects on the platform.


CodeChef is an online IDE that supports the C language and other multi-programming languages. It’s very useful for developers who need access to various development tools for writing, compiling, and running codes. This development platform is ideal for beginners who need a space to familiarize themselves with programming.

What Makes CodeChef a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • It’s a great space for learning to code in the C language.
  • CodeChef gives access to coding problems with varying difficulties, letting you practice and enhance your skills.
  • CodeChef has competition events and learning resources, which are good for building your professional image.


JDoodle is a multi-language development platform that supports up to 76 languages, one of which is the C language. With this platform, you have access to resources for building online courses, and you can embed your code on other websites hassle-free. This compiler IDE provIDE you with the API service you need for building applications.

What Makes JDoodle a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • The user interface is easy to navigate.
  • You have access to compiler integration tools.
  • There are debugging features to help you resolve issues in your code.


This multi-language online IDE makes it easy to write your C source code . With Replit, you can also compile and run your codes on any device or operating system. Replit is free for starters, while experienced professionals can pay a monthly subscription of $7.

What Makes Replit a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • Its real-time classroom experience provIDE coding tutorials for beginners.
  • It comes with a package manager, and it encourages team collaboration.
  • No configurations are needed to start coding.

Coding Rooms

Coding Rooms is a collaborative and seamless development environment for programmers of all skill levels. This advanced platform offers development tools and services that support the C language. You can write your source code, run it, and share it instantly from your browser for free and without having to register a user account.

What Makes Coding Rooms a Good Choice for C Beginners?

  • You have access to free C development course templates.
  • You get access to a private workspace to securely develop your project.
  • Its live classroom supports screen sharing, recording, and audio and video conferencing for better collaboration.

Can the Best IDE for C Help Me Break into Tech?

Yes, it can. Using a C-based integrated development environment helps you build your coding skills through the learning resources and tools they provide. These IDE help you expand your professional horizon by giving you access to forums and communities where educational C-based discussions, project ideas, and resources are shared.

You can choose an IDE that helps you specialize in different aspects of programming, depending on the C project you’ll focus on. While some IDE help you build C compiling skills, others help you learn how to properly deploy your C programs . Also, knowledge of C IDE can help you land high-paying software development jobs, as most tech companies hire applicants with experience working on projects using IDE.


What is C and its features?

C language is an object oriented programming language that comes with a predefined set of keywords and a simplified syntax and code structure. It’s mostly used in systems programming. Its code can be written once, easily compiled, and run countless times on any platform or operating system. It has memory management properties and library and pointer functions.

Can I use C++ IDE for C?

Yes, you can. Most of the C++ IDE you’ll find can also be used for C development. This is because these programming languages both belong to the C class, and their syntax are structured in the same pattern.

What compiler does C use?

The compilers for the C language include the GNU compiler collection, Borland Turbo C compiler, Intel C/C++ compiler, Clang, Dev-C++, among others. They’re chosen based on their compatibility with the operating systems and development platforms.

How many keywords are there in C?

The standard number of keywords in the C programming language is 32, but the latest version has increased it to almost 50.  C keywords are usually written in lower case alphabets, which are easily discernible by compilers in a program.

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