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Is Java Game Development Worthwhile?

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  1. Luke says:

    C# is better suited to games than Java its also easier to approach than than the atrocious Java syntax. Even Python is by a large degree a better option for games over Java, best examples (Mount & Blade and Eve Online) and on the C# end I have seen good examples such as (Besiege and Warhammer) while neither of these are strong examples. They are also not weak examples like most indies done on a budget. Whereas bad examples like Minecraft clones done in Java are the best/worst examples of Java, thus Java is really not up to par on creating games. Whereas Microsoft’s C# can lend its power to Visual Studio and has access to Direct X, Java on the other hand has no such libraries and LWJGL is slow to adapt and even harder to work with. I have yet to see working examples let alone done projects created with LWJGL.

    As far as engines are concerned I would say: Stride 3D feels much better than Java Monkey Engine!!

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