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HTML is a vital programming language if you intend to work in front end web development. These articles and resources will help you identify the most suitable HTML courses. There are also excellent guides on HTML books, events, and projects that will help you sharpen your HTML skills. You can also find specific step-by-step instructions on HTML practices here, such as navigation bar creation and title tags.

Learn to Code In HTML
HTML is the backbone of every website running on the Internet. It’s the basic language in which all of your favorite websites--from Reddit and Facebook to the homepages of your banking and insurance companies--are built.  Surely, anything that widespread and…
The Basic HTML Tags
An understanding of the basic HTML tags is the foundational skill in web development. If a website is a house, each HTML tag is like a brick giving it shape. Just as you can’t understand how to build a house…
What You Need to Know About Coding a Website in HTML
Coding a website can seem insurmountable and difficult but you can create a website with just a basic understanding of simple codes. HTML and CSS work together to create the look of your website. If you are looking to build…
4 Tips for Coding Your HTML Color Property
Coding for the web can be a sloppy affair. There are often many methods to get you where you want to go, and some of them might be more efficient or more effective than others. What’s more, some solutions might…
Coding Basics for HTML Newbies
For many code newbies, the thought of coding a new website fills them with horror and makes them break out in hives. There are those of us, though, who love the dream of building a website from scratch. It’s a…

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