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Who Uses R? Companies That Use R and What R Is Used For

Gloriane Mangindin - August 21, 2022

R programming is a popular tool for data analytics and statistics. If you are a person who loves using advanced techniques to enhance predictive models and conduct statistical analyses, you might want to consider a career in R. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this language, there are plenty of jobs waiting for you.

This article covers essential information about who uses R and what R is used for. It also delves into the companies that use R and the job opportunities offered to R programmers. Some tips are also highlighted regarding expanding your knowledge in this language to level up your career in R programming.

What Is R?

R is a scripting programming language used primarily for statistical analysis. It is an open source language under the GNU General Public License that supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix operating systems. The term “R” was derived from the first letter of its two authors’ names, Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman.

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The R language offers several statistical techniques such as time series analysis and non-linear and linear modeling. R is an interpreted language which means it doesn’t need a compiler to run code. Since R is a popular language, there are lots of huge communities for R programmers that will keep you updated with the latest trends in R.

R is a computer language widely used in statistics and data research. Let’s see how popular this language is compared to other languages utilized in different industries and for various purposes such as financial reporting or social media analytics.

What Is R Used For?

R is a popular statistical tool that is mostly used in statistical programming. In this section, we will dive deeper into some of the business applications of R programming. R has lots of features and functions that are helpful in several day-to-day tasks, such as data manipulation, financial data mining, and statistical procedures.

Statistical Analysis

R programming is extensively used in statistical operations. R features powerful functions for descriptive statistics and statistical modeling. Through R, companies can perform complex computational statistics and calculations of data of various sizes. It has useful operators for calculating arrays, vectors, and matrices.

Data Visualization

The R programming language consists of cool features for data visualization, such as a graphical library. With this library, you can create quality data visualization. You can plot data on graphs and charts in the workspace of R. Some of R’s vivid visualization tools include histograms, heat maps, area charts, and correlograms.

Applications in Software Development

One of the advantages of R programming is that it is a versatile language. R uses several standard tools to enhance statistical models and conduct data analysis, but it is also efficient for software development. Developers can create various applications using an interactive web application package such as R Shiny. R programming is also used in developing statistical software applications.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory data analysis is the process of visualizing and analyzing data to get insights. R programming is also a data management tool with a lot of valuable features. Since R is a comprehensive programming language, it can process both unstructured and structured data.

Machine Learning

Machine learning in R or MLR is a software package widely used in machine learning algorithms. The R language provides tools and libraries great for creating machine learning models. Some of the applicable R packages for machine learning are Lattice, esquisse, rpart, and DataExplorer.

List of R Companies: Overview

Companies That Use R Who Uses R at This Company? What Does This Company Use R For? Estimated Number of Employees
Accenture R programming application developer, data scientist, full stack developer Applications software development, statistical analysis, exploratory data analysis 674,000
Amazon Senior data scientist, research scientist II, transportation analyst Statistical analysis, exploratory data analysis, machine learning 1,298,000
Cognizant Data engineer, data scientist, data analyst Exploratory data analysis, statistical analysis 289,500
Deloitte Consulting Data visualization developer, data scientist, backend developer Machine learning, exploratory data analysis 345,000
Google Data scientist, cloud AI engineer, analytical consultant Exploratory data analysis, machine learning 135,301
HCL Technologies Technical lead, data scientist Machine learning 169,000
Infosys Data science consultant, data science Machine learning, exploratory data analysis 260,000
Meta Platforms Data science manager, people data solutions analyst, data Scientist Statistical analysis, exploratory data analysis 58,604
Novartis Senior principal real-world evidence (RWE) research analyst, senior data scientist, exploratory data analyst Exploratory data analysis, machine learning, statistical analysis 105,794
Snapdeal Product analyst, data scientist Machine learning, statistical analysis 3,661

List of Companies That Use R, Expanded

Many well-known and reputable companies are using R programming for various purposes. These companies offer competitive salaries for data scientists and analysts. They also provide an excellent opportunity for professional development and career growth. Read on and see which companies are hiring R programming experts like you.


Accenture is an information technology company that provides business strategy, technology, digital marketing, and analytics services. Accenture is one of the largest professional consulting firms in the world, serving more than 120 countries. Accenture uses R to develop applications and generate business insights through statistical analysis.

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Average Salaries for Accenture Employees Who Use R

  • R Programming Application Developer | $80,000
  • Data Scientist | $115,565
  • Full Stack Developer | $75,686


Amazon is an online retail company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This company is also known for web services and cloud computing. Amazon is one of the biggest technology companies in the United States, with approximately 2.45 billion monthly visits on its website. Amazon data scientists and analysts use R for statistics and machine learning to build analytics systems that can measure the marketing ROIAverage Salaries for Amazon Employees Who Use R

  • Senior Data Scientist | $164,982
  • Research Scientist II | $156,326
  • Transportation Analyst | $65,654


Cognizant is a digital services company headquartered in New Jersey. This company provides digital services across multiple industries such as retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and the banking industry. Cognizant hires analysts and engineers with R programming skills. This programming tool is used in data analytics and data mining to generate business insights.

Average Salaries for Cognizant Employees Who Use R

  • Data Engineer | $82,063
  • Data Scientist | $104,257
  • Data Analyst | $76,546

Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte is one of the most well-known consulting companies in the financial industry. It provides financial services, tax consulting, credit risk modeling, and management. Deloitte is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Deloitte hires professionals for several corporate and IT roles, such as engineers, developers, and analysts. This company uses R programming in operational analysis, statistics, and data analytics.

Average Salaries for Deloitte Employees Who Use R

  • Data Visualization Developer | $87,254
  • Data Scientist | $119,275
  • Backend Developer | $81,120


Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world and offers services and products such as a search engine, hardware, email application, software, and cloud computing. This company hires data scientists and analysts with R programming knowledge. R is used in data management, data analytics, economic forecasting, and business-decision making at Google.

Average Salaries for Google Employees Who Use R

  • Data Scientist | $149,741
  • Analytical Consultant | $104,879
  • Cloud AI Engineer |$132,003

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is an IT services company based in Noida, India. It offers software services, business outsourcing, and other digital technology services. This company operates in 50 countries around the world, serving the automotive, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and insurance industries. HCL Technologies uses powerful tools such as R programming in creating data science solutions.

Average Salaries for HCL Technologies Employees Who Use R

  • Technical Lead | $110,508
  • Data Scientist | $136,945


Infosys is a multinational Indian company that offers robust IT services such as software development, business consulting, outsourcing, and IT consulting. This company hires professionals with R programming skills to work on machine learning and business decision-making models.

Average Salaries for Infosys Employees Who Use R

  • Data Science Consultant | $89,499
  • Data Scientist | $139,461

Meta Platforms

Meta is a technology company formerly known as Facebook. It holds several popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It is one of the largest IT companies in the United States. Meta uses advanced tools like R programming for behavior analysis and social media analytics.

Average Salaries for Meta Platforms Employees Who Use R

  • Data Science Manager | $209,670
  • People Data Solutions Analyst | $122,127
  • Data Scientist | $139,938


Novartis is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies in the healthcare industry based in Switzerland. This company uses R programming in drug research and analyzing drug-safety data. If you have excellent skills in R programming and other statistical tools, you can apply at Novartis as an analyst or a programmer.

Average Salaries for Novartis Employees Who Use R

  • Senior Data Scientist | $142,941
  • Senior Principal Real-World Evidence (RWE) Research Analyst | $143,146
  • Exploratory Data Analyst | $59,157


Snapdeal is an Indian ecommerce company headquartered in New Delhi, India. This company allows its users to display, sell, and advertise products on its website. Snapdeal uses analytical tools like R in advanced data and business analytics.

Average Salaries for Snapdeal Employees Who Use R

  • Product Analyst | $123,272
  • Data Scientist | $139,616

R Bootcamps: Who Uses R to Teach Students How to Code?

If you are looking for ways to learn R or expand your knowledge in R programming, below is a list of several bootcamps that teach the R programming language. Some of these are self-paced, while others offer part-time and full-time programs.

  • Simplilearn . This bootcamp offers data analytics and data science courses where you can learn R programming. Based on its student reviews section, many graduates claim that they had a positive learning experience in this bootcamp.
  • General Assembly . Plenty of tech courses are available at General Assembly, such as data science, data analytics, web development, and digital marketing. This bootcamp teaches its students in-demand tech industry skills, such as R programming.
  • Code Fellows . This training academy offers bootcamps for data analytics, web development, cyber security, iOS development, and Android development. Code Fellows teaches some of the most valuable and popular programming languages such as R, SQL, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Which Real-World R Use Case Is Right for Me?

A woman doing a presentation of user experience for several internet-based companies. Who Uses R?
By knowing advanced processing methods and R, you can build a strong career in reputable organizations like the Bank of America or American Express.

R programming is the most common tool for data science which is a worth-pursuing career. Many high-profile companies are using the R language and are hiring R programmers around the world. With so many advantages, this language will continue to grow in popularity in the world of statistical computing and data analytics.

There are lots of ways you can learn R programming. If you are just starting your career, you can apply to entry-level R programming jobs and gain relevant experiences before you can advance to senior-level roles or transition to a more challenging field. If you want to expand your skills in R, there are lots of programs that can teach you the most updated skills, such as revolution analytics or even geospatial analysis that is used in weather prediction models.

Uses of R Programming Language FAQ

Are data science jobs in demand?

Yes, data science jobs are in demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the data science industry will grow by 22 percent between 2020 and 2030. More than 3,000 job openings are expected for data science professionals in finance industries and other sectors every year.

What type of companies use R?

There are several types of companies that use R programming, including manufacturing companies, organizations that focus on the social media market, pharmaceutical companies that deal with the field of epidemiology, and travel companies such as Thomas Cook. R programming highly contributes to the efficiency of their operations, such as analysis in drug research, credit risk analysis, sentiment analysis, descriptive data analysis, and more.

What jobs can I get with R programming skills?

There are lots of great opportunities for R programming experts. You can apply as a data scientist, data architect, statistician, R programmer, data analyst, and data administrator. These jobs are some of the most in-demand positions that offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Is R programming an in-demand skill?

Yes, since R is widely used in different industries, many companies hire professionals with excellent knowledge and advanced skills in R programming, such as the ability to perform linear and non-linear modeling, conduct hypothesis testing, and be proficient in computational statistics methods.

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