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Top Easy Careers to Consider in 2022
When it comes to finding jobs, almost everyone is after something easy that pays well. But sometimes it seems impossible to think that there are easy careers out there because stress plays such a major part in our lives. Even…
How to Land a Job at Pinterest: Tips and Useful Advice
The social media site Pinterest was created to give people a pinboard to fill with ideas and inspiration. You can add images to your board and search the site to discover new projects and information. If you want to learn…
How to Choose a Career Path and Search for a Career Opportunity
Are you a college graduate who does not know what career to choose? Are you a working adult who wants to change their occupation? It is a blessing to have a career that you love, but how do you know…
How to Develop a Growth Mindset: Find the Best Online Courses and Books
Change is constant. However, is the same true for our minds? Someone with a growth mindset believes so, and so does science. Aptitudes, interests, or temperaments initially vary from person to person. However, someone with a growth mindset believes that…
How to Become a Pediatrician: Pediatric Training and Primary Care
If you want to work with children, you have likely considered careers such as teaching and nannying, but have you ever wondered how to become a pediatrician? With a good salary and the ability to help care for kids, this…
Contribute to Open-Source Projects and Land a $5,000 GitHub Sponsorship
GitHub just launched a fantastic developer sponsorship program that’s sure to rock the programming world.  The opportunity was initially limited to a small group of beta participants, but has now been extended to the developer population as a whole.  Think…

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