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Who Uses Excel? Companies That Use Excel and What Excel Is Used For

Gloriane Mangindin - February 04, 2022

Microsoft Excel is one of the most helpful software programs that help business analysts and data entry clerks alike in dealing with large datasets. If you use Excel and love working with data, there are many companies that use Excel that would benefit from your expertise.

With Excel being one of the most widely used software programs, it’s important to know what Excel is used for, who uses Excel, and what companies are hiring Excel experts. Continue reading this article to get answers to your Excel questions, and learn how you can use this Microsoft application to make your business activities a breeze.

What Is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that enables users to efficiently manage data. It is one of the best tools for data analytics and is excellent for visual representation, project management, and other day-to-day operations of businesses. Many companies use Excel since it is easy to use and delivers helpful functions and formulas.

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Excel is composed of a range of cells in rows and columns that help users input and categorize data. It has many great features including filter functionality, data validation, graphs, charts, and cell styles used for data validation and data manipulation.

Millions of people worldwide use Microsoft Excel for business, personal use, and education. There are several software products with the same functions as Excel but the simplicity of this tool makes people choose Excel over alternatives. This section features studies, surveys, and statistics that prove Excel is still relevant today.

What Is Excel Used For?

Excel is an all-purpose tool used to manage business processes and day-to-day tasks within a company. It enables users to create simplistic visuals and aid businesses in managing data to make better business decisions. This next section provides a closer look at some of the benefits of using Excel.

Data Visualization

Excel is an excellent tool used for data visualization. The chart elements, graphs, and table functionality are some of the functions that help business owners easily understand data and make valuable business decisions. Data is presented in a tabular form that allows users to simply insert, update, or delete data in a cell for real-time presentation and analysis.

Data Management

Data is an essential part of business processes. An organization needs data to identify trends in the market and analyze customer behavior for accurate business analysis. Excel has powerful features and functions such as the COUNTIF function, array formulas, conditional formatting features, and AVERAGE function. There are also many formulas used to collect, organize, optimize, and convert data into useful information.


Excel has a macro programming language known as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This programming language is used to automate repetitive tasks and generate reports easier. You can also increase the security of your workbook or worksheet through VBA programming. This is a great way to protect or hide confidential information in your excel file.


Excel supports accounting functions such as financial transactions, expense tracking, asset allocation, budgeting, balance sheets, and financial statements and is a useful accounting tool overall. The complex formulas in Excel such as the VLOOKUP function help users to perform accounting tasks efficiently. Skills in Excel are one of the must-have skills of accountants.

Office Administration

As an office administrator, Excel can help with managing personal information like names and email addresses, records of transactions, payments, and schedules. It is a powerful tool for administrative assistants in performing their everyday tasks. Other uses of Excel for office administrators are data sorting, calculations, and filtering features.

List of Excel Companies: Overview

Companies That Use Excel Who Uses Excel at This Company? What Does This Company Use Excel For? Estimated Number of Employees
Amazon Quality Analyst, Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst Data management, programming 798,000
Cigna Business Analysis Senior Analyst, Data Analyst in customer Insights, Modeling and Software Developer Data management, programming 73,800
Deloitte Business Consultant, Audit and Assurance Sustainability Staff, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Analyst Accounting 334,800
Intel LTD Factory Infrastructure Programmer and Analyst, Supply Chain Database Administrator, Supply Chain Data Analyst Data management, data visualization 110,600
JP Morgan Chase HR Pattern Analyst, Project Execution, Model Risk Strategy and Execution Associate Data management 255,351
Microsoft Business Analytics Specialist, Quality Analyst, Business Analyst II Data management, programming 182,268
Morgan Stanley Client Reporting Service Associate, Metrics and Analytics Professional, Associate for Risk Process Validation Data management, data visualization 60,000
PayPal System Analyst, Workforce Analyst, Accounting Manager Accounting, data management, programming 26,500
Tesla Data Entry Clerk, Data Analyst, Senior Data Analyst Data management, office administration 70,757
US Bank Financial Analyst, Data and Reporting Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer Data management, accounting 70,000

List of Companies That Use Excel, Expanded

This next section expands upon the companies that use Excel, provides a description about the company, and lists the average salaries for currently available jobs at the company. If working at a high-profile company as an Excel professional sounds enticing, read on to learn more about these big-name brands and the opportunities they have for Excel experts.


Amazon is an online retailer, digital streaming service, and cloud services provider. It is considered one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Amazon hires analysts who have proven skills in Excel and VBA. Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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Average Salaries for Amazon Employees Who Use Excel

  • Quality Analyst | $95,650
  • Data Analyst | $102,236
  • Junior Data Analyst with SQL and VBA | $55,768


Cigna is a healthcare and insurance company that hires professionals with Excel skills. Excel proficiency is a required qualification for the job postings listed below. Some of the health services it offers are dental, pharmacy, and insurance coverage. This company is headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Average Salaries for Cigna Employees Who Use Excel

  • Business Analysis Senior Analyst | $71,134
  • Data Analyst in Customer Insights | $69,187
  • Modeling and Software Developer | $114,400


Deloitte is a corporate company that offers financial advisory, tax consulting, auditing, and risk advisory services. It is one of the largest accounting organizations with offices in more than 150 countries worldwide. Deloitte uses software tools like Excel in its financial analysis services and other accounting tasks.

Average Salaries for Deloitte Employees Who Use Excel

  • Business Consultant | $68,250
  • Audit and Assurance Sustainability Staff | $60,000
  • Risk and Financial Advisory Analyst | $81,816


Intel is a technology company known for manufacturing microprocessors. This company hires engineers, developers, and analysts. If you have advanced skills in Excel and VBA, you can be qualified to apply for the data analyst or programmer positions at Intel. Intel is a prestigious company that offers exciting working experiences for computer science grads.

Average Salaries for Intel Employees Who Use Excel

  • LTD Factory Infrastructure Programmer and Analyst | $91,653
  • Supply Chain Database Administrator | $107,360
  • Supply Chain Data Analyst | $124,696

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is an investment bank and financial services company. This company is headquartered in New York and is considered the largest bank in the US. JP Morgan Chase provides opportunities for students and experienced professionals in business, finance, corporate functions, and technology. If you have excellent skills in Excel, you can apply for an analyst position at JP Morgan Chase.

Average Salaries for JP Morgan Chase Employees Who Use Excel

  • HR Pattern Analyst | $65,790
  • Project Execution | $96,702
  • Model Risk Strategy and Execution Associate | $116,539


Microsoft is a technology company that develops computer software products, including Microsoft Excel. You will find a wide range of tech positions at Microsoft in industries like engineering, programming, and data science, alongside Excel-driven positions like business analysts. Microsoft brings challenging roles for tech-savvy people who love innovation and technology.

Average Salaries for Microsoft Employees Who Use Excel

  • Business Analytics Specialist | $145,427
  • Quality Analyst | $116,257
  • Business Analyst II | $109,061

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is an investment bank that offers financial services in 42 different countries. They also employ over 6,000 people globally. Morgan Stanley hires applicants with Excel and VBA skills, since Excel is one of the leading software tools it uses for data management.

Average Salaries for Morgan Stanley Employees Who Use Excel

  • Client Reporting Service Associate | $58,102
  • Metrics and Analytics Professional | $102,578
  • Associate for Risk Process Validation | $101,000


PayPal is an online payment platform that is used to pay bills, receive payments, and send money online. You can apply as an analyst at PayPal if you have in-depth skills and strong knowledge of data analytics tools such as SQL, Excel, or SAP. An additional skill that will be advantageous for this position is VBA, which automates reports and makes the job a little bit easier.

Average Salaries for PayPal Employees Who Use Excel

  • System Analyst | $131,819
  • Workforce Analyst | $63,409
  • Accounting Manager | $141,380


Tesla is known for its electric vehicles and clean energy products. Tesla hires different professionals across engineering, manufacturing, technology, and data analytics fields. Some of the most important skills data analysts should have are strong skills in Excel, SQL, and other tools used in data analytics. Administrative assistants or data entry clerks at Tesla must have excellent Excel skills as well.

Average Salaries for Tesla Employees Who Use Excel

  • Data Analyst | $87,961
  • Data Entry Clerk | $36,483
  • Senior Data Analyst | $113,015

US Bank

US Bank is the fifth largest bank in America, hiring experts in the field, while offering a competitive salary and generous benefits. US Bank uses different software tools for its business operations and management including Microsoft Excel. Many employees at US Bank use Excel in presenting reports and accounting services.

Average Salaries for U.S Bank Employees Who Use Excel

  • Financial Analyst | $76,521
  • Data and Reporting Analyst | $65,547
  • Business Intelligence Developer | $92,351

Excel Bootcamps: Who Uses Excel to Teach Students How to Handle Data?

There are several bootcamps that use Microsoft Excel as a means to teach students about handling datasets. Coding bootcamps that teach Excel are a great way to get practical experience through hands-on training that will help your resume stand out. Below is a list of the best coding bootcamps that teach students how to use Excel to handle data.

  • Thinkful . This coding bootcamp offers several tech programs for students who want to learn data analytics, data science, and engineering immersion. Thinkful teaches basic to advanced Excel skills in its data analytics bootcamp.
  • General Assembly . The General Assembly bootcamp teaches students in-demand tech skills that are essential for tech careers. It offers online, part-time, full-time, and self-paced programs. General Assembly’s data science and data analytics programs teach advanced Excel skills.
  • Nashville Software School . This bootcamp is located in Nashville and offers training programs for tech students in web development, UX/UI design, and full stack development. Its data analytics program uses different tools such as Excel, Tableau, and Python to train students in data analysis and statistical reasoning.

Which Real-World Excel Use Case Is Right for Me?

A businessman sitting at a desk and analyzing critical dates on a tablet. Who Uses Excel?
You can use Excel as an invoice tracking sheet, for keyboard shortcuts, or to record a custom list of people.

Having Microsoft Excel skills is a highly desirable qualification for applicants, especially in the tech industry. Since Excel is easy to use while housing useful, professional features, most companies both in the tech industry and in other industries prefer this software tool over other newer tools for data analytics.

There are numerous Internet resources that will teach you the basics of Excel, but if you are looking for something more advanced, then a coding bootcamp that uses Excel to teach students to handle data is definitely the better option. Through these courses taught by seasoned professionals, you will learn everything you need to know about Excel.

Uses of Excel FAQ

What Excel features are the most helpful for accountants?

Useful Excel functions for accountants include advanced conditional formatting, HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, pivot tables, Macros, graphs, and chart elements. Accountants use Excel to create reports, analyze data, and establish strong financial strategies.

What are the features of the latest version of Excel?

The new features for Excel 2021 are XLOOKUP, co-authoring, LET function, Dynamic Arrays, and XMATCH function. These new features of Excel help you easily analyze and manipulate data and allow you to work collaboratively with your co-worker or teammates.

Are Excel skills still in-demand?

Yes, many employers for data analysis jobs look for candidates with excellent Excel skills. Microsoft Excel is still the most popular spreadsheet program. It’s essential in business operations, which is why most recruiters include spreadsheet skills in their job qualifications.

What careers can I pursue with adept Excel skills?

If you have advanced, proven skills in Excel, you can enter the commerce, tech, and financial industries as a data analyst, accountant, business analyst, VBA developer, office administrator, or project manager.

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