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  1. Geert Vancompernolle says:


    Just read your article about since it’s not clear to me what the purpose is of that “mysterious” file.

    I have the following python project tree (not all given, but it makes the idea clear):

    As you can see, not one of them currently has the

    According to your article, it should NOT be possible to do an “from canbus import canbus” without the file being part of the canbus directory, in

    Well, it looks like I am able to do that. Whether I put a file or not in the directory canbus, it works equally fine.

    I can also write “from canbus.canbus import CANbus” in (which is a class within without having the present.

    So, I’m even more confused then before about the purpose of this file.

    Hope you can explain why I can do this all without having not a single in my project…

  2. Geert Vancompernolle says:

    OK… I just now saw that with Python3 there’s no need anymore for files. That explains why it’s working for me, since I’m using Python3…

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