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Who Uses Ajax? Companies That Use Ajax and What Ajax Is Used For

Daisy Waithereo Wambua - February 02, 2022

Learning Ajax is not as challenging as many people think. You can sign up for an online Ajax course , read a book on Ajax, or attend an Ajax bootcamp program. These platforms can provide both basic and advanced knowledge in Ajax to help you master the top-tier technique. In this guide, you will learn who uses Ajax and what Ajax is used for.

Once you master the programming technique, you can apply for various jobs with companies that use Ajax. In this article, we have listed top companies that use Ajax and bootcamp programs to help you learn the technique. Find out more about Ajax below.

What Is Ajax?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a combination of a browser and a JavaScript and HTML DOM. The browser has a built-in XMLHttpRequest object. The latter helps the exchange of data between servers asynchronously. Many people think of Ajax as a programming language, but it’s a technique.

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This technique is mainly used to build highly responsive web pages. Ajax features JavaScript and XML. Therefore, web applications using the technique will be able to access data directly from the server. This will not affect the entire page. Once a user clicks on a button, an Ajax call is triggered.

Using XML, it sends an asynchronous request to the server-side script and takes the input from JavaScript. Once the data is processed to the success handlers, the script presents the data on the client-side script. JavaScript’s callback function then updates the user’s web page.

Ajax is quite popular amongst developers. The programming technique contributes majorly to the software development process. In fact, Almost three million companies use Ajax . News services, recreation, apparel and accessories, software development, and manufacturing companies use Ajax.

What Is Ajax Used For?

Ajax has an array of functions. We compiled a list of five popular uses of Ajax. Find out how you can use Ajax in programming below.

Login Forms

With Ajax, you do not have to navigate different pages to validate information. For example, Ajax allows you to access a basic login form and, once you input your login information, your credentials can be validated without the browser reloading. Having to wait for a webpage to reload just to find out that you entered the wrong password leads to an awful user experience.


This is an excellent Ajax feature that allows search engines to offer suggestions as users type in the search bar. One of the top examples is Google’s search suggestion tool. The tool provides common searches from the database as a person types in the search bar. Each keystroke brings up a suggestion. It’s an excellent alternative to having a drop-down list. Google Docs and Google Maps are also fantastic examples of the capabilities of Ajax.

Updating User Content

One of the most popular uses of Ajax is updating user content. Through Ajax, users on platforms like Twitter can post content that is immediately updated on the platform. Today, Ajax’s uses have extended to impacting the trending topics segment of the social media platform. Topics are updated regularly in a matter of seconds.

Forms Submission

As mentioned, Ajax is commonly used in autocomplete. With that, it is excellent for aiding in form submission. Through Ajax, sites can easily monitor password strengths and the validity of emails or URLs. Ajax can determine whether the details have met the required list of items of elements stipulated by the site.

Efficient User Interface

Through Ajax, users can enjoy the experience of using a web application. Ajax allows people to use functionalities on a webpage with less loading time. It reduces the number of requests, load times, and bandwidth.

List of Ajax Companies: Overview

Companies That Use Ajax Who Uses Ajax at This Company? What Does This Company Use Ajax For? Estimated Number of Employees
Amazon Software development engineer, front end engineer To transform user experiences 1,298,000
Boeing Software developer, materials, processes, and physics engineer Develop software verification plans 140,000
Dell Software engineer Automation and programming 165,000
Dice UI architect, backend engineer, software engineer Advance site functionality 201 – 500
JPM Global UI developer, front end software engineer, web developer Implementation of websites 255,351
Merkle Web optimization developer, PHP developer, database developer Developing applications 13,000
Microsoft Software engineer, service engineer Increase customer experience 181,000
Paysafe Senior programmer Develop applications 3,400
Pinnacle Group Front end developer Build customer experience 27
Walmart Software engineer, UX designer Increase customer experience 2,200,000

List of Companies That Use Ajax, Expanded

As seen above, there are many well-known companies that use Ajax. If you have extensive skills in this programming technique, you can apply for any of the jobs listed below.

Venus, a software engineer at Rockbot

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot


This multinational company is known for cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and ecommerce. Recognized as one of the top tech companies in the world, Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle and offices across the globe. The company has many job opportunities for professionals with diverse talents.

Average Salaries for Amazon Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Software development engineer | $125,923
  • Front end engineer | $136,690
  • Senior software engineer | $163,573


This multinational company is responsible for designing and manufacturing airplanes, satellites, and telecommunications equipment. It’s a reputable leader in technology and innovation that attracts job seekers from across the globe.

Average Salaries for Boeing Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Materials, processes, and physics engineer | $100,033
  • Mid-level factory XR software developer | $133,158


Dell is known for designing, developing, and manufacturing personal computers and computer products. It’s a globally leading supplier of PCs. With over 165,000 employees in the US, the company is an all-inclusive and diverse employer. If you want to join this multinational company, you should consider learning Ajax.

Average Salary for Dell Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Principal software engineer | $143,941


Dice is known for providing a platform for job seekers and employers to connect. The company generally focuses on matching technology experts with employers. In addition to helping professionals find work, it is also an equal opportunity employer.

Average Salaries for Dice Employees Who Use Ajax

  • UI architect | $128,382
  • Senior software engineer | $131,120
  • Backend engineer | $100,661

JPM Global

JPM Global provides financial services to governments, corporations, and institutions in over 100 countries. Given that it stretches across multiple countries, JPM Global features multiple job positions for experts in the field. The most common job positions for professionals with experience in Ajax are the following.

Average Salaries for JPM Global Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Web developer | $105,709
  • Front end software engineer | $104,700
  • UI developer | $109,062


Merkle is known for improving the customer experience for companies. Whether it’s technology, marketing, or commerce, this company focuses on impacting the brand loyalty and competitiveness of a company. Merkle has consulted for Samsung, Dell, NBC Universal, and the American Cancer Society.

Average Salaries for Merkle Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Web optimization developer | $92,120
  • Senior PHP developer | $96,773
  • Senior database developer | $109,658


Personal computers, consumer electronics, and computer software are some of the products that Microsoft produces. With this multinational company, a job seeker can find a job in software development, computer hardware, consumer electronics, cloud computing, and other fields.

Average Salaries for Microsoft Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Software engineer | $127,371
  • Service engineer | $147,386


Paysafe offers a payment solution to customers. It provides products and services such as Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafe Card. With over 12 locations, the company requires multiple experts to ensure it delivers high-quality services.

Average Salary for Paysafe Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Senior programmer | $113,131

Pinnacle Group

This is a top-rated company offering networking, hardware, and software solutions to businesses. With a sharp focus on IT initiatives, the company offers businesses solutions to optimize their technology. If you have skills in tech, you can easily land a job opportunity at the company.

Average Salaries for Pinnacle Group Employees Who Use Ajax

  • Front end developer | $93,693
  • Full stack developer | $93,575


Walmart is well known for retail. The company has thousands of stores in the United States and is available in 24 countries. Collectively, Walmart has over 10,500 stores that require different expertise to run smoothly, including knowledge of Ajax.

Average Salaries for Walmart Employees Who Use Ajax

  • UX designer | $128,228
  • Staff software engineer | $185,828

Ajax Bootcamps: Who Uses Ajax to Teach Students How to Code?

There are multiple Ajax bootcamps that can help you master the programming technique. Below you will find out who uses Ajax to teach students how to code. Below are some of the top Ajax bootcamps that will take you through the technique, comprehensively.

  • Code Fellows . This bootcamp offers an intermediate software development course for four to nine weeks for students to learn to program. The curriculum will take you through Ajax, Express.js, authentication, and styling libraries. You will also master data structures, tools, and programming languages. In addition, the program offers students career transition services.
  • Berkeley Boot Camps . You can learn full stack web development in 12 or 24 weeks at Berkeley Boot Camps. The curriculum covers computer science, browser-based technologies, databases, server-side development, and deployment and delivery. In addition, you will cover APIs whereby you will learn Ajax, Rest, GraphQL, and JSON.
  • V School . You can attend an online web development program at V School to master Ajax. The curriculum will take you through web development concepts such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, error handling, debugging, React, and Express.js.
  • Springboard . In nine months, you can master software engineering by attending Springboard’s program. The program features career coaching, one-on-one sessions, and mentorship. The curriculum will take you through the basics of web development, intermediate JavaScript, Ajax, and jQuery.

Which Real-World Ajax Use Case Is Right for Me?

A man holding a mouse next to a keyboard on a desk. Who Uses Ajax?
Depending on the type of request you’re dealing with, Ajax offers features that can accommodate your programming needs.

There are many great Ajax examples that have been applied in the real world . One of the real-world uses of Ajax is its awesome voting function. If you want to get a poll on something, you can rely on Ajax for the voting process. It allows users to submit their opinions fast and easily.

As you can see from the examples in this article, Ajax is valuable to many different companies of varying sizes. As such, it is a great technique to learn in order to get a job in the tech industry. Learning Ajax will help you establish an array of functions and create a rich Internet application.

Uses of Ajax FAQ

What is the biggest advantage of using Ajax?

The most significant advantage of using Ajax is increasing site speed. Ajax generally improves the performance of web applications. This is done by allowing sites to work without the need for data. This significantly reduces server traffic and increases the speed of the site. Consequently, users don’t have to wait for a web page to load.

Who uses Ajax?

Ajax is used by many professionals. Software engineers, web developers, UI architects, front end engineers, and PHP developers all use Ajax. In addition, there are many more positions that leverage the benefits of Ajax.

When should I use Ajax?

Ajax can be used in the creation of web applications. You can use it for increasing speed,  making asynchronous calls, making user-friendly web pages, and implementing callback functions.

Is Ajax worth it?

Yes, learning Ajax is worth it. The programming technique is prevalent amongst developers because of its impact on user experience. If you want to become a web developer, you should learn Ajax because it will come in handy during the software development cycle.

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