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Who Uses Python? Companies That Use Python and What Python Is Used For

Esa Landicho - July 13, 2022

Those in the tech industry will know that Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. It is a preferred language because it’s easy to use. Companies use Python in web development, software development, mathematics, and scripting.

Professionals like software engineers, web developers, computer scientists, and programmers use this popular language. There’s no doubt that it’s becoming one of the most exciting preferred languages in the 21st century. In this guide, you’ll find out who uses Python and what Python is used for.

What Is Python?

Python is a high-level, object oriented programming language used to build websites and software. It’s designed to create various programs that automate tasks and conduct analysis. It is a versatile and beginner-friendly language, which is why many tech companies use it.

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Python was released in 1991 and was created by Guido van Rossum.

Unlike other programming languages, Python highlights code readability, which means that it uses English language keywords rather than punctuation. In addition, it also supports a lot of programming paradigms. Its dynamic type system and automatic memory management benefit many of its users.

Python is used to develop a wide range of applications. It’s considered an essential tool able to work on different platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, it has a simple syntax that allows developers to write programs with fewer lines compared to other programming languages. Below are interesting statistics of Python’s popularity.

  • Ranked first in TIOBE Index for December 2021 . Python won the TIOBE Programming Language of the Year award for the second year in a row.
  • The most popular programming language in 2020 . According to Google Trends and GitHub, Python surpassed Java in popularity. The survey indicated that almost 30 percent of people search online for Python tutorials. That’s four percent more than the previous year.
  • 23,122,064 Python Downloads for Windows . This is one statistic taken from regarding the overall scale of Python downloads for Windows, alone. If you include all other categories, the grand total arrives at 38,947,769 downloads worldwide.

What Is Python Used For?

Python is used for building applications and software. You can use it to create workflows and to connect database systems. To elaborate on how useful Python is, we’ve added a list below.

Web Development

Python is used for the backend development of an application or website. Its role includes processing data and communicating with databases, URL routing, ensuring security, and sending data from and to servers.

It also offers various web development frameworks like Flask and Django. Professionals in web development who use Python are full stack engineers, Python developers, DevOps engineers, and backend engineers.

Automation or Scripting

If there’s a task that needs to repeat, you can use Python to automate it. Scripting is the process of writing a code to create these automated processes. The purpose of scripting is to check for errors in multiple files, execute simple math, convert files, and eliminate duplicates in the data you’re using.

In addition, this core language can be used for automating simple tasks on your computer. Either sending emails or texts at intervals or finding online content. It can also rename files and download online content.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Python is considered a chief tool in data science. It helps data analysts perform complex statistical calculations, it helps to build machine learning algorithms and makes data visualizations. It also handles the analysis and handling of data and finishes data-related tasks.

This tool can create various data visualizations such as pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, 3D plots, and histograms. It also has libraries that give coders the ability to write programs efficiently and rapidly. These programs can be used for machine learning and data analysis. An example of this is Keras and TensorFlow.

Software Testing and Prototyping

Python can support tasks like bug tracking, build control, and testing. Software developers are also able to automate testing for new features or products. Examples of software testing tools are Requestium and Green.

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Everyday Tasks

The great thing about Python is that it’s not just for professionals like production engineers and data scientists. It is also used by social media marketers, journalists, and business owners. Python allows you to simplify tasks like filling out forms automatically and keeping track of stock market or crypto prices. It also allows simple things like sending yourself a reminder or updating your grocery list.

List of Python Companies: Overview

Companies That Use Python Who Uses Python at This Company? What Does This Company Use Python For? Estimated Number of Employees
Google Data scientist, software engineer, cloud infrastructure engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 135,301
IBM Data scientist, software developer, software engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 346,000
Intel Data scientist, machine learning software engineer, software engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 110,600
Meta Data analyst, software engineer, developer support engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 58,604
Netflix Software engineer, data analyst, senior analytics engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 9,400
PayPal Staff machine learning engineer, software engineer, data scientist Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 26,500
Pinterest Machine learning engineer, data scientist, software engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 2,545
Reddit Data science manager, software engineer, senior backend engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 501-1,000
Spotify Data scientist, backend engineer, analytics engineer Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 5,574
Uber Machine learning engineer, senior software engineer, data analyst Software Testing and Prototyping, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Web Development, Automation or Scripting 22,800

List of Companies That Use Python, Expanded

A lot of well-known companies have been using Python to create amazing applications and other software that benefits their businesses and their users. To give a more thorough overview of these companies and the professionals who use Python, you can check out the list below.


Google is a multinational technology company with services and products like cloud computing, software, hardware, and online search and advertising technology. Google uses Python for multiple components and libraries, including YouTube.

Average Salaries for Google Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Scientist | $150,326
  • Software Engineer III | $118,068
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer | $156,098


IBM or International Business Machines Corporation is located in New York and operates in hundreds of countries. IBM sells computer software, hardware, and middleware. It also provides services like consultation and hosting. The company is known for its inventions like SQL, the hard disk drive, relational database, and UPC barcode.

Average Salaries for IBM Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Scientist | $89,000 – $168,000
  • Software Developer | $59,000 – $106,000
  • Software Engineer | $82,000 – $140,000


Intel is a multinational corporation and known as one of the largest semiconductor chip manufacturers in the world. The company has supplied microprocessors to HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell. Other products like integrated circuits, graphics chips, embedded processes, and motherboards. Intel uses Python for data science and numerical computing on Intel architectures.

Average Salaries for Intel Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Scientist | $130,637
  • Machine Learning Software Engineer | $142,206
  • Software Engineer | $115,129


Previously known as Facebook, Inc., Meta is a US-based social networking service founded in 2004. It handles social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and messaging apps like Whatsapp. People can connect, find a community, and grow their businesses through their platforms. Meta uses Python for Facebook’s codebase infrastructure.

Average Salaries for Meta Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Analyst | $122,127
  • Software Engineer | $160,000
  • Developer Support Engineer | $161,653


Netflix is an online platform that allows its subscribers to watch various TV shows, movies and series on-demand using any technology from mobile phones to smart TVs. Netflix used Python for its analytics engine.

Average Salaries for Netflix Employees Who Use Python

  • Software Engineer | $146,478
  • Senior Analytics Engineer | $166,086
  • Senior Data Scientist | $165,241


PayPal has been on the forefront over the last 20 years when it comes to digital payments. The company has made financial services and commerce more convenient, secure, and accessible. It serves 375 million consumers in 200 markets. PayPal used Python to creating its efficient platform.

Average Salaries for Paypal Employees Who Use Python

  • Software Engineer | $126,993
  • Data Scientist | $150,398
  • Staff Machine Learning Engineer | $93,641 – $134,157


Users can save and explore creative ideas from others on Pinterest. It is a platform that enables you to share everything from arts and crafts to recipes and home projects. Like many other platforms, Pinterest has a mobile app that allows users to post images, create boards and categorize them. Pinterest was launched in 2009 and had 444 million users and also uses Python in its creation.

Average Salaries for Pinterest Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Scientist | $169,021
  • Machine Learning Engineer | $164,863
  • Software Engineer | $166,801


Reddit is an online platform that enables people to have discussions, share links, and create content based on their interests. There are many topics and discussions to read and participate in and users can vote on posted links. Reddit uses Python for its web development and for extracting data.

Average Salaries for Reddit Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Science Manager | $109,681 – $118,642
  • Software Engineer | $149,615
  • Senior Backend Engineer | Unknown


Spotify provides a music streaming service to its users allowing them to browse different artists, albums, playlists, record labels, and genres. They also allow their users to create, share, and edit their own playlists. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. The company uses Python for backend and analytics.

Average Salaries for Spotify Employees Who Use Python

  • Data Scientist | $139,106
  • Backend Engineer | $158,813
  • Analytics Engineer | $160,849


Uber operates as a ridesharing mobile application where customers can book a trip request and get routed to various partner drivers. They’ve since expanded to include a food delivery service called Uber Eats. Uber uses Python for its asynchronous programming.

Average Salaries for Uber Employees Who Use Python

  • Sr. Software Engineer | $86,000 – $206,000
  • Data Analyst | $82,000 – $154,000
  • Machine Learning Engineer | $90,000 – $185,000

Python Bootcamps: Who Uses Python to Teach Students How to Code?

Several bootcamps acknowledge that Python is a popular and powerful language for building software and applications. Below are some of the bootcamps that will help you grow in your Python programming language expertise.

  • Coding Dojo. Coding Dojo is both an onsite and online coding bootcamp. Both are immersive programs that cover topics in Python like OOP, SQL queries, web security basics, CRUD operations, design patterns, and test-driven development. As shown by Coding Dojo reviews , students at this bootcamp gain a firm grip on scientific computations, process automation, and server-side scripting through Python.
  • General Assembly . This Python bootcamp by General Assembly will help you gain fluency in Python. If you’re a beginner, this is the right course for you since the instructors will be teaching the latest techniques. They teach everything from fundamentals and concepts of variables to control flow and functions, object oriented programming, and code abstraction.
  • Byte Academy . You’ll learn about Python and its core concepts through Byte Academy. They also teach you about React.js, which is an industry-standard framework used for app development. Data structure and algorithm fundamentals will also be introduced.

Which Real-World Python Use Case Is Right for Me?

Topview angle of a laptop, mouse, phone, and watch. Who Uses Python?
Python is used by different professionals and is considered an essential tool in doing content management.

Many tech professionals use Python for a wide range of functions. These professionals range from data scientists, software engineers, machine engineers, and web developers. They’ve been using Python to create real-world applications and software useful for data analytics, games, and language development.

You can attend bootcamps to expand your knowledge. Many of these bootcamps are beginner-friendly, especially for those who are new to Python. If you’re into technology and you want to excel in the tech industry, then learning and mastering Python will give you an advantage.

Uses of Python FAQ

What are the three benefits of Python?

Three benefits of Python are that it’s easy to understand, it directly executes code, and it’s free to use and distribute.

How is Python used in everyday life?

Python is used in everyday life through web development, data science, and game development. You can also use it in machine learning and AI, as well as in image and text processing.

What are Python application examples?

Python is a highly popular language used by top-notch companies to create applications. Some of these include Dropbox, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Pinterest, and Instagram.

What are the cool uses of Python?

You can use Python for cool things like data visualization. This includes elements like maps and graphs. Python is also used in the development of mobile apps and games. The coolest use may be in its ability to create bots and artificial intelligence.

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