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Celine Cabucana

Content Writer

Celine is a writer and expert on resume building, interview skills, communication, and other career change topics. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and she also completed an international business management program.

Best Online Game Development Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Jobs, and Salaries
With countless programs to filter through, it can be hard for those with a passion for gaming to find the best online game development bachelor's degrees, which is why we’ve made this guide to help you become the best new…
What Is the Average Teacher Salary in Florida?
One of the most important jobs is a public school teacher, from elementary education through high school. Sharing knowledge with kids is a key part of our society, but even an important job needs to make sense financially. Teacher salaries…
The Top 10 Most Interesting Social Media Research Topics
Finding social media research topics you’re interested in is tricky. Social media is a fairly new field, and the constant arrival of new technology means that it’s always evolving. So, students have a lot to think about in their search…
The Best Discord Servers to Join for Python
If you're in the beginning stages of learning Python, you might have discovered how difficult it can be. In this case, joining a Python Discord server might be exactly what you need. In these communities of like-minded learners, you can…
High-Paying Mental Health Jobs Without a Degree
Exploring a career in the mental health industry allows you to understand people and help them with their problems. The industry also offers a bright outlook on career opportunities and annual income. You can even opt to pursue mental health…

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