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Interviews are typically your first opportunity for direct interaction with potential employers. The best thing to do is to come prepared. Check out our guides to answering some of the most popular interview questions, along with tips on how you can answer them effectively. We cover technical, behavioral, and career-specific questions.

Java Whiteboard Questions: Examples You’re Likely to Hear
You made the move into software development, and you’re finally done with training. Now, all you need to do is land a great tech job. If you have any interest in finding a job working with Java, you’re going to…
Top Object-Oriented JavaScript Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced Coders
You’ve made it through your training at last! Coding bootcamp and the time you spent developing your programming skills on your own weren’t easy to complete, but you did it. Now, it’s time to job hunt. If you’re a coding…
The First Client Meeting Questions You Should Always Ask
If you’ve spent any time in the tech world, you know that the best and most lucrative gigs are the ones you make for yourself. There are tons of fantastic tech jobs for the taking out there, but the big…
Common Front End Developer Interview Questions
Once you graduate from coding bootcamp, it’ll be time to begin your job search. Like many coding jobs, front end web development positions often require rigorous interviews, and you’ll need to know how to prepare. Before we get into the…
How to Rock Your Technical Interview
You’re ready to jump into the technical job market. Maybe you’re a network engineer, maybe you’re a brand-new coder, or perhaps you work in server support. Whatever your specialization, all technical interviews share some common aspects. Our guide shows you…
How to Answer Technical Interview Questions
You’ve finished your front end or backend developer bootcamp course, and you’re ready to test the job market to put those newfound skills to good use. You know you have the kind of training and experience that employers want, but…
Top 3 Tips to Prepare for an Interview
Getting invited to interview with a company can bring equal parts excitement and anxiety. But if you prepare for your conversations the same way you would a test at school, you will be able to go into the interview with…
Web Developer Interview Questions You Can Expect to Hear
You’ve been studying hard and you’ve kept your eye on the prize. Coding bootcamp was a challenge, but with a positive attitude and our assistance, you figured out the process and passed with flying colors. Now, it’s time to move…
4 Common Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions
Coding bootcamp is a fantastic way to get your technical education quickly. Competition for some schools can be fierce, though, and schools want to make sure they’re backing the right horse. It’s their time and effort too, after all. If…
Interview Questions for UI Developer Jobs
You’re finally here! It’s been a long road of work and study, but you’ve made it to the finish line. You’ve spent the last few years learning what it takes to be a UI developer, and you feel confident in…
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