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Airbnb Data Scientist Salary

Gaib Bunch - May 23, 2020

Airbnb is a revolutionary business that has drastically changed the travel industry in a short time. With all its bookings based online, Airbnb is a major tech-dependent company. The company is fast-growing, and it’s easy to see why data scientists would be in such high demand for the travel industry giant.

What Is a Data Scientist?

Laptop displaying code
Data scientists work with a variety of different programs!

A data scientist is someone who must interpret and extract meaning from complex data. For Airbnb specifically this could be anything from interpreting user statistics and managing the company’s website data. As Airbnb collects terabytes of data daily, this is a highly important role. Once hired with the Airbnb your daily tasks could include collecting large amounts of data, interpreting data, identifying problems and solutions, communicating with management and stockholders, and more! Keep in mind that Airbnb still has a relatively smaller workforce when compared to other tech giants, so your daily schedule could possibly overlap into other roles.

Data Scientist Salary at Airbnb

Bank notes
Airbnb’s median salary is significantly higher than the national average!

Data scientists at Airbnb earn an average of $222,953 per year, with the bottom 25th percentile earning $189,933 and the top 75th percentile earning $249,797. The highest recorded Airbnb data scientist salary is $284,115 per year. The median salary at Airbnb is over $105,000 more than the national data scientist average salary of $117,000.

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A breakdown of the median data scientist salary at Airbnb.

Looking further at the breakdown of Airbnb’s data scientist median salary, we see a base salary of $145,048, with an additional $61,772 in equity, $16,132 in annual bonuses, and a signing bonus of $11,368.

Perks of Working at Airbnb

 Data scientists working on computers
There are lots of perks to being an Airbnb data scientist.

Employing over 3,100 people, Airbnb certainly knows how to take care of its employees. Not only is Airbnb currently ranked number one as the best-paying company for data scientists, the company also offers significant perks. These benefits include stellar health insurance, 401k matching, generous vacation time, $2000 in annual Airbnb stipends, phone stipends, free food, and education stipends.

How to Become a Data Scientist

Laptop open on a table
Data scientists must have a diverse skill set!

To become an Airbnb data scientist, it helps to be familiar with R, Data Analysis, Statistics, Python, Matlab, and more. While over 85% of data scientists at Airbnb have bachelor’s degrees, it isn’t necessarily required for all data science jobs.

According to Airbnb, if you want to get hired by the company, you must have passion, design sensibility, and raw intelligence. While those three traits are important, the best way to get hired with Airbnb is to show inventiveness. Whether that’s sending in a two-page comic book in lieu of a resume, or redesigning the entire Airbnb webpage and sending it to the hiring team (both of these things actually happened!), setting yourself apart from the thousands of other candidates is a great way to make a lasting impression. Ready to polish your resume for Airbnb? Career Karma is ready to help!

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